13 May 2010

Oh how I want you Kevin McCloud!

Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0-758-22865-1
May 2010
Gone But Not Forgotten

Davy…Connor…Sean… Three brothers who have conquered their demons, but they’ve never forgotten their long lost brother, Kev, whom they believed to be dead. When the McCloud brothers discover Kev is alive, they won’t rest until they find him...

Beaten and tortured almost to death, Kev Larsen was found eighteen years earlier in a warehouse alley. He survived his brutal ordeal, but his memories before that night were completely erased. When he nearly dies from trying to save someone from drowning, the brain surgery he has to save his life triggers fragmented, terrifying memories. With only these memories and the name of his torturer to guide him, Kev is determined to unlock the secrets to his past.

Edie Parrish has always been good at not letting anyone get too close to her. If someone were to learn of her unusual gift, her life would be immediately jeopardized. But when Kev Larsen discovers who she really is, Edie has only one choice: to trust him. And soon, Edie can’t resist her consuming desire for him—even though she knows she’ll have to pay a price for it.

Now Kev and Edie must race against time and place their faith in each other to stop a deadly legacy...

This afternoon I found an e-mail in my inbox from Shannon McKenna with the anouncement FADE TO MIDNIGHT is released on 5/25/2010. From the moment I read BEHIND CLOSED DOORS I was a fan of the McCloud brothers and the author; Shannon McKenna. Spectacular men, feisty women, scintilating passion and a plot that any romance suspense reader will love to unravel! This series contains loads of good stuff and I'm always binging when it concerns these McClouds. As I read the novels from these brothers there is one things that is a huge black day in the history of the McCloud family and it kept me thinking...is Kevin McCloud alive...or not? Well, this question is answered in FADE TO MIDNIGHT.

When I received this e-card my heart started to beat a bit faster and my hands started to tingle in utter greed for FADE TO MIDNIGHT.

ROOB interview Shannon McKenna

So I checked my pre-order at Book Depository Store and YAY it's in processing, which means it will ship in one or two days *gloats in joy* So who is your favorite McCloud? Or if you haven't started this serie - Go! Now! - it's a series now to be missed if you love Romance Suspense.

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  1. No idea who those men are, but yay for you getting the book you want :)

  2. My fave is Sean McCloud, Kev's twin, but I am craving Kevin's story as much as you are and I too received a message from BookDep that the pre-order is released and being processed *jumping up and down*

  3. I think my favorite is Connor, if we're talking about brothers. Otherwise it could be Seth too.... Wonderful books and I've so been waiting for this new one!

  4. @A Buckeye Girl Reads - *grin* Let me know what you think of Seth in BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and the McCloud men :) My two five star reads were: Behind Closed Doors & Edge Of Midnight <- this one contains a bit of sexing that was very inventive LOL

    @Blodeuedd - YAY for me too LOL I can be so happy with such a short notification! Though I still have two books to read in the series. I can't wait to sink my teeth in to Kevin's story :)

    @Pearl - YAY for you too...you can instantly devour the book upon arrival LOL

    @Eva S - After Kevin I wonder of McKenna will have another story to tell in this series? perhaps a connected character? I really hope so :)

  5. The first book of this series is on my ereader. Yet another series I have to start reading soon :) Those brothers sound so good!

  6. I really need to start with this series because everyone whe reads it just loves the books and especially the heros.

  7. @Janna - The first one is Seth and technically no McCloud but his story introduces the brothers :) I just loved him, Seth that is, a tat bit wrong and flirting with inapropriate morals but oh, he so knocked it out of the park for me with his attitude LOL

    @Sabrina - Shannon McKenna is a bonafide addiction in the Romance Suspense. This series is KUDOS all the way :) Yeah, I think I'm one of the peeps who is enthusiastic about these books/series/author LOL

  8. I don't know who Kevin is but if you want him I'll want him.

  9. OOO yet another great sounding novel I haven't tried this author yet either! You are adding more to my TBR list thanks hon! :) BIG HUGS
    I love a tortured hero...

  10. Isn't that an awesome cover!! I don't think I could pick my favorite of the brothers - hell I love em all!! I'm sure I'll fall in love with Kev too.

  11. I so need to read on in this series, love her writing so far, of course this one is pre-ordered!

  12. Oh, I can't wait for this one! I'm off to order it from the Book Depository right away!


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