25 May 2010

Warning: !!Uncensored adult images!! Review - Ahoy to Black Wade


Hardcover: 80 pages
Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag Gmbh (August 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3867870365
ISBN-13: 978-3867870368

Genre: M/M Erotica - Graphic Novel
Main Characters: Black Wade & Lieutenant Jack Wilkins
Book Origin: Personal Library

Cover Blurb:
The rough and merciless pirate Black Wade and his band are the scare of the seven seas. And just like his greed for gold is insatiable, his sexual craving knows no boundaries as well: When they board a British ship, Wade takes Lieutenant Jack Wilkins as a prisoner to satisfy his lust. At first Wilkins struggles with all his might, but soon he has to acknowledge that he actually has pleasure in the eager sexual encounters with the handsome pirate. In the meantime his fiancée Annabeth is waiting wistfully for the return of Jack, not knowing if he’s still alive. And on the pirate ship emotions are running high as well: Buccaneer Marak keeps a jealous watch over the prisoner Jack. He would love to polish Wade’s gun barrel himself. Due to the rising nervousness Wade realizes that he cannot allow himself the tender feelings he begins to have for Jack. To prove how merciless he is, he maroons Jack on a raft and relinquishes him to the forces of the wide ocean. But that’s nowhere near the end of the story…

My Review: I’m going to wing it with my review of BLACK WADE. As I have no clue what you would like to know from me regarding this graphic M/M Erotica I’m just going to start rambling and hope you get the gist of what my experience was like.

From the moment I started to read in the Erotica genre I was interested in all aspects of the genre and it would be just a matter of time that the graphic novel and I would cross paths. It took one very wicked woman, talking about one very wicked pirate, to give me the incentive for buying my first graphic novel; BLACK WADE. It isn’t often I say: “She made me do it.” But in this case KC from Smokinhotbooks really made me click the buy button with her hilarious post on Black Wade.

The minute I received this graphic erotica novel I got comfortable on the couch and opened to page one. I consider myself a very visual person and both artists delivered a rich graphic splendor on each page. The story in and on itself might not be very innovating but it is the combination of the character’s profile, their facial and body expressions, the atmospheric backdrop going from rich to subdued coloring tones that had me mesmerized. I knew right there and then that Franze and Andärle set the bar really high for me to get this kind of visual pleasure again.

I have to make a confession here though; I think in the span of that evening I read Black Wade three times cover to cover. The first time it took me less than twenty minutes to devour the graphics and the story told. As this is M/M erotica there was of course very explicit content and I can tell you that it made my throat more than a bit parched! I was left nothing to the imagination and with my heart beating wildly my eyes devoured the scenes displayed on the pages. I will warn you that if you don’t like forceful sexing growing in to love then you might want to pass up on Black Wade. Normally Pirates aren’t “my thing” but who can resist the rough-around-the edges, devious minded and arrogant pirate like Black Wade? I loved it when he ripped the shirt of Jack’s back, especially since Jack has hidden desires of his own. Black Wade demanded all, his virility leaped of the pages with his dark looks. Jack was stripped of his denial in his desires, confronted with what he wanted, what he needed, and it all came to me in graphics that were a seduction all on its own.

There’s a delicious male aggression buzzing between Black Wade and Jack with a few tender moments that made me believe they were meant for one another. Are certain scenes very sexually confronting, you bet!! There’s not much left to the imagination but then I think that is what a graphic novel does. Though the written dialogues may not be very extensive the images show you that much more, it adds a whole other level of interaction then the dialogues written.

All in all my first graphic novel experience made me squirm in my seat with the explicit erotic level and the male/male heat that blasted of the pages. At the end I only wanted to dive after Black Wade and Jack into the ocean to cool off. BLACK WADE showcases an artistic talent that made the two leading males come alive via the graphics to tell/show an erotic tale that scorches the retina. I was in visual bliss and I wanted more the minute I closed this novel!

PS: As an extra in the back of the book there’s a section titled: Portfolio and gave short character descriptions and graphics. I loved this added feature and two images come from this portion of the book.

Disclaimer: Significant other’s might see you in a whole other light when confronted with you reading BLACK WADE. They might not pick up your M/M book to read but a graphic novel = pictures. Men understand pictures! Their facial expression might be a health hazard as you’re ability to laugh and breath at the same time might be temporarily impossible to do. Be warned is all I’m saying!

Here you all have Black Wade and Jack full frontal! You can click on all pictures - which are my quotes for this book - to have them enlarged if you want *achem* a better look! 

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  1. So tempted to get this. And I honestly have to say that the storyline may now be the reason. KC's review made me want for the sheer naughty joy. But now coupled with your thoughtful and detailed review... The story seems as exciting as the graphics. I just don't know if I'm that comfortable enough to purchase it... Yet!

  2. Pirates? did you say pirates?
    I think I'm getting this, graphics? Yeah, going on the TBR. Thanks :)

  3. @Twimom227 - Give yourself a bit of time but you'll get to that point where you say: A graphic erotica! Hit me up, where is the nearest store!! I'm really searching the net right now for more of these quality graphic novels. I'm very demanding, if the graphics are not appealing then it's going to be a no-no for me.

    @Amora - yes BLack Wade is one devious pirate you'll want to get to know LOL

  4. Yikes, Leontine, you almost gave my bf a heartattack here ;)
    There we get for having computers next to each other, me and my gay erotica

  5. Hi Leontine!

    I came over to check out the 'uncensored adult images' and am glad I did! This book sounds-and looks-amazing. And your review of it is perfect. I must get this book! :)

  6. Wow! Just wow! I'm still a m/m newbie and I so want to read this book now. All I can say is that my m/m smut buds are the best!

  7. @Blodeuedd - ROFL Yeah if it isn't my steamy M/M quotes then it will be the pics. It my nature to share the good stuff with y'all ;)

    @Cassidy - So glad you stopped by!! It is definitely worth the green IMO *grin*

    @Bells - Before you know it you will graduate with smut honors, I'm sure of it!!

  8. Oh, how I wish FH wouldn't flip his lid if I got this, cause holy crap I want it bad!!! It looks like a great (naughty!) read.

  9. WOW..those are quite the pics..thanks for sharing ;)
    Had to wait to read the review..to busy staring..lol
    Great review though :)

  10. I still have to pick up my first m/m erotica/romance but this is wickedly yumyums! I'm so glad I didn't open this post at work, my co-workers would have had a heartattack for sure hahahaha! Next time ur up here I say bring it up so I can have a real looksee!

  11. I was so stupid to open one pic of your review at work (evil pattepoilue just send it to me without explanation) and I never blushed that hard in my life. I lost my ability to speak at the phone but yes I still want this one. I will definitely only read it at home but OMG I want to see this in real life.

    And thanks about the significant other warning. I will try to be gentle to his heart. LOL

  12. @ Leontine-Glad you liked it! I think the binding in mine is getting worn since I've been 'reading' it so much. ;-)
    P.S. We had company over this weekend and while I was at work I had to make an emergency call to K-Khan to come over and hide my goodies since I left it out on the table.

  13. I adore Black Wade and am so glad that the more and more people are being tempted to give it a try. The artwork is stunningly sensuous.

    Great review, Leontine!

  14. Awesome review! So much eye-candy it's almost staggering. I lubs Black Wade! It's good that you are spreading the m/m pirate luvs around. lol

    Everyone else, if you haven't gotten your copy yet, you should RUN to Amazon NOW. :D

  15. Your post title lures me in. What an amazing graphic novel!

    Steamy Darcy

  16. You got me into researching this erotic comic book stuff but gawd there's a lot of not so great one's out there, making me seriously doubt the graphic scene in the book world *yikes*

  17. Go nekkid pic on Leontine's blog..

    I am so glad you got this one and enjoyed it as well..

    Well said on the review..


  18. @Mamakitty - I never considered my hubby's feeling in this regard...hhmmm does that make me selfish *wink*

    @Elaing8 - I don't blame you, I kept staring at all those pics too...at least once a day for four days in a row LOL

    @Natascha - Sis, you're so going to get some some of Black Wade!!

    @SusiSunshine - Yeah probably best to place yourself in your natural habitat for comfort purposes :)

    @Smokinhotbooks - BW didn't have time to settle in at my place, it went straight to Janna LOL

    @Kris - Oh yeah, the artwork really set the bar for me. I read somewhere that the artist did BW as a bet or something *grin* He can make more bets like that IMO!

    @Ferishia - Oh yes I love to preach to the smut choir, gotta spread the pirate m/m love!

    @Enid Wilson - Stunning isn't it, I just had to show it off to you all ;)

    @Natascha - There is much out there LOL But Black Wade is still coming to your place this spring girl, you can bet on that!

    @EH - I'm very eager to research some more material LOL So any rec's are more then welcome!!

  19. I'm stumbling all over myself here for joy! Because I found BW in my mailbox today!!! Yay! Thanks for sending it to me so quickly, Leontine! You rock! :) And your review is great: spread the pirate love *grin*
    Hubby nearly got a heart attack today when I showed him what you'd sent me, lol!! He didn't know where to look, but I better keep an eye on him, cos you're right about men and pictures ;)

  20. @Janna - YAY Black Wade has docked at your place *woohoo* Enjoy every single page hon, it is your turn to spread the M/M pirate love!

  21. AAAhhhh Leontine..

    Junjou Romantica... has a little of everything..


  22. Love me some hot pirate MM wees hanging out.

    Gorgeous pictures. I want a sequel!

  23. @EH - Thanks for the tip, I'm sure to check it out soon *grin*

    @KB - YES!! I want some sequel love too! It was the first thing I thought upon closing the novel. I heard/read somewhere BW was actually a bet...


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