07 June 2010

Beefcake Preview Club Night: Thomas

The Beefcake Club opens its doors again for non other then Thomas Rodin! I had the time of my life interviewing him and I hope you all welcome him here at the club...I know some of you are eager to drop your booty on a bar stool again and talk with Tristan, Aidan and Sam. Know that I've already reserved a walz with Thomas!! *cheeky grin*

I first presented Thomas with a wee bit of a challenge IMO but he knocked it out of the park...

Can you describe to us the distinct difference between your muses and what they give to you?

Let me ask you, can you describe how you feel when you breathe deep the first burst of a summer morning? Or the inspiration felt when viewing the turbulent sea during a storm? My muses, each one, are the sustenance of my creativity, nurturing my passion. There is Helen, shy, reclusive—an innocent in so many ways and yet it is her innocence, that unblemished purity that inspired me, maybe frightened me a bit. In my social circles, innocence is viewed as being powerless, weak—but I found through Helen that it was her innocence that challenged me to look in the mirror—to understand what it was I wanted…and what I didn’t. Then there’s Sara, bright, alert, curious and aspiring—she wanted to see the world, to be more than what most women of my day aspire towards. And in me, she found the celebrity status that I think she felt would take her there. I became both lover and tutor, but I was not about to hold her back from her ambition. Her drive will take her wherever she wishes, but like most of us, once there, do we discover that it wasn’t all we’d hoped that it might be? My fervent hope is that she is happy. And then there is Grace, some would call her rough, perhaps seasoned, to some she’s nothing but a whore—Grace has a strength that few women possess. It is her attitude that has inspired me most, I think. We’ve been friends for years and she isn’t afraid to kick me in the shin and tell me what she thinks, or pour me a glass of port and listen to me bemoan my critics. Strange that of all of my muses, one tarnished by worldly standards, she held me to even higher.


Paperback: 376 pages
Publisher: Spice; Original edition (June 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373605447
ISBN-13: 978-0373605446

They are his inspiration. He is their obsession.
Icon, rebel, unabashed romantic…
With a single look painter Thomas Rodin conveys the ecstasy of creativity—the pleasures awaiting the woman who can fuel his artistry.

the Innocent
What did this master artist see in me?
Genius abided in his soul, rapture in his flesh—I doubted not.
To refuse him…my folly. To surrender…my sensual salvation.

the Upstart
I chafed at the bonds of servitude until he set me free.
I turned my back on all that I knew to follow him and found myself between two men—master and student—one whom I loved with my heart…the other with my body.

the Courtesan
I understood, perhaps better than any, his needs.
I stoked the fires of his soul, the spark of his creativity—he made me a legend. But never could I forget his searing touch….
Three transcendent tales of women bewitched by a master of seduction—a slave as much to his art as to his boundless passion.

Thomas 101:

• Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Passionate, visionary, egotistical, determined, Grace would say –bull-headed

• Thomas, who are your favorite artists and works?

Myself, of course, if you don’t love your own work, who else will? My peers, in the brotherhood, those of us who find the romance in nature that nearly grew extinct in the art world. One must paint with the heart, with the soul—not just based on technique. I don’t know that it would be fair to give specific favorites. My inspiration has never come from other artists, but from nature and my own tenacity.

• What is your favorite place to get inspiration?

Today, I would have to say, my good friend—perhaps my best friend, next to my brother--Grace. She has an uncanny insight to people that I don’t possess. Her profession, I suppose that has afforded her this unusual ability, but it has given her a unique and valuable perspective. She is able to see many sides to the same thing and is far more accepting than I am, and more compassionate as well. Good God, you need only look at how she has befriended me these many years—through thick and thin to have evidence of her heart. Indeed, her name suits her well.

• If you have one, what is your favorite romantic setting?

My first thought was to say in the “arms of a beautiful woman,” but at the risk of sounding too much like the rogue I am often accused of, I will revise my answer. I love nature. Most of my walks include tromping through the woods, hiking large meadows, finding lush exotic waterfalls and serene lakes surrounded by the brilliance of autumn-hued trees. That is how I see a beautiful woman as well! Divinely fashioned-each unique, possessing beauty that cannot be made—it is to be worshipped, celebrated. Every time I lift my brush and set it to canvas I in my most romantic setting.

• What do you consider your personal pros and cons?

Or should we go to your muses for the answer to this one? Well, I’m not sure that I have taken the time to analyze myself in such a way In fact, I would have to say that I might avoid it at all costs! Oh, surely I can tell you that I am devoted to my work. I am a passionate lover, never holding back in giving a woman what she needs or wants of me in bed. I am strong in many ways, both physically and mentally and yet, have a vulnerable side to me as well—I keep that part of me well guarded. It isn’t wise in this world to play your cards so openly until you have been through both poverty and wealth with someone. Because either can, and will, change a person, for better or for worse. As to my muses, I would imagine their answers would be varied, and perhaps not as rosy. I can be a bit self-absorbed and fear that the only mistress’s my muses have ever had to contend with is my art.

• What do you love about being an artist?

Being able to paint the world as I see it. Being able to look beyond the color of a sunset and see a woman’s well-kissed lips, or a morning glory blossoming with vivid blue brightness and see the arousal in my lover’s eyes. I do not live in a black and white, boxed in world, where social standards determine how I must live. No, my life is a chaotic wash of color and passion, determined to live and love to the fullest, to use up every ounce of life inside of me.

• What do you consider to be the seven deadly sins?

Did my mother send you? As you may know, my parents always hoped that I would go into the priesthood. I am , as much as any man perhaps, capable of performing one or more—likely more—of the original list, created centuries ago I suspect when Rome was trying to rally the people to do good and follow the church’s teachings. In my view, it is very difficult to enlighten one who does not wish to be enlightened. So, what I consider “deadly” may not be so for another soul and I dare not take up preaching on either virtues (heavens, no!) or sins, as I do not excel in either. Next question, please.
• Do you like to dance and if so, what’s your favorite dance?

I am not what you would call light on my feet, but I would have to say that of all dances, the waltz would be the one preferred. There is something wonderful in holding a woman in your arms and twirling her around a ballroom, it is a lovely foreplay to what rapture awaits for the rest of the evening, don’t you think?

• How and where do you prefer to sleep?

I am a light sleeper and when I do, sleep, which admittedly seems little these days, my preference is in my own bed just off the studio where I can awaken anytime day or night and paint unrestricted. I must confess that quite often I am not alone in my bed!

• Do you read and if so, what is the last book you’ve read?

I am a voracious reader, with eclectic tastes in politics, social concerns, travel, poetry and of course art. The last book I read…let’s see that would be Dante’s Inferno, the seven levels of hell.

• What do you do if you want to unwind from the day?

I rarely retire of an evening without my glass of port.

• What is the one thing in a woman that instantly grabs your attention?

The way she carries herself. How she treats strangers. You can tell a lot about a woman from how she treats those around her.

• Who can wake you up in the middle of the night for…?

I don’t feel that as a gentleman I should answer this! I believe I will leave it at that.
• Tell us your 5 favorite things from your time?

The gardens--music, dancing, libations-every night, if you can manage to ignore the stink of the Thames!

Corsets—the most frustrating of all design inventions, and yet what it does to a woman’s breasts takes my breath away!

Carriages- unhurried, dark, with a gentle sway…need I say more?

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood-comrades, the best of friends, the worst of enemies. We supported one another, we took care of each other, sharing, celebrating, consoling.

Travel-if a man needed to do research or needed time to collect his thoughts, he packed a bag and went to wherever his heart desired. To study the history, the architecture, the society—the world seemed immersed in finding what it could contribute, rather than what it could take.

Wooing the ladies with a small excerpt:

Grace meets Thomas Rodin for the first time~

I waved to Deidre who was on the dance floor with a handsome gent I’d not seen at the gardens before. We’d met here as I had most of the small circles of women who worked the gardens. We were a close-knit group, watching out for one another. I tapped my foot enjoying the music and watching the dancers. A shiver rushed over my shoulders and I glanced up, looking as you do when you feel you are being watched. Seated on the opposite side of the dancing platform was a man. He was stately dressed in clothing depicting an era gone by, still worn by older aristocratic gentleman, but he appeared much younger. The frock coat he wore was made of rich looking deep green silk brocade with fine bead working on the collar and cuff. I noted a flutter of white lace protruding from the cuffs and the large white cravat at his neck. His hands rested comfortably on the walking cane he had perched between his legs.

I’d not seem him before and surely he was a gent I would remember. He had the face of a poet, that look about him indicting he was an observer of life and people. His hair was a thick mass of unruly waves, indicative of one who cared little about what was proper, but what suited him, I think.

I watched him silently scanning the crowd, his piercing, dark blue-green eyes roving, it seemed, perhaps searching for the character of his next poem. Mesmerized, I stared at him safe in the anonymity of the crowd, until finally he turned and met my gaze.

My breath caught. Surprise was not something that occurred much in my life. Frozen in his silent study of me, I felt naked before him as though he could see right through me. I did not know whether to go to him or to run the other way.

~end excerpt~
Thomas, we cannot express the pleasure it has been that I could get this one on one with you. Do you want us to go anywhere on the world wide web? Hook us up here: You can learn more about what inspired this book and links to my research at:

Website Amanda McIntyre
Blog Amanda McIntyre

And of course, THE MASTER AND THE MUSES is available for purchase at all fine bookstores, and in stores 6.01.10.

And last but not least…do you have a favorite drink the Beefcake crew can make for the ladies?

Because I find Lady Godiva particularly interesting as she rides about town naked on her horse, one should be cautioned that you may do the same after a couple of these! So be aware!


• 1 1/2 shot Godiva liqueur
• 1 1/2 shot Creme de Cacao
• 1/2 shot Vodka (Vanilla Vodka is recommended)
• 2 1/2 shots Half and Half

Mixing instructions: Mix all ingredients in shaker with ice, shake and pour into chilled cocktail glass

The giveaway - Amanda McIntyre says: Today I will be choosing one person from posted comments to give away a signed copy of THE MASTER AND THE MUSES!

And I, Leontine, will pick a winner for one copy of THE MASTER AND THE MUSES which will be send via Book Depository Store on June 13th 2010, so there you go…two chances to win Thomas’ story!!

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  1. OMG... Can I possibly be the first to comment!!! You do not have to enter me for Thomas is already at my house. **Cough** He is quiet the man! =)

    Lenotine, your interview rocked! You do know how to get to a man!

    Ms A, you know I think you flipping ROCK APPLES!!!!!!!

    Mr Thomas, it is good to see you again... I see you are still giving the ladies a run for their money. And I have to agree with you about your five favorite things, Corsets sits very high on my list.
    And I think you already know that I think you are quiet a man!

  2. 'Sighs*
    Just look at those eyes, they make my heart ache.

    *faints in the sofa*

  3. **Cecile runs over to the sofa to start fanning Blodeuedd**

    Girl, that man... oh man... is something else. This has to be hands down, on of the most stunning covers I have seen in a very long time.

  4. Tristan... Can please fix me on those martini's please... You know how to make them... ummm.. just right.

    Have missed you hon.. What has Leontine been doing with you?? Or dare I ask... Why don't we go "play" catch up!!!

    And where is the gang.... Peeks around the bar... Sees Thomas sitting in the corner booth drinking his port... Humm...
    Might have to stir up some *trouble*, I mean.. conversation...

  5. **pushes open doors,arm wide**
    **looks over at Thomas** sorry,didn't mean to startle you.

    Sam, I saw that eye roll

    **bats eyelashes** Hi Tristan**big grin**

    Aidan hook me up with....**he hands me a drink** **takes sip*** ah that is good and you remembered :)

    **looks around** "Ladies" let's get this party started I see I'm late, but I'll catch up
    **Sam snickers**
    Heard that

    **walks over to Thomas and the ladies crowding around him** **sits down**

    Thomas loved the interview,Leontine did a great job **clinks glasses with Leontine**
    Now I know a little more about you**wink**
    And about the dancing we will all teach you how to do OUR dancing..LOL.

    **looks at glass**
    Aidan,I'm empty I need....**Tristan hands me another drink our hands touch**
    We'll catch up later **wink**

    Where's the music
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  6. oh yeah,and totally count me in for the giveaway,I want a copy Thomas' story all to myself.

    wow these drinks go fast
    "Aidan" filler up!!

  7. I'm stirren and shaking those Godive cocktails!! It's good to see you ladies again, let's get the jukebox jamming so we can dance a bit too *grin*

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  9. **Waves frantically at Elaing8** Hey honey!!! I am so glad that you could make it! I could not believe I was here first!!!

    Girl... You know that Thomas is such a **fans herself** man after my own heart. Just look at those eyes...

    Tristan honey.. you are too much! You know what us ladies love!! **Eyes him up and down**
    I am glad that Leontine let you out to play... **Grabs his hand and heads to the dance floor... what... it is dancing time.. Okay okay.. so I just want to be close to him... DO you blame me?!?**

    Looks over shoulder to see Elaing8 approach Aidan.....

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  11. **finishes drink,puts glass on bar**
    Cecile...I'm just trying to catch **hiccup** up

    Aidan let's go get sweaty **Aidan's eyes go wide**
    Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean dance
    **mutters under breathe**for now**evil grin**

    **out on the dance floor**
    Let's show Thomas how we dance
    ohhhh,I forgot how handsy you boys were**grin**

  12. Great interview! I love books on artsy characters...is probably my totally non-creative streak needing to soothe itself with all the creativeness there is out there.

    With the week I am having...I think I'll be dead tired before I even set foot on the 11-hour flight this sunday...I think I need TWO of those Godiva Chocolate Martinis...and I don't even like chocolate...or alcohol (that much)...But I really need a stiff drink at the moment to get me through this week ;)

    So Aidan, Tristan...I don't care...whoever is tending bar tonight...Hit me with a glass in each hand, PLEASE!

  13. YAY Pearl's here

    another round of drinks**hiccup** Aidan

    Where's Sam..I think I want some cheesetots
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  14. To MS C

    My darling Ms. C, it is wonderful to see your lovely face. Come sit here beside me and tell how things go with you.
    Rumor is that you may have need of company these days and may I be the first to offer my services.
    I am proficient at reading passges from books until you fall asleep;)

    Your willing servant~

  15. Blodeuedd~
    Oh please stay right there, just like that for a time, so relaxed on the couch and let me just gaze upon you!
    Couches are such a fabulous source of inspiration for me!

    Yours lovingly~

  16. I see more ladies are coming to the bar... I will slip off quietly to Mr. Thomas' booth... That seems very dark... and private..
    Mr Thomas, you are such a ladies man. It is wonderful to see you again. **whispers in Thomas eyes... his eyes light up**
    Company indeed Mr. Thomas and I would love to have you over... To read to me... You know I will never deny you and your services, so please... do come over!

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    Leontine,its been awhile since the club was open..are the tables secure?
    Just checking :D you know how I get..LOL.

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    Cecile,I know what you consider "taking care of" means..LOL..oh Thomas you have your hands full with that one :D

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  20. @Cecile & @Elaing8 - girls, you're awesome, look how you manage to thrust this party into full swing mode! Hugs to you both and next up is Lady Gaga with Pokerface, and then Beyoncé with All The Single Ladies, yeah, my hips are already moving! I can tell you that Sam is baking a batch of cheesetots before joining us on the dancefloot ;)

    @Pearl - Hon, you're in pre-vacation mode, hubby's last minute business trip to England and you've got an Awesome Carina press week to host. Oh yes, one godiva chocolate martini coming up for you *puts one finger in the air for Aidan*

  21. One batch of cheesetots coming up for the ladies!! I need to take care of you all before exhaustion takes over. No quittin' the dancefloor Cecile...Elaing8, I want my chance with both of ya *devious grin*

  22. Ooooo Mr. Rodin sounds DeeLish!

    What is it that draws us women to heroes that paint? Perhaps it's because we can glimpse the goings on in his mind via his art? It gives as an idea that if his art is tortured then so is the man. And they are all tortured of course. *wink*

    Great interview!

    Hugs, VFG

  23. Elaing8!!! Hee heee..... OH honey.. Mr. Thomas has no idea.. Actually he does... He was at my place once upon a time.. AND oh what fun we had... and we shall continue to have!!!

    Leontine!!! Hey honey! Girl, you know you can always count on me and Elaing to come here to liven up the party!!! Especially knowing our bartenders are *(cough)* serving us!!!

    Speaking of which.. Oh Sam.. My Man.... Come on over...

  24. This isn't my typical genre, but it looks interesting. Plus, you gave a helluva good interview so now I'm intrigued...

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    I need another drink Aidan
    Don't look at me like that I'm fine..just tipsy :D

    And my cheesetots...YUM**puts one in mouth**mmmmmm. Sam these are sooo good.
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    Leontine,you know we will shake this party up!!
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  26. Darn, I'm going to miss the first Beefcake night in months. I have to pull an early nighter today because of this three day work thing that's coming up! I hope you all have a great night at the Beefcake club, darlings!! xoxo

  27. Awww Janna... know that we love ya hon!! And will miss ya!! Hussy hugs to you!!!

    Elaing... you knew where that was going!!! LOL!

  28. This is a fabulous interview Amanda and Leontine. Thomas's answers were prosaic and lovely. His story sounds extremely intriguing and unique.

    Thank you so much for sharing and inviting me to Thomas's Event!


  29. woo-hoo the club is filling up!!

    it was only a matter of time Cecile before it headed that way..lol..where's Tristan :)

    **empties glass,puts down on bar** Sam you owe me a dance**grabs hand,walks out to dance floor**

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    **swerves away from dance floor,climbs up on table**
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    Don't worry Leontine assures me the tables are secure**wink**

    Turn up the music Aidan!!

  30. fun interview.a long island ice tea please

  31. Hold on Godiva makes liquor...?!!! What rock have I been hiding under!

  32. Hey Smokinhot..you bet! and its the BEST!

    lord I hope my blogger is working now--*sigh

    running around looking for Thomas! What have you all done with him!!

  33. I think I shall need to speak in private with Ms Elaine. She impresses me as one who has a creative mind and enjoys losing control now and again--

    I like that in a woman, makes life quite interesting;)


  34. Pearl, you poor dear--what tocuhes me more than my muses--is a damsel in distress--if I may, come over her and stretch out on this lovely fainting couch and let me show you a famous foot massage I discovered once while studying in India. I guarantee, you will melt like hot butter on a biscuit...

    *crooking finger *

  35. Lea, my dear woman, I am nothing if not intriguing;)

    On the other hand, I find you quite fascinating. A woman who appreciates the sensual undertones of the English language---shall we um...compare notes?


  36. Ms. C...'define term "Rock Apples?"

    in my day a woman might succeed in rocking...well, lets just say, other things. Do they call them apples these days?


  37. Oh yum! I NEED a Godiva Chocolate Martini...seriously.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

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    You Know I find it fascinating that they name such a sweet, sinful liquor after a naked woman--what bright mind can I thank for that!

    Another round of GCM's barkeep!

    who seems to have lost his cravat somewhere...wait, Ms. C, is that it tied around your wrist???
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  40. **Cecile looks down at her wrists....**
    Well....... You know.... if the tie fits... wear it proudly!!!

  41. The guy is piping hot! Those eyes...fainting here.

    Steamy Darcy

  42. Oh dear !

    I am totally intimidated by the style of the comments so far so I will not even try to do the same.

    Thomas would consider me a wallflower (perhaps he would like that).

    Nevertheless I have read a couple of revioews of the book and would like to get my hands on it (as opposed to Thomas himself), so please enter me in the giveaways.


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  43. Alright, the cover is great, Thomas is awesome *wink*...

    i would be so happy to have him, *cough*, i mean to have the book, if you count me in this giveaway !

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  44. What an amazing and fun interview, thank you Leontine (and Thomas)! ;-)

    I have been yearning for this book for a few weeks now, the cover is gorgeous and the premise sounds interesting, would love to read it and get to know more about Thomas! *wiggles eyebrows* Heard great things about this book, sounds promising!

    Thanks for the yummy recipe will have to try it (one of my best friends is a chocaholica nd her b-day is coming up, I know what we'll be toasting her with! :-p)

    Please enter me,w ould love to read The Mastera nd the Muses!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. I so want to read this book! I love her books! I love the cover. It is beautiful.
    Sue B

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  47. Oh Thomas**blushes** you know how to sweet talk us women.

    **pats seat in booth beside me** come sit love,we have plenty to **raises brow**.......discuss**evil grin**
    Tristan can we please have 2 mimosa's...thanks hon**wink**

    **looks up at Tristan**
    What? One more is not gonna matter now**smiles**

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  48. Enjoyed the post and count me in for the read! I'll also be enjoying my Squitka, ingredients are Vodka and Squirt! tWarner419@aol.com

  49. Good heavens, is that the dawn creeping through that front window?

    I must say the BCC certainly knows how to throw a celebration! It reminds me of the pubs in London, a favorite of the brotherhood.

    I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed being in your company. I hope of course, it inspires you to pick up the book where , shall we say, much more of me is revealed? *chuckles quietly so as not to rouse MS C, slumbering on my..shoulder*
    (we must endeavor to keep her reputation intact as best as possible)

    I salute you all-my life is richer for your company! But I fear Grace shall have my head if she arrives at the studio before I do.

    One last drink to passion!For it awakens our senses and gives us reason to live fully!


  50. I'm so sad I missed the giveaway. The interview was so great to read, very passionate interview ;)

    Love your blog as well. I am now a follower! Come check Book Lovers Delight when you get a chance.

    Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Thomas Rodin.


  51. I am so glad Thomas could make the trip across the pond to be with you dear..

    Lovey interview..

    Please do not enter me..


  52. I've been wanting this book since I found out about it a few weeks ago. I'd love to read it.

    tradingaddress at gmail dot com

  53. Oh boy.....fanning myself.

    I want this book and one of those fabulous martini's to drink while I'm reading it!!!!

    Ahhhh, Seventh Heaven!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net


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