25 June 2010

Review: A culture shock with Alexandros - The Spartan Slave

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Publisher: Whiskey Greek Press
Genre: Torrid Romance Historical
SubGenre: Torrid Romance Fantasy
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-711-4
Rating: Erotica - Controversial

Cover Summary:
Leonidas, our Spartan hero, is a man of honor. Borne by the fatal, almost irresistible force of love, his judgment is clouded and he voluntarily accepts to become a lowly slave, shorn of all possessions, naked and under the complete control of his sensuous mistress, who is none other than the Queen Mother of Mithir. He does this all for the love of Zarira--the Queen Mother's daughter. How will Leonidas extricate himself from the situation he finds himself in? Will he be able to redeem his family honor and pride and regain his position as the future chief, which is his birthright? Is he doomed forever to be a slave, or can he somehow find a way to set things right? Find out the answers to these questions by reading The Spartan Slave, which is sure to astound, enchant and please you, as the mysterious secret kingdom of Mithir is the most sensuous place on Earth.

My Review: I met Leonidas in his hometown where he just received the status of Irens, he is now old enough to be responsible for the training of 12 boys and girls. With his twenty years he only recently started to enjoy the sensual experiences with females and with the size of his body and member he is sought after by many women becoming more skilled in the affairs of desire.

Leonidas and his friend Kyros are enjoying their new function within the village but at a gathering of elders he recognizes his mother and witnesses her adultery. The host always entertains with a certain group of women but never did Leonidas felt a sting of resentment until now as he saw his own mother among the group of women. His mother, though he did not know her well, loved his father and he watched their expression of love many times. This sets the stage for a new journey….

This is not an erotica novel for the faint of heart, I can tell you that. I was fascinated by the story but simultaneously felt thrown way out of my comfort zone. The norms and values from the time period in this novel clashed with my very 21st century norms and values. I love the history, the culture and customs described but the erotic element felt very pleasure driven without the emotions. It’s acceptable because it were different times and at one third along in the story I settled in more but lack of a better explanation, it was quite the culture shock to experience at first!

Leonidas is an eager man wanting to learn how things come to be and when a group of representatives of Mithir reach their village his father Lysander is urging his son to get acquainted with the customs of Mithir as he will be visiting this country in a few months. Why his father asks this of him Leonidas doesn’t fully understand but obeys and undergoes an intense study in the next few months.

Upon arrival in Mithir it is a beautiful woman who catches his attention and never leaves his mind again. But the Queen Mother is asking all his attention, from him, his well equipped member and feral body. With a palace filled with wives, body slaves and servants it is a paradise for a young man with a stamina he is revered for in his hometown. Though as the woman never leaves his thoughts and events slowly unravel itself it is Leonidas who has to make a choice between his duty or his heart….

Alexandros almost painstakingly clear evokes a vivid picture of times long forgotten. With a no-nonsense style of writing he awakens a village in my mind’s eye that upholds the Spartan way and this bears the origin in the founding father of this village: Lysander, who had a strong influence on the ways of now-a-day. I feel from the very first pages that the author has a profound knowledge of the customs in those days intriguing me with explanations of the customs, rituals and rules but it also took a lot of pages to describe it all, making it a very slow-paced read and there for I feel you need to have an interest in the era or culture.

Leonidas takes center stage in this novel and Alexandros created a man of his time. He receives a Spartan education teaching him to handle all sorts of pain and turning him in to an ultimate Spartan warrior. Next to warrior side Leonidas has a natural acceptance of the passionate nature of mankind. Still he ponders, wonders about the why of things and will seek answers and information, this will one day make him a strong and wise leader. I wasn’t as much spellbound by him or the other characters but oddly fascinated, like I was glimpsing into the past looking at another culture that is so not like this day and age. Kyros, Leda, Gaia and Mahilya as the Queen Mother all enhanced the authentic feel of this tale with each of them adding to the plot as intrigue is never far from those who wield power.

As this is an erotica novel almost nothing is left to the imagination and the Mithir culture evokes images of sensual orgies as they revere the male organ, they see the man as a life-bringer, their bodies to be thoroughly explored as they in return worship the female body. This brings and endless possibility and variety of erotic encounters. It definitely has some pushing boundaries, steaming and hot ways of sharing each other bodies and especially with who, as the norms and values are also different and might not be to every readers taste! The love aspect in this story also feels different than the mainstream erotica novels with very little interaction between Leonidas and Zarira and only at the very end do I get a glimpse of their emotions and growing love. Though I must add that the author has his reasons for this and is explained throughout the story, for me it was Leonidas story all the way which was interesting and acquainting me with a whole new world, lifestyle and time period.

The passion Alexandros has for the Greek, Roman and Macedonian culture is evident in this novel. It vibrates through the chapters giving me a unique tale though it’s maybe not for all erotic romance readers! Still if you do enjoy a good erotica novel with a rich culture imbedded in the story, and you’re interested in the Spartan era, I would say you could enjoy The Spartan Slave by Alexandros!

3 stars
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  1. Oh my...this sounds interesting. Not sure if it would be a book for me tho. I think I prefer historical incorrect. ;)
    Great review.

  2. If you had trouble with it, that gives me some pause-but I do love books set in this time period. I'll keep this book in mind.

  3. I'm not going to lie, books with slave it the title make me a little jittery. :) This probably isn't for me but I loved your review. xoxo

  4. I'm not sure if this one is for me. I think not. And I can't help having trouble with the hero's name, it reminds me of Belgium chocolate and I don't find it very masculine. I know, I'm shallow like that ;)
    Fabulous review though!

  5. LOL I'm so the opposite of Fiction Vixen. I see Spartan Slave and I run, not walk to pick up a book like this. I blame Jaid Black's naughty books.

    Nice review Leontine!

  6. This one sounds very interesting I love the time period...but the limits you talk about it pushing make me wonder if it would be what I would like. I is a bit scared... LOL. :S

  7. The whole loveslave, worshipping his part may be too much for me I think.
    Still glad you enjoyed it ;)


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