15 June 2010

Review: Hot manlove with Cameron Dane - Grey's Awakening

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Cameron Dane
ISBN 978-1-59578-560-2
Publisher: Liquid Silver
Genre: Male/Male Erotic Romance
E-Release: June 2009

Characters: Greyson Cole and Sirus Wilder
Series: Cabin Fever series
Book Origin: Personal E-Book Library

Cover Summary:
Greyson Cole needs to get out of Raleigh. Everywhere he turns, he sees people falling in love, getting married, and starting families. It’s enough to make a grown man want to rip out his own hair. And for a cynic like Grey, one more employee getting engaged signals the need for a long overdue vacation. Grey owns a cabin in the mountains that he has never even used, and he figures that’s just the ticket out of this nightmare of happily paired up couples.

Grey doesn’t expect to be greeted by a belligerent, half-naked man the minute he opens his cabin door.

Sirus Wilder has known Grey’s twin sister for years, and she has given him permission to stay in the cabin while his residence across the lake is under repair. Sirus has never met Greyson Cole before, but he is thankful when the man lets him share the cabin for a few days. There is plenty enough room for them each to keep to themselves. Sirus has had his heart broken and isn’t interested in a hook-up, let alone something more.

Even so, Grey is, hands-down, one of the sexiest men Sirus has ever seen. Too bad he’s an arrogant ass and his eyes are so damn cold. Every once in a while, though, Sirus thinks he sees a hint of fiery passion in the controlled man sleeping one room away.

For Grey, one look at the roughly handsome Sirus puts Grey’s celibacy pact in serious jeopardy. One problem: Grey doesn’t believe in love, has even less patience for relationships, and he refuses to get mixed up in another messy romantic partnership that can only end badly.

Two weeks. Two hard men. Both running like hell from love.

Look out. Something’s gotta give.

My Review: GREY’S AWAKENING is a highly erotic charged M/M romance with the trope of two opposites irrevocably attracted to one another. Sirus Wilder and Greyson Cole experience lust at first sight but their personalities rub each other the wrong way creating a sizzle neither can deny. Past bad relationships keep both Sirus and Grey on guard with each other, reminding themselves over and over that what they have is just a vacation fling…

This is basically the foundation of the story, there isn’t much more going on and still I enjoyed this story from first till last page. A lake, a cabin and two interesting men, that is all it took for Cameron Dane to create a decadent gay romance. I would almost say this author is a minimalistic writer in storyline but the passion, the interaction and the issues are all well drawn. I think it has more to do with the fact that the author keeps a minimal cast of characters and really revolves the story around Grey and Sirus. They have an instant attraction going on but for it to be taken a step further, for their feelings to truly matter and be acknowledged, they have several issues to work out.

Grey has been shaped by his passed and thereby erected walls around his most vulnerable place…his heart. He is a self made man who keeps a leash on his deepest desires and doesn’t let go easy. He has a take-charge attitude which has its good and bad sides but when he does fall in love, he does it with a force and loyalty that becomes a sweet prize after all the struggles.

Sirus is a truck driver who owns his rig and is an artist in his free time. He is open, passionate, easy-going and just about the opposite of Grey. He bears emotional scars of a relationship gone horribly wrong and yet remains a compassionate man.

Both men are easy to like and from page one, where Grey and Sirus meet in that cabin, a physical force simmers between them going from flirtatious sexy to fiery hot. I gobbled up the pages with the flowing voice of Cameron Dane, empowering the eroticism with it but the characters even more so. The focus completely rests with these two protagonists, their issues and their budding emotions that demand a deeper commitment from both of them. This author gives nothing more yet the story is so very enjoyable to read.

What really stood out for me is the sexual tension between Grey and Sirus which I got practically from first page. I got that tension in a steady ‘squirm-in-seat’ heat level from the moment Grey watches Sirus play with himself. It didn’t lose any steam whatsoever and from there issues arise that challenge that tension to become a deeper connection, combining the sex with the emotions of the heart. These two elements go hand in hand for me to make the HEA a good one.

Cameron Dane gives a passionate delight of a M/M romance which drew me in and pleasantly kept me invested in the two leading men; Grey and Sirus. Before I knew it I had read the entire story, it wasn’t overly intense or dramatic, but I came to care for Grey and Sirus nonetheless. Along with hot and heavy sexing GREY’S AWAKENING was devoured in hours.

3,5 stars

Quote Sirus as he stumbles on to Grey in the cabin:
Of course, why would Kelsie mention her brother's near physical perfection? It wasn't as if Grey enjoyed bending over for a stiff dick, had wet dreams about a mouth full of thick cock, or had fantasies of coming like a geyser all over another man's body. Sirus imagined himself standing naked and Grey moving to him, sinking to his knees...

Quote Sirus:
Those hazel eyes of Grey's, studded with flecks of gold, held Sirus locked in a sensual hold, tying him up in a frightening mixture of needs, wants, and pure desire. Unable to walk away, no matter the foolish risk, Sirus pushed Grey's head to his cock and forced the man's hot mouth down on his length, succumbing to the physical bond between them that neither one of them could deny.

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  1. This book of Cameron Dane is on my list, i have read a view lines in a ebook. But i bought 'A fostered love" and that one will never leave my shelf. I thought it was great!
    I think Cameron Dane is a writher at the top of M/M Romance/Erotica!

  2. This was my first Cameron Dane and oh so spicy!! Good when you are in a smutty mood :)

  3. @Annemiek - HHmmm I'm so going to check out A Fostered Love. I've read two books from this author (I've got Devlin & Garrick up tomorrow) and both really focus on the two leading characters, passion and their relationship. It's good stuff to read *grin*

    @Mandi - Oh yes...smutty craving and Cameron Dane is a sure read to satisfy it ;)

  4. I enjoyed this one. :)

    Hee hee - my veri word is trashi. ;)

  5. I adored this book, my first dip into the manlove pool and i fell hard for Grey and Syrus, two such sexy alpha men, i couldnt have asked for more for a first M/M read. So glad you liked it too hun, great review!

  6. @Chris - You think word verification is trying to give you a hint LOL

    @Sparkleybearsy - Oh I agree, Grey and Sirus are very good together and Cameron Dane is a great author to dip your toes in the M/M love genre with!

  7. The sexy time in the rain was pretty darn hot.

  8. You and those quotes, I better wrap this up quickly before bfs mum comes over ;)

  9. I thought I already commented yesterday... hmmm... maybe I got distracted while I was checking my ereader to see if this book was on it. And yes, it was! *grin* I think I'm in a smutty mood ;)
    Great review, hon! And that second quote!! *fans self*

  10. Yeah, this was one of the smuttiest m/m's I've read. The rain sex was HOT! Nice review L.

  11. I finished 2 Cameron Dane books last week so I think I'll put this one on my list.

  12. @Smokinhotbooks - I loved that scene too, I had a parched throat reading that scene it felt so frantic, needy, like the coulodn't get nekkid fast enough :)

    @Blodeuedd - I was born innocent, I swear *wink* It's hard not to quote some C.Dane smut :)

    @Janna - Yes, go forth and read a Cameron Dane smut book. You'll like it, perhaps even love it *grin*

    @Fiction Vixen - Smut is what CD shines in *grin* No complaints coming from me.

    @Kaetrin - You already know what CD can deliver *smiles* I don't think this one is going to dissapoint you then. I've got Devlin And Garrick review up today...I thought that one was even better!


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