14 June 2010

Shakin' my orange pom poms for the Netherlands...

Oh yes, the World Cup fever has infected me and I had to change a bit of my blog to give mental support to my team:

As you can see orange is our national color and when I discussed the fever of the "orange legion" (and this sounds so much better in Dutch) on twitter with a couple of gals I got the idea of showing everyone how far the Netherlands is willing to go to support there team.

I think on no.1 is flags, we decorate our houses and windows with it:

And this one gets waved a lot too:

We've actually got a competition whose street is decorated the best and though I couldn't find much pictures I hope you get a general idea:

When we are done with our houses we of course have to flaunt our love by dressing in the best *achem* haut couture to scream to all other soccer lovers from other countries; WE.LOVE.OUR.TEAM!!!!

 <- I'll be dead before I'm evah going to wear that...what is that? A hat inspired by our queen or something *frowns* I do have to admit I have the hat next to the flag, and no, I'm NOT going to show you pics of how I look like!!! I'm kind off like a "in the closet" orange legion dresser <- how many times I'm gonna say it, it doesn't get any better...

Even babies are indoctrinated to cheer for the orange legion, in the spirit of the motto; Catch them while their young. Oh yes, do we teach them while there young! They can't object, they just look around at all the bright colors like orange, red and blue. They gurgle the chants, the have drolly grins and wave with their hands at all the images. This is what we dress them like:

See, they don't stand a chance, once their clothed in these outfits, they're drafted for life *grin*

So this is the spirit we're in these days:

And I don't know if this guy is cheering again at the Dutch soccer games but he was so easy to spot and became another mascot for the orange legion :)

Today the Dutch team has to go up against Denmark at 13.20 hours PM my time and I'll keep you all posted via twitter how the game is going, you can follow me; @leontine1976

I hope this is going to be an incredible World Cup with lots of exciting matches, fair play and incredible soccer moves!

PS: Does any of you know books with baseball players, football, soccer...any kind of sport player for a hero? I know of Bella Andre and Jill Shalvis but they can't be the only one's out there with these kind of heroes, right? 

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  1. Great post, hon! It's madness, and I'm curious what our non-Dutch friends will think of us now ;)
    Ten minutes to go, before it starts, woohoo!!
    I have to check my book shelves for the jock heroes. I'll get back on that :)
    Have fun, girl!!

  2. Looks like fun!!!!

    I have a blog award for you Here

  3. Wow, so much orange would make me crazy!
    We only have a few flags in my town and a lot of cars also have the German flags in their windows.

  4. I love the World Cup! Why you might be asking? Because it is the only show hubs and I can watch together, he for the sport, me for the sexy guys in cute shorts ;)

  5. Woohoo - we haz won with 2-0 YAY

    @Janna - Some might go away from this blog screaming about the madness of us Dutch gals LOL

    @Lover Of Romance - Thank you for the beautiful awaurd :)

    @Sabrina - I haz grown up with lots of orange...so I'm good :D But I can imagine other folks my go stir-fried crazy with the color LOL

    @Blodeuedd - YAY, it's so much more fun with you joining now!

    @Smokinhotbooks - We was talking about Christiano *forgot his last name* soccer player LOL He is a cutie and I shared a Jilz commercial with hotties soccer players too :)

  6. Congratulations on your first win. Hope Netherlands go through to 16 and more. But our Aussie team was trashed, crying here...

    Steamy Darcy

  7. I wish we had World Cup madness here! I love the orange in your blog supporting your team!

  8. @Enid Wilson - Oh noes, I can mope around for an hour after we lose a game. I love the chills and thrills that come along with watching a game and each person hopes for his or her country to go through...the final 16, gawd I hope we make it! And doesn't the Aussies have 1-2 more chances now in their pool? *crosses fingers*

    @A Buckeye Girl Reads - I had to flash my inner soccer lovin' heart and share some of the madness ;)

  9. **shakes pompoms with Leontine!**
    You go girl!!!!

    I just wanted to stop by and get my blog roll back on!! LMBO! I have been a way for a while and it is high time I get my butt in gear!!!

    You show your team spirit honey!!!!
    Go Team!!!!

  10. @Cecile - I missed ya hon but I know how busy life can be! Upcoming saturday it is me and my pom poms again hoping for another win :D


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