13 June 2010

Winners of Beefcake night & Jessa Slade guestpost

Just a quickie to announce the winners of Thomas Rodin's beefcake night, I will contact Amanda McIntyre who she will pick but I already let random.org pick my winner of MASTER AND THE MUSES.

Commenter number....

Which is...Elaing8 YAY Congratz hon, contact me with your addy and I'll send you a copy this week via BookDepo :)

Next up is  a choice between a copy of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS or FORGED OF SHADOWS by Jessa Slade...

Commenter number....

Chey...you won. Make your choice and let me know your addy so I can send Jessa Slade the info :)

Congratz both!

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  1. Congrats ladies - you enjoy!!

  2. **thud**
    That was me hitting the floor..lol.
    thank you so much..I'm getting Thomas :)

    off to email you now.

    and congrats to Chey.

  3. First of all, you need understand that there is no right/wrong answer for this question, as I've already stated Buzz Feds. Different timings may or may not work for different types of blogs.


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