07 July 2010

Feature: Smutty Researchers At Play

I have been doing some recapping on my reading habits since I now own my e-reader for six months and I’ve come to the conclusion my reading in the Erotica genre has taken great leaps *is anyone shocked here?* LOL Anyhoo, I thought it would be nice to talk about some intriguing topics and books so that’s when I had me a dream…

It involved diabolical gals talking about all things smutty and that's when the vision hit:

Oh crap....wrong vision there...djeez....

Okay, I had me a vision:

Oh yes, 12 days of smutty playtime and this is what we have in store for you all:

July 19th: Column - A gal and her smut + 'Research the Smut' giveaway, a 30 dollar Gift Certificate to any e-book store I can buy a GC.
July 20th: Guestblog - Smutty approved book characters by KC from Smokinhotbooks
July 21st: My first time story & an excerpt + giveaway of a novel from Joey W Hill's backlist
July 22nd: Review - Joey W Hill, The Mark Of A Vampire Queen
July 23rd: guestblog - Hunk Challenge by Cecile from All I Want And More

July 26th: Guestblog - A Yaoi lesson with Kris from Kris 'n' Good Books
July 27th: Guestreview - Lorelei James, Raising Kane by Janna from Erotromreader + E-copy giveaway of Rough Rider novel by choice
July 28th: Guestblog - A guide into the smut by @Ferishia
July 29th: Review - Marquesate & Vashtan - Soldiers (Bk 1 in Special Forces series)
July 30th: Interview with R.G Alexander

I hope you all will join us, Smutty Researchers At Play, for a sexy, fun-filled adventure. Grab the button if you want to share some smutty love, note the date in your calendar and get your smutty senses on alert!

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  1. Lol, looking forward to a lot of smut ;)

  2. Me, me, me....I want to play and because I think about smut all the time, I should fit in really well. *chuckle*

    I love my smutty friends, ahh, kindred souls. *smiles*

  3. This sounds like a wonderfully smutty plan L. I'm in!

  4. sounds like fun :)
    Marking the calendar.

  5. Woot! I'm so looking forward to this!!

    Love your first vision, btw. ;)

  6. YEAH Smut!! I'm looking forward to it!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait.


  8. I'm game!

    I like your visions..............

  9. Sweetie, I CANNOT wait for this event!! Woot!

  10. Looking good hon...

    I can already feel the heat...


  11. I completely agree with you! Since I started reading eBooks, I kept reading more and more erotica!

    This Smutty Researchers at Play sounds great, can't wait for it! :-D Count me in!

  12. I might be late... but I am sooo honored to be a part of this!! It makes my tummy turn and well... other parts are just as excited... You guys should see what I Have to work with!! Hee eheee!!!!!
    Oh Leontine.. you know I am having soo much fun with this! Thanks for thinking of me!! Hugs to you honey!!!

  13. Woohoo, I'm so glad you all are joining us in these days of uber smutty fun!!


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