23 July 2010

Guestblog: Hunk challenge...Cecile is in the house YAY

Today I have the one and only Ms. Smutty Hussy in my realm. I met her last year when she reviewed books from certain Satyr brothers and the minute I landed in her Lair I knew I would be right at home :) Ever since I'm a frequent flyer to her place and we have had a ball...or at least...that's what I think *wink* So when this feature popped in to my head I knew I had to give Cecile a challenge *insert wicked laughter* Here's how she met, conquered and nailed that challenge....

The floor is all yours hon!

A few weeks ago, Leontine threw the gauntlet down to her smutty sistahs.
What was that challenge you ask.
She was pondering a marathon of "Smutty Researcher At Play" at her place
and she wanted her smutty sistahs to come out and play with her...
Okay, that does not sound right...
Oh you know what I mean...
Now if you know me even the slightest bit ~
yeah I am a proud smutty hussy, but....
the second most important thing is....
if you issue me a challenge ~ I will rise to that challenge!!
And if who I am is boggling your mind...
It is I, Cecile Smutty Hussy from
All I Want And More blog
Leontine asked me to be a part of this challenge.
She knows I can not say no ~ especially to a fellow sistah!
So, ladies allow me to play with you today!
When Leontine gave me the job of researching...

I figured I needed to have the perfect back drop.
I started thumbing through my world map to see where I would want to go....
And for some reason Greece popped into my mind.
So, I started doing a little “Research” and found this cute little villa... Tilos.
So... off on the Smutty Hussy jet I went.
((What... we are an organization after all... we have to have our own personal planes!))
I stepped off the plane and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

(((( This picture is from Le Nostre Ville Esclusive. ))))

I was greeted by some wonderful people and they showed me around....
I was prepared for all the beauty that was going to surround me...
Just not Maxmilian.

Oh My Gosh...
You want to talk about drop dead gorgeous.
I knew in that instance that he was my research...
I mean...
He was my Man... I mean.. oh hell.. He was mine!

Oh yeah, Leontine knows me ohhh sooo welll.... So for my job...
I will give you guys all the juicy deets from my **cough** research!

So here I am with my job at hand **or in his hands or my hands on him**
She knows me all to well.... My **cough** research assignment is...

Come on Maximilian, don’t be shy.
You know you were NOT shy those few weeks we were...
**Umfph... **
**Cecile gets nudged in the ribs and slides Max a dirty look**
Okay... okay... come on...
** a grumble can be heard in the back ground**

Ladies meet Maximilian
He is from Tilos, Greece...
Oh yeah ladies, I have a Greek God on my hands
**waggles eyebrows**
Let me just fill you in on this man...
Maximilian stands at a wonderful six foot one inch
every inch is wonderfully sculptured to a tee
**believe me, I know**
He has that thick gorgeous dark chocolate hair
you will want to run your hands in all day and grab all night.
His eyes are the colors of the midnight sky...
deep and dark you want to get lost in them.
His lips... oh gawd
soft and pliable
yet demanding and asserting,
full and luscious
and yet always ready to give.
His hands,
there are a million ways I can express those hands...
Firm, hard
Soft and gentle
Rough and callused a but
they know hard work
but they know how to play delicate
There are some things I have to leave something to your imagination...
hee hee...

**Cecile turns to look at Max and he is blushing like crazy**
He love to play
In all sorts of ways
Wicked, wanton, naughty and nice
He is a charmer
*oh yeah, he will get your panties off if he wants*
He is man who knows what he wants
When he wants it and
How to take what he wants
He loves to offer variety
Ties, ropes, handcuffs, floggers, crops, paddles
Pink, purple, glass, vibrating...
Just to name a few
His smile has been known to cause a few heat advisories

He is not all work and no play
His work is hard
His play is harder
On the job, he is dedicated
Off the job, he is even more dedicated.
His mission in life
"To be the pleasure before she goes to bed"

At least that is what he tells me before we go to bed every night
**big grins**
Nighty night!!!

Remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!


  1. LOL Great post Cecile... Gotta drool ove... I mean love Max! Yummy!


    bts Leo, Congrats on reaching 400 followers hon!!!!

    and I see you're reading pack of Lies, I'll keep an eye out for your review, I really liked that one =)

    xoxo ladies!

  2. Mmmm...makes me want to lose that last 10 pounds so I can take a swim in that pool with Max!!

    Hi, Cecile!! *waves*

  3. Larissa! Hey honey!! Thanks for peeking in Leontine's lair to see what is going on!!! She is an awesome person and I love her challenges!!!! And yeah... I feel in love with Max the minute I saw him!!! Thanks for coming!

    Diana!! **waves big big** Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!!! OHhh honey, Max loves women just the way they are!!!!!!

  4. Keeping it Dirty, Smutty and Hussy? No problem! And with you in the house, Cecile, it's always fun and steamy too! :)

  5. Janna~ You know me all to well honey! For the love of things dirty, smutty and hussy.. I had to take the challenge... And Max... well he was an added bonus, lmbo!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hey everyone,
    Huby unexpectedly got home at 11.30 AM YAY So I took him out to lunch and I had to buy a pair of jeans that doesn't drop down at the drop of a hat LOL

    Cecile, hon, Greece isn't that far from here and I love the beaches, the food and yep,you can find hotties there *rowr*

    I loved your report of your *research* *grins wide*

    @Larissa - Thanks and though I'm at the beginning of PoL it's already intriguing me.

    @Diana - Oh a swim in the ocean or pool, can't really make out what it is but yeah, rubber duckie and Max = fun times :)

  7. Lol great post, you sure know how to take on a smutty challenge Cecile ;)

  8. Ohh Cecile! You have to come to Croatia (and Max is welcome too ;) ) since you are so close...

    Great challenge!

  9. Where do I find me a Max? :)
    Oh the hardship you must have gone through to do this research..lol.At least you were thorough ;)
    Great post.

  10. Gawd! I want a Greek God, too!
    *wipes drool off computer keys*

    Hey, Cecile in the house....yeah baby, I luvs they way you rock and talk. Too funny...you keep those steamy images running through my mind with the man candy. *laughs*

    Honestly, Cecile, that post was soooo smutty hussy worthy! Great research, next time take your smutty hussy sistahs on the plane for *research*. hehehe

    @Leontine How come you bought jeans that don't come off at a drop of a hat? Makes quickie nooners so much easier. *laughs*

    Oh, I commented on Comfort Food at the other post. Have to say its one of the most intriguing and soul-shaking stories read this year.

    Ok, gals, PARTAY ON and have a great weekend..Off to Florida (not RWA, I wish) Maybe I can hi-jack the family van and leave the family. *wicked smutty giggle*


  11. Greece is only in my dreams....Iowa to Greece....the hunk is drool worthy even for us 50+ gals.....enjoy reading period but then as my youngest son will say "mom is reading one of her LUST books " leontine new to you ...great site.....

  12. @Armenia - Yeah well, quickes aside *wink* I was sick of pulling my jeans up every two steps so I did some summer sale shopping and got white and blue jeans :) And I saw your reply and commented...I'm so happy you're impressed with the story and swept away YAY

  13. Sweet post Ms. Smutty Hussy. You never disappoint!

  14. Awesome post Cecile! And I'm loving Max!

  15. *tries to curb urge to tug sheet out of Max's hand* ;) What wicked fun, you two!! Soooo jealous now...*impish wink*

  16. Leontine~ Oh honey... I am grabbing my bags and heading to you house then!!! Oh and we have to pick up Host who lives in Croatian!

    And I love the way you describe your pants, lmbo!!! And I have to agree.. if they drop fast ~ quickies are nice!! LOL

    Blodeuedd~ Hey hon... Ohh thank you! You know I take my challenges very seriously!! Thanks for coming over!

    Host~ Consider me picking you up honey!!!!! Or I can come visit you for some time!!!! Tanks for popping in to see me and Max!

    Elaing8~ Hey honey! You know where you could find Max **waggles eyebrows** I knew I could get you to come over..... lol!!

    Armenia~ Hey hon!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. I had such a wonderful time writing it... And playing with it!!!! **evil snicker**
    **Hugs to you**
    Grab the van and head over here with us!!! And I will for sure look a sistah up next time! =))

    Marle~ Hi there!!!! Oh honey... I went from Louisiana to Greece... It is all in the mind, lmbo!!!! And you are right... Hell I hope that I am still blogging and finding men like this when I am 50+! It was a pleasure to meet yoU!

    Sweet~ Hey honey love! Thanks for coming over to play with me today!!! You know I will never leave you disappointed!!!

    Jeanette8024~ Hey hon, I hope all has been well with you!!! Thanks for peeking in with us today!!!

    Redd~ Oh my honey! Do not curb the urge honey... He has been teasing me with that damn thing all day, lmbo!!!!!! And yes we had wicked fun!! You better believe that!!!
    Thanks for coming over!!!

    To all.. It means the world to me that you guys came over here today!!!

  17. Hello Ladies two of my favorite gals you know I'm there! :) Ohh my goodness Max is nothing short of Haaaaaaawt! Great fun ladies big hugs to you both!

  18. Darn, I got here too late. Oh well...

    ...raises hat and slips away quietly, wearing his 'support your local hussy' badge.

  19. You guys slay me;) I swear all of this talent should be penned in a book!


  20. Both you girls had me laughing and lusting all at the same time!

    LOL...awesome post!

    Love ya' both

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  22. Wow, what a greeting! Thanks Cecile, for the hunk's photo and all the wicked talks about ties, ropes, handcuffs etc.

    Steamy Darcy

  23. You sistahs going to RWA have a great time. I will be in envy mode. *sigh* Hopefully next year I'll make it.

  24. Hey Ms Hussy..

    Great post.... I spent most of the time looking at Max and thinking of ways to get rid of that towel....

    I love these men you have who just give themselves up for research... Yummmmy..


  25. Well hello Max. Cecile has been sharing all your secrets and we are soooo appreciate.


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