20 July 2010

Guestblog: Smokinhotbooks Approves of the Following Smutty Characters

K.C. from Smokinhotbooks is one of the smutty chica’s I love to hang out with. She has humor, she has sass and always has the 411 on smutty books. So I asked her to come over and talk some smutty characters for you and all I can say is, let’s make some cocktails and nibble on some chocolate covered….erm, anything *grin*

Smokinhotbooks Approves of the Following Smutty Characters

Stop! Minimize your Amazon and Goodreads windows people. I repeat, back away from your TBR pile ‘cause Smokinhotbooks is here to HELP with your smut. That’s right. Below you will find a list of the following characters that are ensured to make your toes curl.

Anyone care for a little mannery or body art? Well, then kindly step over to our 'Bad Men Booth', where you are sure to find any and all roguish man-beauty of the hard-ass kind, including sexy tattoos and piercings. Smokinhotbooks says there's nothing like a man with a tramp stamp and some nipple rings to make a girl stick out her ladies, do a little come hither shimmy and say, "I'll take one of those".
All the men from Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld books are sure to have sexy body art. A great two-fer is Gideon from Darkest Lie, he has piecing and tattoos - I'm purring already.

Not into the man jewelry or body art? Well, here at Smokinhotbooks we have a little something for everyone. For those who like their men a little rough around the edges, then our Alpha hot studs are your guys. These are your take-charge bodice rippers that are sure to make your eyes cross and your heart race.

Jaid Black's Viking series offers some hot underground Viking warriors that like to kidnap lonely women and do naughty things to them. If you are in the mood for some erotic-naughtiness and men that have the ‘fireman carry’ down to a fine art you can’t miss out on Vikings.

Alpha Demons and Werewolves

Kresely Cole has some of the best alpha's hotties out there and the Demon Brothers of Woede, otherwise known as Cadeon and Rystrom are guaranteed PD's(That's pantry droppers to the uninitiated). These tricksie demons are not afraid of women with a little spirit and thus makes me want them even more.

Kiss of the Demon King
Dark Desires After Dusk

Larissa Ione’s Demonica Series – psst they need lovin’ to survive (insert ecstasy eye roll here)

Desire Unchained
Pleasure Unbound
Passion Unleashed
Ecstasy Unveiled

The Lykaes- Kresely Cole
Another favorite of mine are the Bowen and Lachlain. These delicious beasties are assured to light your fire.

A Hunger Like No Other
Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night.

Alpha + growling + maybe a little biting perhaps…?
Shelly Laurenston's Magnus Pack and Pride Stories

Finally the cream of the crop, the guys that have it all ta-dah

Bones, he's charming, he's gorgeous and is a practically a sex god. Need we say more. (Night Huntresses series by Jeaniene Frost)

Barron from Karen Marie Monings Fever series. This guy is a trooper I tell ya. In order to save Mac from being a pri-ya he kindly offers to ‘help’ her by sexin’ it out of her. That’s my kind of medicine.

What are your favorite smutty characters?

****Smutty character giveaway****
Gena Showalter has been so generous to give one lucky commenter a copy of The Darkest Lie. (US only)
Kresley Cole has offered a signed copy from her backlist along with signed cover flats from her upcoming release; Demon From The Dark.

The rules for each giveaway:
 You can assume each giveaway is international unless states otherwise. Author’s have been extremely generous but even their generosity has limits sometimes!
 Every [meaningful] comment you make on a blogpost with a giveaway attached will be an entry to that particular giveaway. So if you make 3 comments, you will be entered 3 times.
 I will announce all winners to each giveaway on August 4th, you are personally responsible for contacting me with your snail mail or e-mail information. 


  1. Entering only for Cole's giveaway here...

    Fav. smutty characters - I'm with K.C from Smokinhotbooks on Showalter's Lords and Cole's Demons and Lykaes. *Rowr.* With Ms. Ione's too. Another authors characters I have to mention are the Changelings and angels from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series. Nothing like the sensual animalism, warring desires and hard logic throughout.

    And yeah, we're agreed on Bones too. How long to wait? Ugh.

  2. I think the heroes from Kate Pearce's House of Pleasure series are smoking hot! Plus her characters know how to communicate -- none of those lame "big misunderstanding" plot devices. :>]


  3. I really must check out Bones, i mean he has been sitting on my shelf for a while now and just waiting for me to get all smutty ;)

    Those JR Ward brothers sure know their smut

  4. Tats and piercings will always push the hot buttons for me...and KC, girl, you've picked out some prime smut characters! I agree with al of them and actually have to find out about Shelley Laurenston!

    @INCiDeNT - Oh OOOHHHHH Singh's SnowRiver and DarkRiver pack...Hawke...Judd...Clay -ME WANTS! - and Raphael with his seven - ME WANTS MORE! Yep, those definitely give off the smut vibe ;)

    @blodeuedd - the brothers...WORD! I have this incredible fascination with Wrath, while he's sexin, gets the bed to pound against the wall *rowr*

  5. ohh I love Bones *sigh* He totally can Chapter 32 me anytime! :D

    I do have to say though, any of Kresley Cole's heros do it for me too! I <3 Bowen! *wanders off to daydream*

  6. Holy smoly... Let the Smutt begin and what a way for it to begin with Smokin here!! She is awesome!!!!!
    And I love her characters she chose!! Are you kidding me... those are half the smutty characters I love!!!!
    I love Eric from Sookie's series. He can get all smutty with me any day!
    Let's see.... who else.. Thomas from The Master & The Muse. The vampires in Alexandra Ivy's series...
    Buck from Sweet Caroline.. I was saving him for last.. hee hee...
    Okay, that is all I am sharing right now... lol!

    Sign me up for Cole's giveaway!
    alliwantandmorebooks@ gmail.com

  7. You have three of my favorite series listed here. These are series that are always on my to buy list. I'm not sure I could pick out a favorite hero from any of them because every time I read a new book I think I like this the best and it can't get any better but it does. I love Jaid Black's books and I've been really upset that I haven't seen anything from her lately. Her Vikings are great but you should read her Trek Mi Q’an series super hot.


  8. @Nicole - I'm hearing that comment a lot...regarding Bones and chapter 32. Educate the young ones and tell me...in which book can I find this chapter 32?? I MUST research this! please tell me it's in the first 3 books of the series or else I'll keel over in want LOL

    @Cecile - Buck can come here with his toys ANY time of the day...or night LOL And what do you think...Joey W Hill's Gideon ain't to shabby either...I recollect a particular interview...with a girlfriend of mine that had my glasses fog over *looks at a certain Ms. Smutty Hussy* LOL

    @Sherry - Here at my realm we are gluttonous! You do not have to pick, you can take them all!! That's why we have harem's - stable's - club's to put them in *wink*

  9. Holy smoly... How could I forget about Hill's men.. **smacks forehead** Omg.... Girl you are sooo right.. Gideon.. (oh that was a delicious interview) and what about Jacob... Hell I would even take on the Vampires, lol.

    Ohhh and what about Erin McCarthy's men from the Hard and Fast series.... Oh man.. You see.. more men.. told you just give me time, lmbo!

    And what about Sophie's men... Addicted - Lord Linsday and Matthew.... And Velvet Haven.....Bran!!!!! Oh gosh.. okay will be back.. lol!

  10. @INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) Raphael from angel's Blood rowrrrrrrr

    @aromagik just the title "House of Pleasures" has me intrigued

    @Blodeuedd Bones --> whole chapter devoted to sexy time = must read

    @Nicole I heart Cole's Laykaes

    @ Cecile I need to read the Sookie series, I'm a avid Trueblood fan and I find Eric super hawt.

    @Sherry HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU! Ellora's Cave just announced a new Jaid Black book and it is out already!!!!!!! -->*fan girl scream*

  11. OMG Smokin', you must read that series!!!!!! OMG... Eric is even hotter in the books.. well I am being prejudice because I have not seen TrueBlood.

  12. @Cecile oh my god, okay I'll bump up books on my TBR for August!

  13. I completely have to agree with Bones and Barrons. And I really think Eric from the Sookie series needs to be here too.

  14. From one Smutty Sistah to the other... Oh yeah..... And you know I will be stalking you to see what you think!!! LOL!!

  15. Oh I adore Barrons and Bones. Nom! I mean it, NOM!! I also love all the McKay cowboys from Lorelei James Rough Riders series. They are yummy!

  16. I do like a guy with a nipple ring ;)
    I would have to say Bones is one of my favs. Also the guys from BDB series.I've only read the first LOTU book and he was pretty hot :)I must read the rest of the series soon.

    I feel like I'm missing out on this Barrons fella :) Everyone loves him.

  17. Well done KC! You just fit all my fav smut/hotties into one post! Yummmm. Man, I love me some Barrons!!

  18. @Fiction Vixen I take the saying 'save a horse ride a cowboy' very seriously. I must read about these sexy cowboys!

    @donnas I feel left out, I need to read about this Eric from Sookie series STAT!

    @elaing8 Barrons is kind of an arsehole but we love him anyways. The final book is coming out in Jan 2011 we are all itching to get our hands on it! If you like Bones, you'll love Barrons trust me ;)

    @Kindlelicious *raises the roof*

  19. Um, how can you forget the BDB? They have it all - tats (V), piercings (Z), alpha-bitey-growly (all)...

  20. Don't enter me for this one. I just want to say DAYUM there's a lot of good smut on this page!!

    As far as my favorite smutty characters go, well gosh I have so many but I'm going to hail one author and genre that wasn't mentioned. Let's give a round of smutty applause for historical romance author Lisa Valdez and PASSION. No author has made deep penetration sound so delish! And oh gawd the naughty language! Love it!!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, KC!! I definitely need to get movin' with Larissa Ione's books.

  21. ^^ A resounding YES to Lisa Valdez's 'Patience' as well as 'Passion'. She redefines HOT and she's a really nice person, too.

    Add 'Bad Girl' by Maya Reynolds to your list, too. That was another panty melter. ;)

    Oh, and how in the world did I forget Shayla Black? I was disappointed with 'Delicious' (hero suffered from head-up-his-ass syndrome... I quit reading halfway through the book), but 'Wicked Ties' and 'Decadent' are MUST reads.


  22. @Regina I think I took Smut too literally instead of tear-your-heart out sexy which would be ALL THE BDB brother. (bites nails) I can't choose just one (BDB) brother.

    @VampFanGirl the ROOB girls ganged up on me and had me read Passions. Let me tell ya, never have I seen the words big and long mentioned so often in a book. Verra smutty!

    @aromagik I've heard many many many delicious things about Shayla Black's books. I need to get on the reading bandwagon and buy one!

  23. I'm totally with you on Bones and Barrons - Poor Barrons and his charitable smexing to help Mac out ;) I would definitely add Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse books (I think it was book 4 shower scene was pretty hot) and I also got to second Raphael from the Guild Hunters series. Yummy man candy ;)

  24. OMG..Bones makes a chica melt with just a look, but in reply to the question...Lissa Matthews got me hooked on reading on alpha males with piercings...*slight drool*

    Vinter and his piercings in Simple Need. *fans self* HOODAWG! I had an eye out for the fellas with the piercings ever since. *wicked grin*

    Plus, I lust/adore the Alphas+growling...mostly the werewolves...and lately hooked on the big cats..*grins* Biting is *ALWAYS* a plus...

  25. I sooo agree with all the postings so far...

    Showalter's men, Ione's, Cole's, Shayla Black's.. all yummy!
    Eric and Bones are definitely on my list, too!

    BUT, my ultimate favorites are Z an V from BDB! If I could combine those two together and roll around... well.. you get what I'm saying! :P

    And, who's this Barron guy? What series am I missing? I've also never heard of Jaid Black, but I'm going to go look this author up! I seriously just busted out the pen and paper to write down recommendations. Lisa Valdez and Passion is now on that list!

    Thanks everyone for adding to my smut library!

  26. @Heather(DarklyReading) If I ever turn into a Priya, I'd want Barrons medicine *wiggles eyebrows*. You know what they saw an hour a day keeps the doctors away.

    @Redd OMG Simple Need --> OMG. Lov-uh-ah sexy piercings on alphas

    @Tanya Barrons is from one of my favorite UF series by Karen Marie Moning. We all are in love with him.

    Jaid Black was one of the first erotic romance authors I read (way back in the day), she made Vikings and have sexy time with Aliens super hawt.

  27. I'm late to the party...but never you mind, I got the smut goin on, too.

    Smutty characters and hot ones I've got a plenty. But I do love Kate Pearce's heroes in the House of Pleasure series like aromajick says...yeah, no misunderstandings. Want sex..you got it!

    But I do love vamps, weres, and when they're sportin nipple rings. I just go a little smutty crazy. *big hussy grin*

    There is one character I remember in The Art of Desire by Cherie Feather where he had a Prince Albert piercing. That was one HOT read and so good!

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  28. Oh, this is too good to pass up I just had to tweet about it:


    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  29. I love this post and I have to agree with all the different sexy men listed! I especially love Shelly Laurenston's Magnus and Pride series because not only are they sexy, but they're hilarious too!

    lilazncutie1215 @ yahoo.com

  30. Aeron from LOTU, Garreth from IAD and Wraith from Demonica are some of my favorite males. What a combo that would be. I'd love to be locked in a room with those 3. They would make me one happy woman.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  31. I agree with you 100% on the Demonica males and Lords of the Underworld. Both sets of males ooze smex! But I have to include Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters - they also know all the right moves!

    Thanks for the great post KC and Leontine!

  32. Great smutty heroes! I love Shelly Laurenston's shifters - so sexy and alpha! Of course Bones and Barrons...absolutely delish! I'm also going to give a shout out to Eric Northman - he's wonderfuly smutty :)

  33. Hey Ms. K.C....

    I see you pimping the smut over here as well...

    Sad to say I have never read any of those books -but I am pleased the protags seems to have a faithful following...

    Please don't enter me for the contest please..


  34. Some other favorite smutty characters are the shifters from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changling series, such as Lucas. They are so hot and I wouldn't mind being chased by one of them!

  35. I am so far behind the times. I keep seeing posts about Bones and I just haven't got to him yet. I'm thinking I need to go out and grab him soon. Thanks for the chance to be a winner.

  36. PD's is a keeper for me, LOL!

    Tats and piercings? Yes please!! Reminds me I have to continue reading the LOTU series. :)

    Men in uniform also do it for me! And let's not forget about the hard and toned cowboys who are deliciously good with rope *gush*

    I feel the need to go research some smutty characters myself now! :)

  37. There are so many hot "smutty" men! I will always love Lachlain MacRieve from A Hunger Like No Other. I have a thing for werewolves. I also love Alcide from the Sookie Stackhouse books - even before gorgeous Joe was cast to play him in the show. What can I say, I just love werewolves!

    Diana ♥ Book of Secrets

  38. Love the Lords of the Underworld and the Demonica men. I would have added the Black Dagger Brotherhood to that list. I just ordered my missing books from Shelly Laurenston so I will be reading those soon. Can't wait!

  39. OMG Gena Showalter all the way for me. I can't get enough of the Lords all of them. I haven't read Frost yet but hear great things bout Bones. I'm starting Kresley Coles series now and couldn't be happier. But Lords still fill my fix in all ways.

  40. Leontine - Judging by your reaction, I see Nalini's worlds opened up a whole floodgate of memories. ;) And her angels - I need to know more of that blue feathered idiot amongst others... *ahem*

    Smokinhotbooks - Agreed! I so frigging heart Angels' Blood.

  41. These are some great recs. My favorite smutty characters have been in Jaqueline Carey's novels, especially Phedre!


  42. Barrons and Eric Northman would have to be my current faves!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  43. oh yeah, Shelly Laurenstons books are so hot! they can't miss on your bookshelf!
    and Genas Lords are incredible - I just finished The Darkest Lie and I'm speechless!
    greetings, Ina

    inale87 at gmx dot at

    please count me in for Kresley Coles contest, cause I already have The Darkest Lie :)


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