09 July 2010

Review: I collected some smutty girl scout badges with Cassidy Hunter's SANCTUARY

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Cassidy Hunter's Sanctuary
ISBN: 978-1-60737-572-2
Genre: Shape-shifter Paranormal Menage
Length: Novel

Main characters: Kimberlyn Thorn, Logan Walker & Andrew Morgan
Book Origin: Received e-copy from author for review purpose.

Kimberlyn is a were at odds with herself. She longs to express her true nature, but she's not sure what that is. What she knows is that she needs lovers who can satisfy her needs for rough sex and submission. What she doesn't know is that as the only Healer of her kind, she's incredibly valuable to the pack that can claim her.

Pack Alpha Logan and his partner Andrew need a third to solidify their pack and protect it from the Bears who want to take over. They know Kimberlyn's their girl from the moment they lay eyes on her. Now they just need to convince her they can fulfill her darkest desires. And to keep her away from the Bears.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, exhibitionism, ménage/moresome (m/f/m, m/f/m/m), same sex interaction (f/f), sex while in shifted form, voyeurism.

My review: When I was asked to review SANCTUARY I read the blurb and excerpt, and was intrigued by the wolf pack I met. Little did I know that by closing SANCTUARY I would feel like a girl scout who unexpectedly received a badge for her first F/F encounter and witnessing the beginning of a Ménage a Quatre. Both are topics I hadn’t encountered before but now I’m very curios to explore! Everything about this story screamed introduction; the introduction of a wolf pack and its members, the burgeoning love between three werewolves and one very sexually strong woman more than ready to find her place in her world.

Kimberlyn Thorn is without a pack and driven to establish her home in Wolf’s Grove. There she encounters a wolf pack one night and heals their Alpha, Logan Walker. This gets her invited in the wolf pack and she feels an instant connection with Logan Walker and Andrew Morgan. One of the things that stood out for me most was the realistic animal characteristics fused with the human side to create werewolf personalities who are capable of great passion, both in the negative as in the positive sense of the emotion. Hierarchy is paramount and the Alpha showcases his dominance with both attitude and physical force. I loved how the author vividly described the sensations in wolf form and made it all the more authentic in my eyes.

Cassidy Hunter kept up the pace with short chapters which kept the dialogues, desires and storyline dynamic. I was continuously fascinated with the feel of the world/pack/characters and the sexual desires explored. Still, to keep up the pace it can also create a pitfall by not giving enough information, or flesh out a situation. I mainly had this with the back story of the feud going on between the Wolf and Bear pack and some relationship issues – like become a triad within the pack - not being elaborated on between Logan, Andrew & Kimberlyn. It would’ve added a deeper level of emotion and I like to work through the issues with the characters. I hope there will be more stories planned so I can follow up on the characters and overall storyline because the premise, like the characters, captured my attention for sure!

Kimberlyn Thorn is a werewolf who grew up in LA and is now finally is stretching her wolf muscles in the wild nature of Wolf’s grove. She inhales life, is a very sexual being and has the need to belong somewhere among her own kind. I felt she was the center of the story where everything revolved around and the author delivered a fascinating female protagonist who doesn’t shy away from life or expressing herself.

Logan Walker is all Alpha, forceful when needed but in the privacy of his own chambers allows that side of him to disappear. In those moments I got a man who is highly sensual and caring, those opposite sides told me there more than meets the eye.

Andrew Morgan is a beta male all the way yet has this drive to make Kimberlyn accept the triangle relationship which showed passion, depth and an innate need to care for those he loved. The difference in personalities between these three characters made their triad an energetic one. Logan and Andrew already have a long lasting and strong relationship going on while their connection to Kimberlyn is new and exciting. The romance is scintillating hot and inconclusive in some areas but it only whets the appetite for what is (hopefully) to come.

Because if there is one other thing that I got a taste of is the powerful desires explored in this story. Sanctuary is an Erotica story with a capital E that contains lots of squirm-in-seat scenes ranging from M/M to F/F, Ménage a Trois and more. There may be a few moments of licentious behavior that made me raise my eyebrows but it fits within their wolf nature. It dared me to step outside what I’m used to and explore new ways of sex play. All in all Cassidy Hunter gave me a mix of an interesting story arc, lively characters and scorching eroticism, that is a heady one to take in. It shows a wonderful potential for expansion where I hope to follow Kimberlyn, Logan and Andrew in the completion of their love.

4 stars

“You have to stop challenging me, Drew. The others—” “You're always going to be the dominant one.” Logan's breath quickened as Andrew's hand continued to rub his dick through the cloth. “Does that displease you?” He felt the air caress his ass as Andrew unzipped his pants and pushed them over his hips. His breath caught in his throat as he waited for Andrew to continue massaging his cock. “You know it doesn't. You're my alpha. And that's the way I like it.”

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  1. First ~~~ Happy Dance for Team!!!! ~~~ Go team Go team Go team!!!!

    Okay, now on to this kick ass review you have here honey!! Oh gosh, You know how I feel about this book! I absolutely love this book!! And yes.. I cannot wait to dip my hand in more of the unknown.. and I cannot give away my hand... but I promise more to come **waggles eyebrows**

    Your review is very powerful honey!! This is a great new author and an amazing story!!!
    Glad you liked it soo much!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Wowza!! I am totally reading this one ASAP!!! Nice review L!!

  3. Woah!!! Put the brakes on!!! I just read the warning: sex while in shifted form. Not for me. Darn, this one sounded really good to. :(

  4. I am glad you liked this story hon..

    I liked the little bits and pieces that Ms. Cassidy added to the shifter pack and their world in this book.. The Triad thing was pretty cool as well..

    The unsaid and the unknown was some of the things I had issue with in this one..

    I am hoping a lot of this is tighten up in book two...

    Love your thoughts.


  5. @Cecile - At the end there were hints and I look forward to finding out :)

    @FV - There's a very animalistic side to this werewolves and it didn't bother me but then...I had a few new experiences in this one that made me gasp a little :)

    @EH - That's what I felt regarding the fued and some relationship developments but I was confident there would be a sequel because of the way things end.

  6. Leontine, thank you again for such a wonderful review. I'm glad I gave you some of your 'firsts' ;)

    There is definitely a second book, which is why Sanctuary ended with some questions. It's called Asylum and it is coming along nicely. It won't be long before I've finished it, and I only hope it gets as good a reception as Sanctuary :)

  7. Wonderful thorough review Leontine. I've been reading about this book around the blogosphere and have visited Ms. Hunter's site.

    I may give it a try you do make it sound enticing!!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Your review piqued my curiosity. This sounds like an exciting read! Fabulous review, hon! :D

  9. Hmmm... I may have to check this one out! Thanks for the review!

  10. Glad you enjoyed this one, Leontine, but its not my cuppa...

  11. @Cassidy - I look forward to the continuence *cheeky grin*

    @Lea - Enjoy the discovery of the characters & world when you decide to pick it up!!

    @Janna - It so uber smexy *sizzles*

    @Twimom227 - I hope you do Jen :)

    @VFG - I really like to chime with you on books so hoping next one is your cuppa!


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