02 July 2010

Where did June go...?

Of course I had to start be giving you my new cover candy of this moment, it’s book two in The Sons Of Zodiac Signs series; Warrior Avenged. Abs and ink, it never fails to do it for me :) Today, Friday July 2nd 2010, is one of the hottest days so far this year with temperatures going up as 37 degrees Celcius. These kind of temperatures scream for siesta, fruit cocktails and procrastinating from any kind of labor. That is why I’m reading SANCTUARY and drinking a fruit cocktail…there’s nothing much I can muster right now LOL

So in light of my mood I’m just going to give you a bit more cover candy - directs eyes to the right - The next cover haz my heart rate in overdrive, who can resist to lick such a back…nom nom nom. Tessa Adams with her 2nd book in the Dragon Heat series; Hidden Embers.

Quite drooling already? That way I can give you the 411 on what I’ve been doing bookwise in June.

Lissa Matthews – Sweet Caroline (3,5 stars)

Inez Kelley – Myla By Moonlight (4 stars)

Inez Kelley – Salome At Sunrise (3,5 stars)

Cameron Dane – Devlin And Garrick ( 4 stars)

Cameron Dane – Grey’s Awakening (3,5 stars)

Nalini Singh – Bonds Of Justice (4,5 stars)

Kathryne Kennedy – The Fire Lord’s Lover (4 stars)

Shannon McKenna – Extreme Danger (4,5 stars)

Lauren Dane – Insatiable (stars TBD)

Re-read: Nalini Singh – Caressed By Ice & Mine To Possess (after reading BoJ I went on a Psy/Changeling reading binge)

Books bought and/or received in June:

Print: Erin Kellison – Shadow Bound

Ava Gray – Skin Tight

Gail Carriger – Soulless

Kathryne Kennedy – The Fire Lord’s Lover

Nalini Singh – Bonds Of Justice

Joanna Bourne – The Forbidden Rose

Nancy Gideon – Masked By moonlight & Chased By moonlight

Monica Burns – Assassin’s Honor

E-Book: Shannon Stacey – Exclusively yours

Cameron Dane – Devlin And Garrick

Cindy Spencer Pape - Motor City Fae

Joelly Sue Burkhart - Blood Gate guardian

Rebecca E Grant - Liberty Starr

Alishia Rai - Veiled Desire & Veiled Seduction

Vivian Arend - Tidal Wave

Amy Lane – Keeping promise Rock

Alex Beecroft - Shinning In The Sun

Julia Rachel Barrett - Captured (given to me by author *woohoo*)

Laura Tolomei - To Seduce A Soulmate

Jacqueline Barbary - Savage Sanctuary

Esmerelda Bishop -The Panther’s Liar

Don't forget the great interview & giveaway (a copy of Chased By Moonlight) over at ROOB with Nancy Gideon.

And finally, one last cover from me...Kathryne Kennedy's novel; Beneath The Thirteen moons:

Hold on, I haz got one more thing to share. I invited some diabolical gals over for a 2 week long feature In July...

Stay tuned next week for more news!

Have a great weekend everyone ;)

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  1. Love the new Kennedy cover! pretty :D

  2. Great reading month, Leontine! And look at all those books you bought or received! :) And you got a present from Julia, isn't she great? I bet you'll enjoy Captured!

    Lovely button! Are we diabolical gals allowed (or maybe even supposed) to steal it? ;) I'm so looking forward to the Smutty Researchers Week! :)

  3. @Blodeuedd - I stumbled upon it this week and I know it's a re-release but lovin' this cover more then the first. Of course it's the story that really holds my enthusiasm :)

    @Janna - Awh, Julia's e-mail was so very nice and looking forward to reading her novel!! And now you can grab the button...it wasn't entirey finished LOL It's all ready to go now and I didn't expect it any other way for the diabolical gals to snag this button too LOL

  4. *thud* That HIDDEN EMBERS cover is faint worthy!! Love it!

  5. Holy crap... I can never tire of looking at some of these covers!!! OMG.... OH yeah!!!
    Honey you rock my world!!!!

    And GOOOOOO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yayayayayayaya for you honey!!!!!
    HOpe you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I also got The Forbidden Rose and Bonds of Justice! I held off reading your review on Bonds, but I'll be sure to come back and read it when I've finished reading the book.


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