07 August 2010

A little help wanted with my birthday wishlist

I have mentioned it before but on August 23rd it is my birthday and I've got a birthday partay coming up with the ROOB posse. Besides the hilarious fun we have and the mile-a-minute conversations we always give each other books...lots of books. So Yesterday my sis, Natascha said: Do you have your wishlist ready? Me: Erm, no *eek* So I've got five books I desperately want because they sounds so good and then I'm drawing blank...  

Me...book-addict of the first order, draws a blank on what to add more. My sis wants at least 12-15 titles and I come up wit five titles. I am ashamed for myself. So here I come to you, my fellow book-addicts with TBR piles of ginormous proportions. Can you help a book gal out here and shout out some of the most awesome titles you've read lately? It would be most apreciated :)

Oh, here are my five books I just can't wait to receive:

I'm off to check the wishlist I have at BookDepo but I'm a pre-order junkie there and have little hope to find a lot more - oh gawd, does that sound A: Desperate, B: Spoiled or C: A case of gluttonous book buying behavior?


  1. Leontine, I am sure anything I would suggest is already on that wish-list of yours ;)

  2. What about going for backlist... Sometimes it not all about the newier shinier books...**gasp***

    Look if there is any book from your fav author that you have not read yet.. I have great fun with back list...


  3. I just finished reading BOND WITH ME...I'm working on the review right now. That was one HOT book. I did not know fallen angels were so sexy & so bad!!

    I doubt there's anything I could add to your list that's not there either! Have you read ETERNAL SEDUCTION by Jennifer Turner? It's not a new book, but it was very good.

  4. ...or how about RAMPANT by Saskia Walker? Again, not a new release, but a fantastic read (paranormal erotica).

  5. I just read Embers by Laura Bickle recently, I enjoyed it a lot. Also, I read Jennifer Estep's Spider's Bite, loved it, and I'm still waiting to get the rest of her books in that series.

    Hope you get lots of great books for your birthday, good luck.

  6. @Blodeuedd - Perhaps ;) I thought I had lots of titles written down or added to my Book Depo wishlist but almost nothing is there :(

    @Erotic Horizon - What an idea...could do that too :) I don't glom often but I do have a few fave authors I can take a look at *grin*

    @Diana - Oh, I was contacted by Anne marsh months ago and should've received an ARC but never did *pouts* I loved the blurb and hey, fallen angels can never go wrong with me!!

    Thanks for the other two suggestions and will def check them out :)

    @Barbara E - I LURV Gin and have VENOM waiting on my e-reader. Can't wait to find out where Estep is taking her next :D

  7. Hey Leontine:

    A birthday! How exciting. *g* Anything I'm looking forward to would be noted in the sidebar of my blog.. :-)

    I'll look forward to your celebration!

  8. If you haven't tried them yet Dawn Halliday's books are AWESOME. Hmm Jeaniene Frost's new one is just out and if you haven't tried them before Kerrelyn Sparks' books are nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!! OH and Pamela Clare's books hehehhe.

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  10. *Cracks knuckles.* Kresley Cole's Demon from the Dark, the Burning Up anthology by Angela Knight, Nalini Singh, Virginia Kantra and Meljean Brook and Sydney Croft's ACRO series (first one: Riding the Storm). They're ones that I'm positive you'll love/adore/cherish. If not I challenge you to hunt me down and set me straight. ;D

    I would also suggest Larissa Ione's Sin Undone but you have yet to devour the others in the series. *Hint, nudge, hint.* ;)

    How'd you feel towards and Falling, Fly by Skyler White from the summary?

    And Bond with Me - I've had my eye on for months now. What happened with the situation regarding the ARC? I would have loved to read your opinion on it around its release.

  11. I'll make some suggestions but you might have read them already. :) The Stacia Kane books are great by the way. The Anna Strong Chronicles by Jeanne Stein. Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between or Crimson Moon by J.A. Saare. Stormwalker by Allyson James.The Sirantha Jax books by Ann Aquirre were my first try of scifi/romance books, but I thought they were really good. Good Luck!

  12. I'm so glad you have Stacia Kane and Elizabeth Jennings on there!!

    I just finished Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt and LOVED it :)

  13. May I make the suggestion of Christina Phillips? Her debut releases Sept 7th and while that's a little past your b-day, I say pre-order it. I haven't read her but I'm DYING to get my hands on her books, both FORBIDDEN & CAPTIVE. Me wants some yummy warrior love!!!

  14. @Lea - I've been lurking at your sidebar today *grin*

    @JennJ - check - check - check and hell yeah check on Pamela Clare LOL

    @INCiDeNT - Sometimes publisher don't want to ship internationally, not the authors fault but I was sad I didn't receive it. I was so looking forward to reading it.

    As a true IAD addict I've got DftD on pre-order, Burning Up Antho is going on the list...3/4 authors I lurv to read and I've got the ACRO series on the shelves - awesome and hawt reading ;)

    @Mandy - Oh yes, Allyson James, I haz got that one too. HHmmmm my TBR pile is becoming a vortex sucking up titles I now remember having already LOL

    @Mandi - Keeping Hoyt on the maybe for the wishlist ;)

    @VFG - September 7th is going to be one of those release day's where my CC is so going to hurt :S I've got Phillips on my BookDepo order list ;)

  15. I forget.. Have you read ACRO series by Sydney Croft? If not... YOU MUST GET IT! It is hands down one of the best out there! Xmen for adults... lots of action and lots of steamy, hot smexing!

  16. Have you tried Meljean Brook's Guardian series? I've only read bk1 so far (bk2 is on it's way) but I think there are like 5 so far. I've heard a bit about the Sydney Croft series - I'm thinking of picking them up myself. I think Sydney Croft is a team and is it Larissa Ione that is one of the writers or did I just make that up?

  17. *busts out pen and paper and starts copying down suggestions*

    Gah!! My TBR just grew again! Every time I hang out at your place it grows!!

    I was going to suggest the Sin Undone pre-order, too.

    I liked Dark Embers by Tessa Adams and the Shadowfae Chronicles by Erica Hayes (I've only read book 2 though). Both have had mixed reviews, but I've enjoyed them! Both are erotic paranormal, Shadowfae being erotic dark urban fantasy/paranormal.

    It looks like your list above is already off to a great start! I've heard lots of yummy things about 'Possess Me'!


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