03 August 2010

The misschief of July...

July has been a crazy month for me but in the best of ways. Let me count those ways for you…

First of all I just concluded my 12 days of Smutty Researchers At Play feature and I am baffled at how many new peeps I got to know and what fun there was to be had. I researched some things too and “discovered” new-to-me authors. Kitty Thomas with Comfort Food has niggled its way in to my top 20 of 2010. Also when I wanted to read a new M/M author I stumbled on to info about the Special Forces series by Marquesate & Vashtan…Dan & Vadim immortalized themselves with their first part in Soldiers. I was blown away with their story!

Hereby I want to give a standing ovation for some incredible bloggers who participated in the Smutty Researchers At Play feature: Kris from Kris ‘N’ Good Books – Cecile from All I Want And More – Janna from Erotromreader – KC from Smokinhotbooks and @Ferishia from twitter. You guys are the best and thank you for your time and presence on my blog, you made it all the more awesome!

July was also the month I met DEXTER. Now I heard a few peeps going on about Dexter on twitter and the name stuck with me so when I had the chance to get my hands on all four seasons I didn’t hesitate and two weeks ago I received them. Okay, I had to say I had to get used to Dexter but after an epi or two I was hooked like…well, I was just hooked. This evening I watched the fourth season’s finale and OMG; What? Where? What? How? Who? I needs details ladies and ASAP. Season five already in progress somewhere in the world? I wants to bribe with virtual man-candy, chocolate, anything, just so I can get some DEXTER intell!

Now I’ve got some top secret news to share…I don’t know if the visual treats are already released by Maya Banks but I received some promo stuff and you didn’t hear it here or from me but keep an eye out for; NO PLACE TO RUN. All my hussy instincts are on sharp with that one!

Just verified it and the secret is out…I gets to share YAY This is what I found in the excerpt booklet from Banks’ KGI series:

Next to all the wonderful blogstuff going on I had an real life meeting with blogger Janna and I found a gal to talk all (m/m) smutty stuff with. At the beginning of this year we wondered if we would do a ‘You’ve Got Mail – Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meeting’. Well, we got to know each other a bit and it was suddenly a ‘for sure’ thing we had to meet. On July 30th it was time, Janna and I hooked up at a grand central station and there were no awkward moments, we started talking and we did so non-stop for seven hours.*We were such book-addicts in the city* It was good we kept the vocal cords smooth with lots of drinking or else I wouldn’t have much voice left LOL We talked about so much, of course real life stuff, books we love, and also about blogging. Now in this Janna pointed me towards something I’ve been thinking about for two months. My blog increased on the smut, the quotes have become more erotic, the pictures of Black Wade are one of my most visited pages (says google analytics)and though I have warnings on my left sidebar I was wondering if I shouldn’t check the box in blog settings for the warning page before entering my blog. I fear it will keep peeps away before even entering my blog but on the other hand, if first time visitors don’t want to be confronted with adult content, this is a fair way to warn them. So as of this week you’ll find yourself warned before entering my realm :)

This month is also the month where I’ve written a few guest blog posts and I’ll be visiting KC & K-Khan at Smokinhotbooks and Janna at Erotromreader in the next few weeks.

Go check out there places what wicked fun they have planned and what giveaways you can take a shot at :0

As for books in the mail…here is a sample of what I bought and received:

Suzanne Brockmann – INFAMOUS
Erin Kellison – SHADOWBOUND
Kathryne Kennedy – THE FIRE LORD’S LOVER
Carolyn Brown – I LOVE THIS BAR

Nicole Laurent – UNDERGROUND
Claudia D Christian – vicious bliss; FALLEN

Free reads: Marquesate & Vashtan’s SOLDIERS – MERCENARIES part 1 &2 – VETERANS
Kitty Thomas – COMFORT FOOD

Received for review:
Kathleen McKenna – THE WEDDING GIFT
Vivian Arend – WHIRLPOOL
Shiloh Walker – VEIL OF SHADOWS

Joey W Hill – THE MARK OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN (4.5 stars)
Kitty Thomas – COMFORT FOOD (5 stars)
Marquesate & Vashtan – SOLDIERS (4.5 stars)
Lauren Dane – INSATIABLE (2.5 stars)
Vanessa Vaughn – PACK OF LIES ( 3.5 stars)
Cassidy Hunter – SANCTUARY (4 stars)
Vivian Arend – THE TIDAL WAVE (4 stars, review to come)

Well, that were the stats for me this month. August is going to be the month of my b-day and I’ll turn *whispers* 34 o_0 I’m currently having a very relaxed vacay with hubby and will spend some time on preparing myself for a busy September.

Is everyone enjoying the summer? Today I'll be spending some quality time in real life with Pearl YAY. We have some serious catching up to do and it feels like forever since the last time we talked. Hubby would roll his eyes at my statement saying I spoke to Pearl on the phone for 5 hours like 2 weeks ago ROFL

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  1. The smuttier the better, bring it on Leontine. Don't worry about the adult the content. You're in Europe, the continent of sexual freedom (?), after all.

    P.S. I like the "hard body and high intelligence" promo.

    Steamy Darcy

  2. LOVE Dexter..wonderful show.

    Your time spent with Janna sounds like SO much fun!!! Seven hours of talk....awesome.

    I have heard wonderful things about that Special Forces stories..I really need to check them out. There is a thread (multiple threads) devoted to that series on JR Ward's board.

  3. Awesome... the whole thing awesome!! I am sooooooo jealous of you two meeting!! I wanna come over!!! **Pouts at the airfare people**

    OH honey... That is true.. bday is coming up *23rd*.... Heee heeee!!!!

    And girl, this is your blog.... you do what you need to do!!! I never really thought of it that way.. I figured if you can't guess from the picture of my avatar.. well... and my name....well.... lol.

    And thanks for the mention hon, you know I would do anything for yoU! Hugs to you!!!! Have fun with hubby!!!!

  4. Omg, omg, season 4! The end, I am still in shock and it should be back sometime in Sep and I am going crazy here, so trying not to think about Dexter

  5. I loved the Forces by Nature Series by Vivian Arend. I can't wait for your review of Whirlpool. I'm jealous that you got to meet Janna-it sounds like it was so much fun!

  6. Is it wrong that I'm a. very lazy and don't want you to put the content warning on *bites lip*...?

    I'm laughing hysterically that Black Wade is one of your more popular posts. A-hoy to pirate manlove!

  7. I want to know where July went.lol.This summer is flying by.

    And a birthday is coming up :D YAY!!

    A warning won't keep me out..haha..never..It would only make me more curious as to what you are hiding.lol.

  8. You've had quite the whirlwind July, Leontine!

    I'll admit to being a bit green over your capture of VEIL OF SHADOWS and ETERNAL HUNGER. I'm lusting for those books so bad!! Can't wait to read what you think.

  9. Thanks,Leontine, and all the Smutty Researchers. I think that was such a fun and successful event.

    I luvs my smutty reads. *wink*

  10. Thanks for the shout out!

    Also, I love Dexter! The books are even better.

  11. My copy of Infamous arrived in the mail yesterday. Squee!

    That Maya Banks book looks mighty purty - I want!!

  12. You are awesome girl sounds like you had a great month! And some good books! Can't wait to see what you get to read this month! ;)


  13. @Enid Wilson - Personally I'm not all that easily shocked and still going back and forth between warning page option.

    @Mandi - There are threads at Ward's forum....uhm, see ya gals later LOL

    @Cecile - One day we all get to meet, the smut gods are joining forces to make it happen, I just know it. Keep faith my sistah LOL

    @Blodeuedd - I wanted S5 instantly available for purchase *pumps fists* How can they make us wait *sobs* The ending OMG, my jaw dropped to the floor...

    @Smokinhotbooks - Oh yes, Black Wade rules once more! And don't worry KC, I'm still going back and forth between the option, YAY or Nay *sigh*

    @Elaing8 - Janna told me something like that too and yes...August 23rd 1976 was a grand year for my parents LOL

    @VFG - I'm starting THROUGH THE VEIL right now and so far loved all of SW novels :) I lucked out with ETERNAL HUNGER she coming over for my September feature :)

    @Armenia - I've met many new smutty gals and loved doing this feature!

    @Kitty Thomas - There are DEXTER books out there...?

    @Kaetrin - My copy is humming seductively at me...it's so on my immediate TBR pile LOL

    @JennJ - Much of my reading time is hogged for required reads :)

  14. Thanks you sooo much for having me, Leontine! I had a blast being part of the teachers at smutty academy. ;)


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