29 August 2010

Who takes home Conall & Malkom? Winner announced!

I'm back from spending a few days at my sisters and we had a blast, I met a couple of gals completely passionate about knitting. One was knitting a sweater with such soft wool it felt butter soft to the skin so in a month or so I'm going to be wearing one YAY I love being creative but knitting and making 3-D cards is sooooo not my thing. I'm too impatient to knit LOL

But okay, that's way off topic here because I have a winner to announce who gets to take DEMON FROM THE DARK Malkom and SIN UNDONE Connal home.

It turned out to be JENNIFER MATHIS

Congrats to you and I'll be e-mailing you today!!

Thanks to each and everyone who joined me in celebrating my 34th birthday. You've all made it a blast and I had a grin from ear to ear during the whole day! 

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