02 August 2010

You are wanted for the Cover Hussy Club

Today I'll be popping in by Cecile as we have started a cover hussy club. Oh yes, we want a few hussies to join us to rate all things abs, pecs, models and covers. So if you feel the cover hussy in you roar in excitement, hop on over to Cecile at All I want And More for all the details and info!

I hope to see all the cover hussies gather at Cecile's, the force is with ya!!

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  1. Ohh I so love our pictures!!!! We rock... Well Elaing8 makes us rock,l lmbo!!! I have emailed you hon!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. **Cover Hussy Rules**

    **giggles, couldn't resist**

    veri: bustork lmbo...

  3. If there's someone in Blogland who is so not a cover hussy, it's me LOL
    Though I appreciate any cover with a nice male chest or great abs...I would never pass the test to be a Cover Hussy but I hope you ladies all have great fun with it! Looks like you are already having a blast ;)

  4. You know I'm there! ;) BIG HUGS!

  5. I keep humming Bon Jovi while on your bloggy today ;)

  6. I see Cecile is out for world domination... and you are the first stop on this side of the pond....

    Go you Smutty Husssy girl...


  7. **rubs hands together, smiling very wicked**

    Thanks for coming over ladies!!


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