01 September 2010

Column: Pity Party & recap of whirlwind August

August has come and gone and yesterday I had my plans all worked out for today, including writing up a recap post of what I’ve been up to in August. Well, I’m having a day where I just woke up and from there this day has gone from bad to worse. Yeah, I’m so having a pity-party at the moment. You see, August wasn’t a bad month at all. Hubby and I had three weeks of vacay time, we did lots of fun stuff but unfortunately the weather wasn’t co-operating much so it was a lot if indoor fun. In the early days of August I also received my early birthday present in the form of an e-reader, the BeBook. I already have a Cybook e-reader but that one has a major glitch -> The e-reader freezes a lot. Since every other book I read is an e-book  I just hate it from the deepest recesses of my being that my e-reader freezes up at least 4 times during the read of an e-book. Updates didn’t fix that problem and I wanted access to Net Galley. The e-reader program I chose was Mobipocket, love the program, truly do but almost every request I want to make with Net Galley gives me an ePub file. I could’ve changed from Mobipocket to ePub but that way I would’ve lost access to numerous e-books I hadn’t read yet :( So 1+1 and I wanted a new e-reader. I know, it sounds uber spoiled but I just wanted it. I heard very good things about the BeBook, I bought it with pre birthday money, charged it for twelve hours and wow I was hooked on to this little device like no tomorrow. It didn’t freeze, I made folders and I could request at Net Galley YAY All was well in my little book realm! Until I went to my sister last week. First of all I missed my train and had to wait for an entire hour and then, while I was nibbling on a sandwich and reading Amy Lane’s KEEPING PROMISES I suddenly got the notification my battery was low. At that moment I was done for the day! I bought a paperback by Jill Shalvis INSTANT ATTRACTION but in Dutch the story just so didn’t work for me and I had a three hour train trip ahead. BOOK DRAMA.

But I arrived at sis and I could plug in my BeBook and when I returned a few days later I was happy as can be reading the time away. Until two hours later I got the battery low notification again. I went: WTF!! I read about three hundred pages, the battery should last around seven thousand @#$%^&@#$%^@#$%^&* I shall not repeat my muttering at that moment. So I recharged again at home, went online and oh yeah…on the BeBook forum it was a known issue, all sorts of updates and info was given and my mood got in a very dark zone. So this morning I had to find out how to update the BeBook, well I should tell you I love everything electronic, only the devices and I do not always go well together. It should do what it needs to do and then we are two peas in a pod…but have it break down on me and OMG, my demonic side emerges and patience is not my virtue. After two and a half hour I was finally done and save waiting on an answer from a forum mod I’m good to go. *pats self on back* But my mood wasn’t pure sunshine I can tell you that.

On top of all of this…I got rejected for my NetGalley request for C.L. Wilson’s CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME last week – I know this can happen but I can tell you my lip was trembling in disappointment. Apparently I wasn’t on the approved list of reviewers, booksellers and librarians *cries*

Okay, I’m ending this pity party before you all leave screaming for the hills.

August did have wonderful things too, like having a day spend at Pearl, we had mile-a-minute conversations and fun and the day went by in a blink of an eye. The pressie I received from Kresley Cole was a fabulous surprise or JennJ patching up my blog template was pure blog bliss. My discovery of the blog design program Artisteer. My birthday. The weekend at my sisters…she’s in to knitting, her acquaintances are in to knitting and I’ve got a sweater in the making for me *grin* We talked books, had a movie night, she tortured my with semi watching POPSTARS and we got soaking wet as the heavens burst open in heavy rainfall.

Of course I also read:
Amy Lane – Keeping Promise Rock (4.5 stars)
ARC Jaci Burton – Riding the Night (4 stars)
Chris Owen – 911 (3.5 stars)
Kresley Cole – Demon From The Dark (4.5 stars)
Suzanne Brockmann – Infamous (4 stars)
Shiloh Walker – Through The Veil (4.5 stars)
Vivian Arend – Tidal Wave & Whirlpool ( both 4 stars)

I also read my book for the dare me and Book Chick City have with each other. I read Brian Keene’s THE RISING and you can read my review of it on her blog on September 10th. I will have her review of Lauren Dane’s LAID BARE.

* To look forward to September, I’m one of the blogs to host the Wind Warrior blog tour with $600,- (six hundred dollars) worth of prizes. My blog post will be posted later this week to hold all you entries!

* I also have a BlogFest party from 10-12 September where I will give away:

US Only:

Sherrilyn Kenyon – No Mercy


Zoe Archer - Warrior

Alyssa Day – Atlantis betrayed

Anya Bast – Cruel Enchantment

* I’ve also got my feature of THE VAMPIRE, THE SHAPESHIFTER & THE KICK ASS CHICK coming up where I’ll have reviews, interview, guest blog and a giveaway coming up.

So yeah, September is going to be frantically busy but loving it all the way.

*Munching on a bag of M&M’s* So what was your highlight of August? 

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  1. ((hugs)) I'm so sorry that you have so much ereader grief. Hope the bebook works now. And you have to think positive. There were many good things in August too. And wow that is a schedule for September.

  2. August was a great reading month for me (I got 35 books read), but right now I'm joining your pity party. *sulks*

    I can't manage to get ADE to recognize my BeBook. That's all I'm going to say about it, because if I expand I'm going to be using some really bad words. So all I'm going to say is that I really totally completely hate loathe abhor detest ADE. That is all.

    (I've never met anyone who actually likes ADE.)

    Anyway, thanks for the pity party. Have a great September!

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  4. **passes Leontine a drink** I'm sorry to hear you had so much trouble with your ereader.

    I was actually in a reading slump in August.I read maybe 3 books.
    **now I need another drink**lol

    Looking forward to September.
    And Leontine pop over to Cecile's I had a very serious question for you **evil grin**

  5. Oh my..you did have a poo August! I hope today starts a better month for you! :)

  6. Awwww.... *huggles your face*
    That completely sucks about the ereader. When you pay good money to supply endless happiness, you expect the damn thing to work! So sorry. And I had no idea that NetGalley actually turned down requests. I always figured that reviewers were an automatic in?! Apparently I'm totally naive!

    At least you get a sweater! :)

    I've been in complete reading and reviewing fail lately. I have no idea why, but I'm hoping the 'funk' goes away soon!

    I'm sending you good vibes that your September goes much better! *hugs*

  7. @SusiSunshine - I try to keep focussing on the good but I'm having such aon off day that my whiny self emmerges *sigh*

    @Ms. Bookjunkie - OMG, ADE doesn't recognize BeBook?! o.0 That would irritate the daylights out of me too. Have you tried the BeBook forum for answers? Like I said; I love the gadgets when they work, they don't need to be high-tech for me, just do what I want them to do :)

    @Elaing8 - Aye I'm in need of a stiff drink! And a reading slump, hon that is bad too. Hope the reading mojo returns and is satisfied by some good reads! OOhhh you haz a Q for me, I will be by ASAP!

    @Mandi - From your mouth to gods ear! I hope so too :))

    @Tanya - I had heard upon ocassion review request at NetGalley got turned down *sigh* I love CL Wilson, and have ARC read all her books in the Tairen Soul series and was just a little sad I wasn't able to join in the happy buzz about the CoCF.

    A complete read/review fail you say - oh noes, that's bad too! Wishing you some good reading mojo *throws sparkle dust in the air*

  8. :( Technology sucks ass! I sure hope you can get everything working.

    And even with some setbacks it seems to have been one great month

  9. Awwwwwwww honey... Sniff sniff... Your present is still up at my plae for you... To make you feel better! You know in case you would like to do something with those piercings he has.... lol.. I am trying to cheer you up honey!
    If that does not work... here you goLove you honey! {{{{{{{{{{{{Smooshie hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Ahhh sweety, so glad August is over for you, hoping September will be better. On yout Bebook charging thing, was it fully charged when you left my place? It was connected to the computer for an hour or so remember, we never got it hooked up afterwards so maybe that was why it only lasted 300 pages....

    We did have great fun ;-) and the rain... God almighty, you should see the weather now, nice dry adn sunny *sigh*

    On the upside.... at least you got the technology going for updating your Bebook, so next time that's a headache less for ya!!!!

    Hugsies from up North!

  11. @Blodeuedd - Last night I've updated BeBook succesfully so I'm now crossing fingers problems are solved :)

    @Cecile - I played with him all nite and this morning I woke up all up beat and grinning!

    @Natascha - I fully charged it and I just read a novella of about a hundred pages and it was minus one bar...that would mean i could read about a 100 pages total per bar x 4is 400 pages. That dog don't hunt LOL

    And yes, I'm sooooo glad I now know how the firmware updates work. It so confusing, website says the firmware update need to be 114 MB...I download zip file and it is 111 MB. When difference in file size website says; Do NOT update. Forum guy says difference is usual due to...and then he went high tech on me :( But I've don it and now really crossing fingers and throwing four leaved clovers in the air for luck that battery problems are solved!

  12. Hey sweetie... What an ordeal! I hope the updates keep your ereader humming happily!

    August was full of fun for me - the biggest was getting my kids' playrooom redecorated w/the help of my mom.

    Here's to a great September full of fun and reading!


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