27 September 2010

Cover Hussy Club meeting #1: Paranormal at its finest!

I’m so psyched to have the Cover Hussy club convene for the very first time and it delivered some hot stuff!! We even had one hussy travel all the way to Germany to find a cover…of a dragon…oh yeah!! Since this week is still in the spirit of paranormal romance Cecile and I thought it would be a nice idea to send our cover hussy princesses out there to find some PNR covers of the first order…and they came back with some old and something new. I myself have found a new series for 2011 that has my addiction spinning out of control.

Well, let me zip my lips for now and present you the covers of the hussies and I just want to mention, you can vote on the (right) sidebar cover poll which one you love the most! It will be up for fourteen days :)

The first one comes from Cammy (@envyious):

My submission is Gena Showalter's 'Ecstasy in Darkness';

Why? Because Gena Showalter is an amazing writer, though I seem to be in the minority when I say I prefer her Alien Huntress novels to her Lords of the Underworld! Oh and back to the cover, well, I like how it teases us (damn you smog! get out of the way! *blows repeatedly* I see how that can be misconstrued lol But I AM a cover hussy princess now come on ;) ) and he has a mother fkin WHIP. It's a NAKED. HOT. GUY. WITH. A. WHIP. How is that not hot? Punish me please?

~*~*~cammY~*~*~ *

The second entry comes from Minx:

Dragon Love: This is the German cover of You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister and I want to know... WHY DIDN'T WE GET THIS COVER!!! Dark, moody, defined, sexy, everything Drake is meant to be. Add to that dragons, the hint of opened jeans and I am a very happy girl!

Princess Minx Hussy aka Jules xx

The third entry is from Nanny:

HeartSong: It's a naked hunky guy... do I really need to say more. Ok I will. This actually caught my eye, not only due to the naked dude, but because everything works so well together. The city background is subtle and doesn't really pull all the attention. You can tell it's a paranormal just by glancing at it the dark colors, the full moon, dark night city and hunky naked dude, all work together. It just scream shifter.


The fourth one is delivered by Gina:

Let me start by telling you a little secret-- I love tattoos! LOVE! Especially on a man.

This cover stopped my search immediately. Strong back, broad shoulders, perfect skin, jeans slung just low enough to make you think dirty, hot, naughty thoughts and of course, the tattoo inked across the shoulder blades. Who cares if this guy is a demon. If all demons are built like him, consider me a demon slave willing to do anything to trace that tat with my tongue!

Hussy Gina Gordon

And the last one is found by me, High Queen Hussy Leontine:

Is anyone else lost for words? I mean, first comes the tattoo, then my gaze traveled along those muscular arms, then the back with the great shoulders *slightly starting to pant here* and then both hands wrapped around the hilt of his sword, oh yes, my cover hussy is on full alert now. Even the title; TOUCH IF YOU DARE...well isn't that a challenge for this hussy if I ever seen one, cause I am brave enough to touch!! everything just works for me, the guy, the colors, the font, this cover does what a great cover needs to do; it invites me to pick it up and read the blurb.

Happy cover hussy day to everyone. And please, feel free to share the title of the cover you drooled over lately!   

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  1. Omg did our Hussy Princesses delivery or what?!?! What a great job my High Queen. Setting the bar for me I see, lol. This is awesome. I will be back later to see what some had to say!! Hussy hugs and Smutty kisses!
    Madame President Hussy Cecile

  2. Aww. No fair I come over all like I'm going to vote for my sexy shifter and then I see mister sexy whip guy and drool. Then I see the tattooed dudes and more drool. And THEN the coup de gra tattoos and a sword! Aww... come on... no fair how am I suppose to choose now? Guess I need to ogle..er study them some more to be able to vote. :)

  3. Touch if you dare, well if that isn't a challenge I do not know. Mmm, great work girls!

  4. I'm loving this up!!! Drool, oogle, even pet if you like... Just remember to vote! And then go back to droogling!!

  5. Thank you all SOOOOOO much for making my Monday that much better. I know I'll be coming back here today for pick me ups through out the day.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  6. decisions,decisions..all those tats..you ladies are not making it easy.Its gonna be hard to pick just one.
    And then I look over and see the stud stable**fans self**Nice!! :)

  7. OMG!! How can we ever decide between all the mess of yummy men shown there? Seriously... all I see is hotness when I look at those covers. Those tattoos! *thud* Those arms! *thud* Those backs and shoulders! *thud* AND hands!! *dies*

    Great job at finding those pics!! :)

  8. @Cecile - Knowing you, you can trump my cover any day of the week. You've got a nose for hot covers LOL

    @Nanny - You should've seen me when I was on the receiving end of these covers, and some even send more then 1 option. I was in cover walhalla!!

    @Blodeuedd - Take you time girl!!

    @Paranormal Haven - We live to serve, ain't that right Madame President and Hussy Princesses?!

    @Elaing8 - There's much to look at today, but I've got faith in you that you can handle all that man-candy *grin*

    @Tanya - You're welcome and enjoy them all :))

  9. Oh my.... so much lickable candy... I want it all, can I have it? PLEASE!!!

  10. Great club! :) Just voted, although it wasn't easy to pick just one, lol! They're all very yummy. :D

  11. So excited to be part of the first official Cover Hussy club post.

    Looks like I'm not the only tattoo lover (:

    Great cover choices ladies!

  12. Wooohooo Look at the party we have in swing here High Queen!! This is awesome... So much loving for these hot covers!

    And honey, you give me way to much credit... You just make me strive harder!!! LOL!!!
    I am just glad that everyone is having a great time!!!
    Hussy Hugs to all!

  13. Those are some smokin' covers! thanks for sharing. A couple of my favorites are Lover Mine (JR Ward) and the anthology Hot for the Holidays ... woot!

  14. Some very HAWT covers there made me purr for sure! And add to my to look for list as well! ;) you all did good! BIG HUGS ladies!!!!!!!!

  15. Muy excited to get my hands on the new Gena Showalter books woo and hoo!!!

  16. Wow, where is the fan? It's hot in here. I'm torn between the Demon Dreamer and Touch If Your Dare. Their backs...so strong!

    My Darcy Mutates…

  17. Great work ladies - these covers are hunkalicious!!

  18. lol :D hot covers Hussy princesses!!!


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