20 September 2010

Curios mind wants to know: Who popped your Vampire, Shapeshifter & Kick Ass Chick cherry?

The Vampire, The Shapeshifter and The Kick Ass Chick – The Itinerary:

Monday, 20 September: Itinerary and who popped your cherry, curios minds want to know?
Tuesday, 21 September: My review of Stacia Kane’s UNHOLY GHOSTS.
Wednesday, 22 September: Stacia Kane will be visiting to talk Chess Putnam.
Thursday, 23 September: My ROOB ARC review of VENOM.
Friday, 24 September: Tracy Wolf will be here guest blogging about the Shapeshifter archetype.
Monday, 27 September: The Cover Hussy Club will gather and present you some very fine covers within the Paranormal Romance genre. It’s going to be a good one!
Tuesday, 28 September: My review will be up of Jacqueline Barbary – SAVAGE SANCTUARY
Wednesday, 29 September: My ARC Review of Laura Wright’s ETERNAL HUNGER will be up.
Thursday, 30 September: I have interviewed Laura Wright and some hot vampire brothers *rowr*

I have been reading quite some good PNR/UF books lately but my curios mind was triggered when @trelaine on twitter mentioned her author who introduced her to vampires. This made me think of mine, she popped my vampire, shapeshifter and kick ass Chick cherry all at once. Sherrilyn Kenyon. No news there but it inspired a wave of nostalgia.

Quote Night Pleasures:

Amanda: " What are Daimons?" she asked.
Kyrian: "There vampires on steroids with a God complex.

Artemis doesn't want to waste her time or ours by picking someone incapable of hunting. I guess you could say we are all mad, bad and immortal.

Quotes from Night Embrace;

Quote conversation between Wulf and Talon:
'You know, Talon, killing a soul-sucking Daimon without a good fight is like sex without foreplay, a total waste of time and comepletly un........satisfying.

Quote first thought of Sunshine about Talon:
This new stranger was Dangerous.
A lethal shadow just waiting to strike.

Quote Telephone conversation between Sunshine & Selena after Talon left:
'We did it on the backgammon table a couple of times. And on the couch, the kitchen counter, the floor, the coffe table and ---'
'Oh my God, way too much information, tell me your joking about this.'
'Nope not a bit. I'm telling you, Selena, forget the energizer bunny, this guy had it all.

Quote Talon is being burned by Asheron:
Then, just when I could relax and do my job, I find out there are Daimons in the swamp and no Talon to kill them. And why wasn't Talon there? Because Tarzan was swinging off a balcony to save Jane from cheetah.

Quote Zarek is attacked by a Daimon:
'What are you?' the Daimon asked when he failed to scare or intimidate him. Zarek quirked his lips. 'Oh, please, let me give you the job description. Me dark-hunter. You, Daimon. I hit, you bleed. I kill. You die.

Quote Night Play:

Around her, he had a raging hormonal surge so profound it made a tsunami look like a toddler's wave pool.

Quotes Seize the Night

Acheron held an aura that was dangerous and wild: and by his slow, languorous moves, it was obvious that he would be incredible in bed. it was something you just knew the instant when you saw him and it rippled through your body like hot seductive chocolate.
He was sexy in a way very few men were.

Yes, it was good to be a goddess. Tabbitha couldn't imagine how great it would be to command all that delectable testosterone. And Valerius was prime Dark-Hunter material as he sat with one divinely carved arm braced on the mattress while the rest of him was all but bare to het sight. He looked like some coiled, wild beast ready to strike.

After Sherrilyn Kenyon came a string of authors and books who rocked my PNR/UF world but one has to be your first and one whom you're unlikely to forgot…or at least, I hope so :)

So, do you still remember the book that began it all? The one who popped your Vampire, Shapeshifter and Kick Ass Chick cherry?

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  1. Definitely - it was the first book in the Anita Blake series, and it also marked my renewed interest in reading for pleasure.


  2. Mine was Amanda Ashley-back before Vampires were cool. :)SK was the second.

  3. Romance paranormal cherry?
    It was either Linda Lael Miller or Maggie Shayne, I adored both those series as a youngster.

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  5. lol, I don't know why but it just dawned on me that it wasn't really a book that popped my vampire cherry... it was Sesame Street with "Count" Dracula. Yeah I love that guy, he was the first vampire I remember ever falling for, and just thinking they were the most awesomest creatures out. I mean he was pretty smart, had fangs and a cape! Just awesome. And then it was an old movie "Frankenstein & Friends" { the name might be wrong } but yeah again, looooved the vampire, I didn't really read my first vampire/ shapeshifter / paranormal books until I read the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine when I was eight or nine.

    But my actual adult romance that popped my vampire cherry was either a book by Amanda Ashley or Lynsay Sands, can't remember I read them around the same time. The book by Amanda Ashley was called "A Whisper of Eternity" & the Lynsay Sands book that spiraled me & my partner-in-crime, Lula, into a crazy obsession for her work was "Bite Me If You Can."

  6. I read Interview with a vampire as a tween and loved it. But my PNR cherry has to go to SK as well, I read Twilight (which I loved and mocked all at the same time) but full out PNR was Kenyon. I read Acheron first on accident, and then went back and reread all the others.

  7. My first vampire romance was by Nina Bangs and I loved it. Then I got Dark Prince by Christine Feehan and I think she's the one that got me addicted.

  8. My first would be Stephanie Meyer's Twilight books. But the one who got me hooked to 'grown up' and sexy vampires would be JR Ward. She's still a favorite!

  9. My first romance-pnr was Fantasy Lover by Kenyon. I thought it was so strange. Charlaine Harris's, Sookie stackhouse series was my first vamp read.

  10. my first vampire book was Twilight. But there was no kickass heroine. For kickass heroine/shifter it was Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series.It became one of my favorite series.

  11. The Black Dagger Brotherhood not only popped my vampire cherry but wrecked me for other vampires :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  12. Eke. My memory sucks (and not in a good way). But I think I would have to blame Buffy for all the above. She was the bad ass chick who introduced me to vamps and supes. Because of BtVS, I started reading Buffy comics and books when the show was off season, and completely fell in love with PNR!

    Fun post! Thanks!

  13. Hihi popped my cherry, it was, oh you meant books.

    Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, and I was smitten

  14. Oh lord Leontine..

    You are asking me to look back in the dark ages - I can't remember all that...

    Who ever it was - it must have been good.. I am still reading vamps even after all this time..


  15. Christine Feehan's Carpathian series. She had me at lifemate.

  16. Great line up for your V, S and KAC week, Leontine! :)
    Gosh, I really don't know who popped my cherry... I haven't been paying attention. But I remember the last book that had all three in them and it was great: Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner.

  17. Christine Feehan popped my vamp cherry followed closely by J.R. Ward.

    I suppose my shifter cherry could also go to Christine Feehan since her vamps shift...but I'd say Nalini Singh really popped it with her Psy/Changeling series.

    And kick-ass heroines....Patricia Briggs. She was my intro to the whole Urban Fantasy/Kick-ass heroine. And what a welcoming it was!!

    Can't wait for your review of Stacia Kane's series. I bought all her books after KC pimped the hell out of them on Smokin' Hot. She did a damn good job of it too. ;)

  18. My first vampire book was by Nina Bangs.

  19. My first vamp was probably the Count from Sesame Street LOL!

    but my first PNR vamp was WRATH *swoon* from Dark Lover. It was my first romance book.

  20. Many years ago, I read vamp books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Anne Rice, and Fred Saberhagen, but then I stopped completely. Then there was Buffy, but although I adored the show, I never went any further into paranormal books.

    Finally, two years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about a new HBO series with vampires. I didn't have HBO, but I decided to pick up the first book. Thank you Charlaine Harris for reintroducing me to a genre that has given me so much pleasure in the past two years.

  21. Sherrilyn Kenyon because a certain someone *cough*YOU*cough* introduced her books to me via tempting reviews.
    Followed by JR Ward again introduced by that same certain someone ;)

    Being a major wuss I never thought I'd enjoy reading about weres and/or vamps but boy was I wrong there? Still can't watch any movies or TV shows with them but the books I devour!

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