30 September 2010

Interview: Meet Laura Wright and the Roman brothers...

Hi Laura, welcome to my realm. Please take a seat on one of the sofas in my chamber of inquisition *grin* I look around for those swoon-worthy Roman brothers. “Didn’t you bring them along, I would love to meet them!”

Nice chamber, Leontine. Never figured you for a red leather kinda girl. *looks around* This is a Lucian Roman room all the way - just need a rack, some cuffs and a pair of nipple clamps and we’re in business.

Just kidding.

I think

Anyway, the boys promised they’d stop by after their feed, and you don’t want them before they get blood in their gullets – cranky as hell and impossible to control.

“Can I get you anything to drink, something to eat as we talk about your hot and upcoming new series to satisfy our Paranormal Romance hunger?”

Red wine and a little dark chocolate mousse always puts me in the mood to talk hot paranormal goodness!

My curios mind wants to be set free so let’s start this inquisition…erm…interview *smiles*

Q 1: Since ETERNAL HUNGER is book one in your trilogy could you tell us a bit about it and introduce us to those Roman brothers?

ETERNAL HUNGER is about the Roman brothers, three Pureblood vampires who many years ago left their abusive families and their species to live a free life. They want nothing to do with their old life or the rulers of the breed, and for many years they’ve lived in peace. Until one day, Alexander Roman is sent to his knees, sent through morpho – the maturation of all Pureblood male vampires - before his time. The rulers of their breed, The Eternal Order, need Alexander and his brothers to bring down a great threat to Purebloods. At first the brothers refuse, but The Order has ways of getting what they want..

“Damn right they do. Controlling bastards.”

In walks Alexander, followed by Nicholas and Lucian. All three are tall, broad and sick-as-hell gorgeous.

Laura smiles at them. “Gentlepaven (the word for Pureblood male vampire) this is Leontine.”

Each brother drops into one of Leontine’s red leather chairs and trains their fierce gazes on their hostess.

Oh gawd, guys, if you could see me now! I’m in heaven. “Please, Alexander, Nicholas, Lucian, have a seat. Preferably next to me!” *grin*

Q 2: What was your greatest writing challenge in setting up this vampire series?

Trying to write as fast as my brain spits out story.

“Please,” Alexander says with a smirk. “Her writing challenge was trying not to ‘take breaks’ during certain scenes between Sara and I.”

Nicholas raises a dark brow. “That’s not a mental picture I should be having.”

“Looks pretty fucking good to me,” Lucian mutters, tossing a shit-eating grin at Laura.

Laura turns her attention to Leontine. “Moving on. Please.”

Q 3: What do you think is the appeal of the vampire archetype and who are some of your favorite vampires ever?

“To me, the appeal of vampires is all about –“

“We’ll either kiss you or kill you,” Alexander says bluntly, then winks at Leontine. “If you’re into that kind of thing.”

“Fuck kissing,” Lucian says. “We’ll either drain you or screw you. Maybe both if there’s time.”

“There is no appeal,” Nicholas says, his dark eyes pinned on Leontine. “We’re animals. Who would want that between their thighs much less in their heart?”

Laura throws up her hands. Clearly, it’s impossible to control them. Leontine wants to know Laura’s favorite vampire of all time – all 3 boys look at her – shit…

“Besides the Roman brothers, I’d have to say, SPIKE. “

Lucian snorts at this. “Pussy.”

Alexander and Nicholas laugh. “He’s just pissed because the guy stole his look.”

Lucian bares his fangs at this brothers, his white blond a shock next to the red leather.

Q 4: What are the key ingredients in your series for the

Laura holds up her hand. “I’m answering this one!”

The Romans sit back and chill out for a moment.

• Hot romance: Emotion, emotion, emotion and no filter!

• Intriguing plot: Danger, emotion, characters who need each other to survive, opposing goals that slowly become fused into a common goal.

• Engaging characters: Humor, no filter again, lust, anger, fear, internal conflicts that resonate.

“Good answers,” Nicholas remarks. “Thoughtful and passionate.”

Alexander and Lucian nod in agreement.

As if Laura cares what they think.

Q 5: How long does it approximately take you to write a novel and what do you do when the going gets rough? Anything I can offer to do? Bake double chocolate chip cookies? Make Crème Brule as a sinful nightly dessert? Send one of my three Beefcake bar tenders to you, or send them all, to use as you see fit *wink*

“God, I love it here. Can I stay for a few weeks? A month? “

“When the going gets rough,” (She looks at the boys. They’re watching at her in a protective, almost soft way. Cleary, they can be real shits sometimes, but at their core they totally have her back) “I have another cup of coffee, crank the jam, and plow through it because my guys have had a hard go of it – real torturous histories - and I want them to get theirs, you know? They deserve a HEA.

“What the hell’s a HEA?” Alexander demands.

“Happy Ever After,” Nicholas informs them, then shrugs and adds, “I read, okay? Shit,” when his brothers look at him like he’s fucking nuts.

“You can give my happy ever after to some other blood sucker,” Lucian says tightly. “I’m good.”

Laura stares at him for a moment, a little sadly. He’s so closed, so angry.

Q 6: We would love to know about the quirks of an author. Do you have conversations with your characters? Do you get inspired in your dreams? Do you need everything in a certain order on your desk? Don’t hold back and reveal them all, we can keep a secret!

I need coffee and I need tunes. Sometimes it’s Prince, sometimes it’s the theme from Avatar.

“Oh, Christ, tell them what you did for HUNGER,” Alexander prompts.

Nicholas chuckles darkly, even Lucian cracks a smile.

Laura looks sheepish. “Well, it’s kind of psychotic actually, but I listened to the theme song from Avatar over and over and over for 2 weeks straight as I wrote all day. I just kept pushing rewind. Over and over. It fueled me, even the 1000th time I listened to it. It was weird. Also, the shower is where I go when I can’t figure out my next move.

Alexander snorts and Nicholas grins as though they know she has something else I do in the shower.

Cheeky bastards.

Q 7: Where do you like to take your characters as an author before they reach a happily ever after? Do you like to emotionally like to torture them before they get a little happy time, or do they need to overcome great obstacles, or all of the above?

Laura jumps in before they do. “Yeah, relax back on those red leather chairs boys!”

“I like to torture my heroes BIGTIME. What’s the point if life before and now is all pretty and carefree? Why would you care or route for them at all? My heroes come into this life as pariahs and remain that way until they meet the one person who forces them to deal with their shit.”

Q 8: How do you prepare to write the sexy times in your stories? Candlelight and reading the Kama Sutra, you let yourself be led by the chemistry of the characters or something entirely different?

“Honestly, it comes out of the character’s emotion – anger, lust, frustration – it all fuels a sexual firestorm. I don’t need candlelight, but music works well, like Neo or Prince. Also, to keep things fresh in the writing department, I read erotica; Joey Hill, 5 minute Erotica, Robin (the genius) Schone!”

Alexander nodded at Nicholas. “That’s the one were the sheik male teaches the woman…”

Nicholas cursed. “I knew you’d read that.”

Q 9: I just have to know! If I would sit at a bar and any of the Roman brothers would, you know, think I’m hot and they would be single, what would their ‘come-on’ line be? Hey, I think it can happen, my avatar screams hot chick…right?

Laura laughs and gesturse at the guys. “Take it away, boys.”

• Alexander flashes his fangs, a sort of grin – “No lines. Not my kind of thing. But I would like to know if you wear those glasses all the time.. you know, even when you know your going to get hot, and sweaty...”

 Nicholas sneers at this. “Christ.”

Lucian is staring at Leontine, his eyes as hard as his--

 “Lucian?” I ask. “Pick up line?

He stands and mutters a terse, “Fuck this.” Then walks out of the chamber.

Laura shrugs. “Sorry. What can I say? I love that stubborn asshole something awful, but he’s never been a team player.”

Q 10: Would you whet our appetites with a tantalizing (short-ish) excerpt of ETERNAL HUNGER? We book-addicts love the tease *grin*

Alexander’s skin blazed with a sudden and intense heat. It had to be forty degrees at most in the tunnels and yet his body burned as though it had been pitched into the epicenter of a forest fire. Sara. Paradise and hell pressed sweetly against his cock and his chest. His arms tightened around her. She was everything; his desire, his tormentor, his sparring partner and his savior, and if he was going to burn for this, so be it.

He pulled his head back and found her mouth again, kissed her hard and furious and hungry, tasting the sweetness of her and something else he couldn’t describe but that made his cock weep at the tip. He prayed to all who looked down upon him that he could control his need for her blood; that her mouth and her eyes, her words and her honey-sweet cunt could satiate him enough not to go for her vein.

In his history, mating and feeding had never gone together; one was for pleasure, the other for sustenance. With Sara, that custom was for shit. He wanted both, he wanted his cock inside her while he suckled from the spot below her left breast.

On a growl, he eased away, looked at her with her back against the wall, her face tipped up to him, her long lashes fluttering, her blueberry eyes heavy with lust. She was so beautiful, his heart ached to have her – to claim her - completely and always. He smiled at her then, and when she smiled back, he reached for her unbuttoned shirt and splayed the material wide, pulling it down off her shoulders. Then he dropped his head and cut the fastening of her bra with his fangs. Sara’s breasts sprung free, the large, perfect globes lifting and lowering with each breath she took. Alexander stared with shameless hunger at her nipples, pink and rigid. They called to him, as a grown paven and as a balas who had never been allowed the closeness and care of his mother’s bosom. Her sweet tits begged him to suckle, and he did, drawing on the hard tip, flicking one with his tongue while his fingers played at her other breast.

Sara moaned, arched against him, gripped his scalp with her fingers. “Feel me,” she whispered, taking his hand and placing it between her legs. “Feel what you do to me. How ready I am...”

She was hot and damp, even through the heavy jean fabric. Alexander nearly lost it. His cock strained, pre-cum beading at the head, desperate to find its way into the hot tunnel of her body. He yanked at her jeans, the zipper, pulling the whole mess down to her ankles, growling as she quickly stepped out of the unwanted fabric and stood naked and glorious before him. His mouth found hers again as his hand slid between her thighs. He palmed her, held her in his hand, cursing at the feeling of hot, wet curls tickling his skin. He couldn’t help himself. He let one finger slip between her lips, run lazily over her clit, then slide home, so deep into her cunt her body jerked and she sucked in a breath. Oh, God. To be here, he thought, to be buried here for days...

“The guards,” she uttered against his mouth, reaching between their bodies for his erection.

Fuck. Alexander moaned, pumping himself against her hand as he slipped another finger inside her. “They will not. Our scent will keep them away. No male would approach another male during mating, and if they tried, it would be their death.”

“I want you.” Sara reached behind his shaft, cupping his balls. “Now. Inside me.”

Alexander released a feral cry. He could take no more of this play. He lifted her up and placed her down on the head of his cock. The hot slide into her cunt was pure unimaginable pleasure and his fangs lengthened and pulsed with an all new flash of desire to feed – like nothing he’d ever experienced before. For a moment, he just held her there, closed his eyes, fought for control over his hunger and let her muscles clench around him. “We’re going to hell for this,” he uttered against her neck, her vein that throbbed with life.

“Good,” she said, clinging to him. “I love to sweat.” 

You can find Laura Wright:
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The avatars for Alexander / Nicholas and Lucian are created by Trish

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  1. Loved, loved, loved the interview ladies, oh, and yes, you too, men! *grins* You sound like quite the handfuls, and I LOVE handfuls! *giggles*

    I had already added this series to my TBR based on Leontine's fab review, but after reading that extremely HAWT excerpt, they just moved up the list!

    I've also learned that maybe the Avatar theme song sends subliminal messages? LOL! *runs off to iTunes* I always love to read what inspires authors to create the worlds and characters that they do!

    Great job ladies!

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    @Picky - Did you see your amazing art work, all those beyond SEXY portraits of the boys? Thank you so much for your support. It was such a blessing to find you:-)

    @Blodeuedd - I let the boys pick out the excerpt, and well - that's what we get:-) Thanks for coming by!!

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  7. @Marissa - Yes, fanning one's self is a daily occurrence around here:-) I'm sure the boys would be thrilled to hear that got you...er, um.. weak and willing? :-)

    @VFG - Hey girl! I'm so glad this X-cerpt tickled your curiosity bone:-) Thanks for coming by!!

  8. @Tanya - Can you imagine the blast I had doing this interview! Eternal Hunger is full of the good stuff, including the smexing *cheeky grin*

    @Pickyme - Oh I gobbled up this series like fine belgium chocolate, it's just as addictive :)) BTW, I need to credit you for the images *eek* I thought for sure it was Laura's imagination gone visual :))

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    @VFG - YAY I'm so glad you loved the interview and the excerpt. I never grow tired of reading the excerpt ;)

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