18 October 2010

Party + Giveaway: Calling all Tairen lovers to teach Tairen newbies…

To all those who know what ‘Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah shei’tani’ means…
To all who witnessed the courtship of a Tairen Soul…
To all who draw red at the sight of Vadim Maur…
And to those who highly anticipate the conclusion of the Tairen Soul series…
You are wanted to guide those who are still unaware but fascinated to the world of the Tairen.

In a mere eight days Crown Of Crystal Flame will be released and various peeps tweeted on twitter that they haven’t heard about or read this series *gasps in shock* I saw it as an opportunity to one; Have a release party *grin* and two: Bring together those who love this series to teach those who want to know more about the Tairen Soul series. Then I got to thinking, who would be available of the fey to teach our newbies their first lesson?

That’s when I found Gaelen and Belliard available to explain a bit about being a Lu’tan:

Gaelen and Belliard discuss….

Gaelen and Belliard you are the first and second Lu’tan of your Fey’reisa. If it would please you both could you each tell us 5 things about the Fey behind the blood sworn Lu’tan?

Bel : There is no greater honor than serving as a lu’tan, a bloodsworn champion, to the Feyreisa. I willingly and joyously offer up my life for hers and dedicate myself to her protection, in this life and in the death that follows until the Gods call me back to my next life.
Gaelen (glances at Bel): The honor is great, aiyah, but I for one don’t intend to fulfill my oath in death for a long time yet. There are still too many Eld in need of killing, (grins evilly) and I am all too happy to help them greet the Darkness they serve face-to-face.
Bel (sighs): You do love to act so fierce and bloodthirsty.
Gaelen (snorts): It’s no act. Besides, you feel the same.
Bel: Oh, aiyah. But I don’t run around beating my chest and bragging about it. I just slit throats and move on.
Gaelen: Fear is a weapon as sharp as your sword. Did your chatok never teach you that? Mine did. Shannisorran v’En Celay knew the value of instilling fear in the enemy. You weren’t born at the time—I was just a small boy—but I grew up with the legends of Lord Death. All he had to do, they said, was step on a battlefield, and the half the enemy lost control of their bowels.
Bel (rolls eyes): And you believed that?
Gaelen: Every word.
Bel (sobering): Truly?
Gaelen: Truly. Even after his met his shei’tani, he saved all his kindness for her. The man had a look that would freeze your blood in your veins, and his way with a sword…well, let’s just say I’ve never seen his like since. Probably never will again.
Bel (snorts in disbelief): You mean there was a Fey born better with a sword than you? And you admit it?
Gaelen (shrugs): When it comes to Lord Death, there’s no shame in admitting he could best me. Indeed, if he were still alive and we met today, I’ll wager even now he could wipe the floor with me.
Bel: It’s a shame he died in the Wars, then. We could use another swift blade.
Gaelen: Aiyah. (breathes deeply, then smiles.) But you and I aren’t too bad a substitute.
Bel (raises brows): You and I? You mean you include me in your exalted company as a swordsmaster of reknown?
Gaelen (sniffs and examines fingernails): You have some small skill.
Bel (laughs): My head swells with all these compliments.
Gaelen: I could still best you, handily, of course.
Bel (still laughing): If it pleases you to think it, by all means, cling to your illusion. But one day, vel Serranis, we may just put it to the test.
Gaelen (grinning evilly): I am at your service, vel Jelani. Just say the word.
Bel: Well, then… (pulls his swords free; cobalt eyes flare with challenge; teeth flash in a predator’s grin)…Word.

I first met Belliard in Lord Of The Fading Lands and he had me at this moment:

Bel to Elly: "The gift is more than what it appears. As with all Fey courtship gifts, it is also a symbol. The deeper and more layered the meanings, the finer the gift. Rain has given you his magic Kem' falla, the essence of himself. An eternal fivefold weave of it, embraced forever in a fragile Celierian vessel. Strength wedded to vulnerability, magic to mortal craft, him to you. it sings so many different songs. It is a very fine gift, indeed."

Belliard sings a very unique song to my romantic heart and claimed it from the get-go. Now Gaelen, oh Gaelen *deep sigh* is the tormented fey if I ever saw one. A bad-boy with his own kind of honor burning in his heart and I couldn’t resist him. He conquered his place forever!

Now next to many excellent characters you will meet in the Tairen series, the beautiful or stark settings you will get to visit there is also a Tairen who can make me chuckle, smile and laugh out loud at many given moments...

It is Steli who found me too and wanted to say a few things.

Tairen Steli talks about Steli….

Q: Steli, Can you grace us mortals in telling us a 5 things about yourself?

1: Grrrowl…Steli is chakai, First Blade of the Fey’Bahren pride, very fierce.

2: Steli loves Ellysetta-kitling. Though Ellysetta-kitling looks like Fey-kin and has not yet found her song, she smells much tairen. Ellysetta-kitling does not yet know the ways of the pride, but Steli will teach. Steli is good teacher.

3: Steli’s song is brave and fierce and free. She loves to fly and hunt. She has no mate—she needs none—but if Ellysetta-kitling can save the pride, perhaps one day there will yet be a tairen born worthy to be mate of Steli-chakai.

4: Steli love to swim in Tairen’s Bay and dry her wings and fur beneath the heat of the Great Sun. Steli remembers before, when the pride was strong and the tairen many, the makai would lead the Fey’Bahren pride across the Fading Lands to the waters of Tairen’s Bay. Much was there to eat and long the days of play, and tairen would fill the skies with the fire and song of their mating flights. Too long has it been since the pride flew to the waters there, but one day—when Ellysetta-kitling saves our young—we will return.

5: Steli does not like knocking! Not at all!

Giveaway: Thanks to the generosity of Cheryl I have awesome prizes to give away:

(1) Complete set of Tairen Soul novels, collector cards, + Fading Lands T-shirt

(2) copy of Crown Of Crystal Flame, collector cards, Steli mug

What you can do: What I would love you to do is take the Tairen Soul badge to spread the word about this amazing release and post it on your blog/facebook/forum board. In the event you don't have a blog but do have a twitter account, twitter the following: Come join the Tairen Soul party where I'm a teacher /or student to an awesome series http://www.leontine1976.blogspot.com/

Leontine’s Book Realm

If you have a preference for a certain prize, say so in your comment.
This giveaway is open internationally and the winner will be announced on October 26th!

Now I’m not the only one who is passionate about this series and I’d like for everyone who has read this series to comment and tell (without spoiling) the tairen newbies what they absolutely need to know heading in to this series. Let us spread the force of the Tairen Soul *grin*

My tip would be; Buy Lord Of the Fading Lands and Lady Of Light And Shadow together. Reading them consecutively will give you a fantastic taste of this series and allows you to really submerge in this world.

Let me leave you with a quote that made me shiver in delight:

C.L. Wilson – Queen Of Song And Souls:

Quote Rain:
Spirit spun from his fingers in wild waves, and the river around them blazed with fiery light. Hands, teeth, tongues, lips, wings, talons, spirit bodies – both fey and Tairen – caressed and tormented her, claimed and plundered. Gone was the gentle lover. He poured out upon her his magic, his essence, the blazing need of his soul, the primal core of him that existed when all else was stripped away; pure, dominant, male energy, unyielding and fierce, aggressor and defender, protector and conqueror, the darkness to her light. Ours, his Tairen hissed. She is ours. Our mate. Our female. Our pride.

Website C.L. Wilson - Countdown Release party - the amazing Tairen Soul cover artist is Judy York

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  1. I have never had the pleasure of reading anything from this author. But this does sound like a lovely series!


  2. Leontine - this could not have been a more timely post! This weekend I was looking over my "want to try" list and the Tairen Soul series is on it. I was going to send you an e-mail (because I thought I remembered you being a fan) asking some questions about the series to decide if I think I'd like it - now you know I'm going to stalk this post looking for info :)

  3. Enter me please ..
    I added the badge on my sidebar

    raluk.93 at gmail (dot) com

  4. Here's the link : http://booktopiasign.blogspot.com/

  5. Oh, how could I possibly express my love for the Tairen Soul series in words? Love, love, love!!!

    A brief description on my personal summary of the series: a romanticized Lord of the Rings - an unforgettable cast of characters that you will adore, a fantastic new world that sweeps you off your feet, an epic plot that leaves you begging for more, and a love story that will have you (along with any other hopeless romantics) sighing with pleasure.

    Honestly, the Tairen Soul series is - without a doubt - one of the best I have ever read. Now, with a week until the release of the final book, I have complete faith in CL Wilson's ability to deliver a worthy conclusion. As I described on the author's blog when she asked what we would like to see happen in the final book, I had so many darn things I simply concluded with "the perfect Happily Ever After ending."

    Posted: Twitter @ Patterson1219 =)


  6. Kristen - Once you enter this world and meet these characters you're bound to fall in lurv with them ;)

    @PinkStuff28 - Spreading the Tairen love YAY

    @Patterson1219 - *waves to fellow Tairen lover* I'm starting CoCF tonight and I'm hearing lots of good stuff about the fantastic ending! But I love the journey just as much, it maes the ending all the more meaningful!

  7. I dont know how the badge works, so I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Lucy73/statuses/27756550978

  8. @Lucy - You can copy and paste the code underneath the badge image in to a new sidebar element on your blog called HTML/Javascript and place it on your blog :)

  9. I love the Tairen Soul series, it has everything in it - Love, hate, evil, betrail, joy, sorrow, suspence, hope, ect... I'm on my third reread right now. You catch somthing new every time. I can bairly waite for the 26th for Crown of Crystal Flame. I sighnd up for a blog account just to get on C.L. Wilsons blog. I have put the "Come join the Tairen Soul badge to spread the word" on my blog at http://tatefamilyblog.blogspot.com/

  10. I'd like to put my hand up for:
    (2) copy of Crown Of Crystal Flame, collector cards, Steli mug

    I've got a post ready for tomorrow on my blog, flashing the badge and ofcourse, promoting Crown Of Crystal Flame! I've had the pleasure of reading the first 3 books, the fourth is on my next to read list in awaiting this release.

    For those who are new to this series and are going to start: You are so lucky to have the whole series still laying ahead of you!!!

  11. I'm not sure how to cut or past anything. I'm soooo computer illiterate it's not even funny! The only things that I have down pat are e-mail and facebook so I posted there.
    These books are the absolute best! I just happened to stumble upon Lord of the Fading Lands and quickly became addicted. I'm almost salivating at the thought of the final book coming out. I just can't wait to see how Miss Cheryl resolves it all! If you love fantasy, magic, and romance these books are for you! :0)

  12. I posted it on my blog side, does that work? Cos yeah I am in! Only nr 1 for me though.

    Poor newbie here, I do have book ..but have not read it *hangs head in shame*

  13. How do you set up a blog?

    I've tried to twitter & but my e-mail must be too old--I have had my e-mail address like for over 10 years does any one else out there still have their swbell.net e-mail--but it tells me my e-mail is not recognizable. I am making a poster & will see if the Library will let me post it announcing the arrival of the Crown of Crystal Flame.

  14. lol I need to know the ending because I have a poem written but it needs a last verse.

    Love Love Love this series. Actually I think Leontine and I met through it. I'm pimping it to everyone. Bank tellers, ppl in the gym, my boss you name it I tell them


    Bek 74

  15. I love the Tairen Soul series!! It is, in a word, epic. There's powerful magic, aerial battles, highly overprotective males, and overwhelmingly lovely chivalry. You won't regret picking it up!

    I tweeted about the post here, and I'd love to have set #2, please. :)

  16. I absolutley love this story. I started reading it when it came out and ever since then everytime I read the books I'm transported into the Fading Lands. I can close my eyes and picture every detail and emotion. This is the best romance story every written!!! If you haven't read it and are in the process of reading a different book. PUt that book down and go buy all 4 books!! Because once you finish reading LOFL you will start reading LOLS. You will wish you had the next book ready to go!!
    YOu can see my link here. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1817428029

  17. Evelina Diaz
    - evediaz_2000@yahoo.com

    Sorry, I got carried away and forgot to put my email.!!

  18. This series is absolutely wonderful! C.L. Wilson creates a beautiful, magical world that is also home to a unique and mysterious pride of tairen. I could gush about this series a ton more if it werent 3:30am, lol. However, since im about dead asleep, I'll just say that if you havent read it you are missing out on a truly wonderful world.
    I highly recommend this series to any who havent read it. I love fantasy romance novels, and this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite series... ever!!
    my facebook page:

    oh, ps. preference is #2. I have the rest of the novels, so I'd prefer to let someone else get that wonderful prize.

  19. I've heard about this series before and it sounds like something I'd read, then I stumbled across your post and it sounds even more wonderful!

    I'd love #1 please. I tweeted about it here http://twitter.com/AdiiLin/status/27815095070. Thanks for such a great giveaway! :)

  20. My advice to the newbies is to clear your schedule, and make sure you have all of the books--you won't want to take the time to go to the bookstore between books, lol! This series will suck you in and you will end up borderline obsessed with your only thoughts being, "OMG what's going to happen next!?!?" You'll race to the finish of each book and then wish you had read it slower to make the story last longer.

    I promoted the release of CoCF and added a link to this blog on my facebook page at facebook.com/darcycarlile

    I don't have a preference on which prize. I would be exceedingly happy with either.


  21. Oh wow!! So many times have I saw books from this series on Amazon while I was searching for something else. I wonder why I never stopped to really read what they're all about. Yes, I know..*head desk*.

    This series sounds RIGHT up my alley!! The phrases that you've included really appeal to my appreciation and love of writing that is very descriptive, sweeping us away on an amazing world building adventure! Add to the mix that steamy excerpt of dominant hotness -- and well let's just say I'm sold! :)

    And apparently @Darcy Jo agrees that this is a great series as well! :)

    This sounds both similar and very different from Kathryn Kennedy's series. Is it?

    This sounds fantastic Leontine.. then again, you always lead me to some amazing stories! *hugs* You lead, I follow! *giggles*

    Thanks for the opportunity in the giveaway! I posted your badge (very cute) and also tweeted (but can't find my RSS feed on the new twitter to leave a link, at 6:45 in the morning!). I'll tweet again later too!


  22. I am such a huge fan of this series! I have been hooked on this series before it even came out, I was completely taken away with the teaser in the back of one of my Christine Feehan books, so I marked it out it on my calendar and bought it right when it came out. For the newbies: If you love sweeping romance, epic battles, a fantastic world, unique characters and a series of books that will reach out and grab you and doesn't want to let you go, then this is the series for you.

    I have posted this on my myspace blog. Here is the link: http://blogs.myspace.com/ice_83. FYI: I would love to win Crown of Crystal Flame, the collector cards and the Steli mug.

  23. I forgot my email: book_lover6983@yahoo.com

  24. I've always wanted to read this series but never got around to it. I'm going to have to know because I have heard nothing but great things about it!

    I am entering for Giveaway #1 please.

    I posted utton on sidebar of blog:


  25. This series is new to me. I've heard wonderful things!

  26. I'm one of those who've never read this series...
    So, this is my chance, I'm adding the button to my sidebar to enter the giveaway!

  27. I am on book 3 and love them!! There are many things I would like to know how they will end, but I don't know how to write it without spoiling for others. I would like prize 1 because I've been getting the books at the library (on a waiting list for them) and would love to have my own set. Thanks


  28. I don't have a blog, facepage or twitter so I can't link to any source for further electronic cheer leading. But I love, love, love this series. I discovered it totally by accident when the first LOFL showed up on mu grocery store book shelf and I was hooked. The book accompanied me just about everywhere until I lost it on a bus trip then panic set in. I had a horrible time finding a replacement. I hope whoever found it enjoyed it and was hooked as well. Now I have hard copies, e-copies and even recorded copies (the first two) just so I am never without them.

  29. I'm working on book three, myself, but I absolutely *love* this series. When I first read it, I thought it was misfiled. It *should* be on the fantasy shelves. This is what the fantasy genre should be. Fantasy, romance, wahtever. I love it, adore Ms. Wilson. And very much look forward to seeing what Gaelen gets up to in this book, and of course, everything Ms. Wilson does in the future. :)

    I have a signed copy of the third book, :) but please enter me in the first giveaway. email addy: sistertyme-at-yahoo.com

  30. Forgot to mention (was salivating over Rain and Ellie here.;)) I added your lovely banner to my sidebar). http://julismapsroom.blogspot.com

  31. I still have not found out how to blog but I finally did get it posted on the walls of Facebook to lots of the people & relatives that I know. I figured out how to do the link & everything. You are never too old to work technology it just takes you a little longer.

    I am really into collector cards & would love to have a set of Tairen Soul Cards.

  32. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I had only opportunity to read first book but I loved it and now I'm yearning for more :)

    I'm very interested in prize pack #1

    Unfortunately I could only tweet, I hope you don't mind:

    judittten at gmail dot com

  33. I'm reading QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS now, hoping CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME arrives soon. Very soon.

    This series is so engaging! I've been in tears, then smugly satisfied, I've laughed out loud, then been enraged at an injustice, I've wanted to bitch-slap a few people… The list goes on and on.

    So newbies, go buy! This series is totally worth reading! (At least it is halfway through book 4, lol.)

    (I mentioned this on Twitter.)

  34. Wow thanks for the giveaway! I hope to get a set of the collectors cards. This series is the best of the best and I recommend it to all of my friends. I posted your badge on my facebook so all could enjoy! Lots of luck peoples!

  35. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love love love to win either of those prize packs although #1 would be my pick if I had to choose.

    This series is AMAZING and I absolutely can't wait to read this latest novel. I almost envy anyone just starting this series and getting to meet Elly and Raine for the first time. CL Wilson created a beautiful, exciting, and magical world for this romantic fantasy series, a world I can't wait to return to!

    I gladly added your button to my blog. http://happy-booker.blogspot.com


  36. Since i haven't read about the series before, I'm entering prize #1, please :)

    i tweeted : http://twitter.com/becunique/status/28008624149

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  37. I love this series, I love the fact that it is a great romance with a great plot. I love that while it is a great romance, I don't have entire chapters of sex to skip over to get back to the story!

    My advice it buy them all because you won't want to put them down!

    I blogged about the series and added the button to the post :)

  38. Emerse yourself in the awsome story that takes place in the Fading Lands, and escape to a world of Fantasy. The adrinaline inducing HOTT Scenes are a great plus to a great read!

    Tweeted @lyzzibug


  39. Girl, your passion for romance bowls me over sometimes. If I were an author, I'd be so honored to have you on my side. You rock!!

    On to the Tairen. I read the first two series installments when they were released and I've yet to get back into the world. Enough time has lapsed now that I feel the need to go back for a reread. Gawd! To have more hours in the day!!! My next TBR month will definitely have to revolve around completeing my read of this amazing series. Thanks for reminding me, Leontine, and for inspiring me. (((hugs)))

  40. I love this series and can barely wait less than a week to read Crown.

    I tweeted but do not know how to link it here (just a kittling when it comes to twitter.

    I would gladly have either set of prizes, thanks!

    Mary M., USA

    emmasmom at wi dot rr dot com

  41. I've posted on my twitter for the contest. I really want the set of books.

  42. I posted the widget on my blog. I have not read this series. Sounds great.


  43. Love the Tairen, Fey and the World C.L. Wilson has created! I am more than happy to spread the word!

    miora felah ti' Fey and Tairen!

    beylah vo.


  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. @Lucy - You can copy and paste the code underneath the badge image in to a new sidebar element on your blog called HTML/Javascript and place it on your blog :)

    I did it! Thanks for your help!


  46. Cheyenne WilkersonOctober 24, 2010 at 3:27 AM

    Hell yeah for C.L. Wilson and the Tairen!!!!
    I will gladly post the badge on my Facebook and other forms since I don't have a Twitter.

    Too all of you noobs, got a question just ask me ^_^ especially about Gaelen and Bel. I claim them as mine. Lol

  47. Also have a blog up so if you want to come chat about LOTFL just head on over kk ^_-

  48. Really people any questions just go to my blog and ask and I'll tell you the answer if I know it ^___^

    Only three days left!!!! Booo freaking yeah!!!!! You're amazing Cheryl!!

  49. Hello All-
    I just wanted to stop in and say a little something...this series is Amazing! I was instantly sucked into the world of the Fey, the characters are wonderful, and the suspense/romance/adventure flows perfectly!I can't wait to read the new one! I also posted the link/badge to my facebook and I would be stoked to win Anything! But (1) Set of Tairen Soul novels and?or Fading Lands T-shirt would be Great!
    beylah vo

  50. I'm a little curious but when does the contest end?

  51. @ Fallenkitsune

    Kitsune's are amazing ^^ I love Japanese culture and language too ^_- but the contest ends tomorrow.

  52. Since I haven't read the series yet, I would like to win the prize #1.

    Posted badge on my blog sidebar: http://fictionkingdom.blogspot.com/


  53. I love the series. I have just been reading Crown of Crystal Flame for the second time and am haunting C. L. Wilson's website, because my burning question now is: is there more coming? I would especially like to find out what happened to Melliandra. I think a series of novels or short stories pairing off all the secondary characters would be lovely.

    Unfortunately the last post on C. L. Wilson's news page is dated 2009 :-(


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