18 November 2010

Getting acquainted with Karen Moning's FEVER series & read-along @ Fiction Vixen

When I read the announcement that Mandi, Tori & Fiction Vixen were going to do a read along of the FEVER series and have discussions of the books I was in doubt. Would I, Should I but most of all, could I? These last 6 weeks I’ve turned in to a tortoise reader and I have a few requests I still need to read and review. But then I thought about it and I realized how long ago it was since I read Darkfever. I’m one of the peeps who’ve read every single Fever book in its release week, so that means I read Darkfever in 2006 o_0 I’m definitely in need of a refresher course ASAP. So I decided to hop on the reread/along train and go for it.

When I thought about rereading the series I realized I didn’t have to review it anymore but could write down some of the juice parts/quotes I would find in each Fever book. I will grab every opportunity to celebrate the awesome writer Karen Moning is, how much I adore the characters and world she has given me to visit over and over again. Of course I was curious and I had to reread my review of Darkfever as well and OMG, I was suddenly confronted again with my state of mind after reading it! I wanted a Dageus-type hero, I wanted scorching sexing, I wanted sweep-off-my-feet romance and Karen Moning gave me something else…

A large part of what my first, frantic reaction to Darkfever was:

My review in 2006: Ok, this book should come with a warning! Or maybe it's already out there and I just didn't pick it up. Have you ever read the previous books of Karen Moning and expect the same? Well, forget it! Longing for a delicious dark Fae or Highlander as a hero? Dig up your magnifying glass. Do you want romance, passion and plundering bodies? Give the snooze button another hit! For Karen Moning turns into another direction and yet you read an original Moning story all the way!!

Mackayla is an average 22 year old with normal wants and needs, but with one phone call her life takes a dramatic turn. Her sister and best friend Alina was murdered in Ireland and she leaves Mackayla a message which doesn't make sense. It doesn't take long for Mac to decide to go to Ireland and figure out what her sister tried to tell her.

With this first book in the FEVER series Karen Moning takes us further into the realm of the Tuathé de Danaan, the Seelie and Unseelie. From the very first page I wandered into Mackayla's world, feeling her emotions, despair, andgrief, but also her determination to find that what destroyed her sisters light. With every page the suspense is building up, question's rise with Mac as she develops a new perspective of the world and you hope that she finds her answers. V'Lane and Barrons make me want more. V'Lane as a death-by-sex Fae (God I love that expression of Mac) makes a woman throb for everything a male body has to offer (How can Karen Moning do this to us!! I wanted plundering wild passion and hungry devouring bodies as only she can write it. She puts us on a diet and ladies, I'm starving!) Then there is Barrons, he's so mysterious about who he is and Karen Moning gives us just a few hints of information, talk about torture!!!

All my comments on this book is given with a wink because with her unique and rich writing style Karen Moning gives us an Urban Fantasy novel of world class and although I missed the romance aspect a little bit she fills it up with an amazing fast paced story, an incredible heroine and a quest of mega proportion's in a world that's just not the same anymore.

I've closed this book that left me wanting for more and now I'll eagerly await the release of Blood Fever!

4 stars

Without further ado I will give you the quotes I picked from DARKFEVER *grin*

At first I thought Mac to be a carefree girl and I really feared I might not relate to her. Since it was all written from the 1st person it is pivotal to get that connection or else much is lost for me. Next is a quote that made me feel that first connection with Mac. I have a similar relationship with my sister and could relate to all Mac felt:

Quote Mac – Those weeks remain forever foggy to me. I wept the entire time, vision and memory blurred by tears. My tears were involuntary. My soul was leaking. Alina wasn’t just my sister; she was my best friend.
The next is what made me laugh so much:

Tuatha Dé -> Mac’s version: too-ah-day

Another one?


Sinsar Dubh -> Mac’s version: shi-sadu

One more :)

Side-seer -> Mac’s version: She-seer

Also one of the most frequent phrases of Mac is Petunia which means ass. She and her sister were taught not to cuss so they created code words for it.

Alright, on the next quote.

Aahhhhh it’s a good one – “and then we meet Jericho Barrons”:
The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him. About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. I couldn’t pinpoint his nationality any more than I could his accent; some kind of European crossed with Old World Mediterranean or maybe an ancestor with dark Gypsy blood. He wore an elegant, dark grey Italian suit, a crisp white shirt, and a muted patterned tie. He wasn’t handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood.
Aren’t you a puddle of want after reading this cause I certainly was.

Another quote from Mac which triggered a grin from me:
Mythological race? Dark King? Magic? Was this all some kind of joke? Alina didn’t get into woo-woo stuff anymore than I did. We both loved to read and watch the occasional movie, but we always went for the run-of-the-mill mysteries, thrillers, or romantic comedies, none of the bizarre paranormal stuff. Vampires? Eew. Dead. Enough said. Time-travel? Ha, give me creature comforts over a hulking highlander with the manners of a caveman any day. Werewolves? Oh please, just plain stupid. Who wants to get it on with a man who’s ruled by his inner dog? As if all men aren’t anyway, even without the lycanthrope genre.
Uhm, what can I say, I felt slightly disconnected to Mac when she ranted about a highlander with the manners of a caveman – I would so go for that. Anyone else besides me?

I hear many talk about Jericho Barrons but on page 154 – “Hello V’Lane” *rowr*
Even today, after all that I’ve seen, I couldn’t begin to describe V’Lane, prince of the Tuathe Dé Danaan. There are some things that are simply immense, too rich to be contained in words. This is the best that I can offer; imagine a tall, powerful mighty archangel, frighteningly male, terrifyingly beautiful. Then paint him the most exquisite shades of chestnut, bronze, and gold you can possibly imagine. Give him a mane shimmering with strands of cinnamon gilded by sunlight, skin of tawny velvet, and eyes of liquid amber, kissed by molten gold.. The Fae was unutterably beautiful.
And the last quote is another one of Mac’s quirky humor I love so much:
We’ve got to find the Sinsar Dubh, Alina had said. Everything depends on it. What depended on it? I had a sinking feeling the answer to that question was one of those Fate-of-the-World things. I didn’t do Fate-of-the-World things. That wasn’t in my job description. I poured drafts and mixed drinks, wiped counters and washed glasses. After work I swept up.
After reading DARKFEVER for the second time I realize it instantly drew me back in to the world of the Tuatha Dé, of Mac, Barrons and V’Lane. I couldn’t get enough of the dry barbs coming from Barrons and the humor and resilience of Mac. The FEVER series might’ve been a complete turnaround in the romance storytelling of Karen Moning, it is her writing voice, her vivid characters and rich world building that remained the same and I fell hard and fast for it all!

Now I’m wandering over to Fiction Vixen to have a fantastic time and talk some more in their discussion on DARKFEVER. 

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  1. I'm missing out on something good it seems. Darn, I wish I wasn't stuck at work and could wip out my ereader right now... Your review and quotes are enticing me as usual! :D

  2. Very nice walk-through! I love this series and I am really looking forward to chatting about it today!

  3. I remember I read it a year after release and went into a big frenzy but ever since I never got to read up. I have the next releases too *hmmmm* I might dive into the second part... for real this time!!!

  4. @Janna - If there is one author I would love for you to try then it is KMM.

    @Julie - I love chatting about this series. I loved rereading Darkfever, especially after so many years. it almost felt like I read it for the first time :)

    @Natascha - Promise...pinky swear!!! We needs to talk Fever IRL and so much is going to happen. Darkfever is just the set up, the lure and from there on out...YOWZER, what a ride!

  5. I loved the highlander books, and was eager to pick up this brand new one. But I got stuck, and never tried again. Of course I kept reading the reviews you galls wrote over time, and I have promised myself, as soon as the last book in this series is out I will read them all back to back. At least then I don't have to get worked up over the cliff hangers!


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