04 November 2010

New winners galore!

I've tried and tried for ways to get in touch with the previous two winners of the Tairen Soul party but they haven't returned any of my attempts. So I have Decided after more then a week to pick new winners with random.org:

*The winner of the first prize: (1) Complete set of Tairen Soul novels, collector cards, + Fading Lands T-shirt
Spav said...

Since I haven't read the series yet, I would like to win the prize #1.
Posted badge on my blog sidebar:
* and the winner of the second prize: (2) copy of Crown Of Crystal Flame, collector cards, Steli mug

Natascha said...
I'd like to put my hand up for:

(2) copy of Crown Of Crystal Flame, collector cards, Steli mug

I've got a post ready for tomorrow on my blog, flashing the badge and ofcourse, promoting Crown Of Crystal Flame! I've had the pleasure of reading the first 3 books, the fourth is on my next to read list in awaiting this release.

For those who are new to this series and are going to start: You are so lucky to have the whole series still laying ahead of you!!!

I also have a Sinners giveaway which means the winner will receive a signed copy of Backstage Pass, and random choose the lucky:

Mika said...

Well, I never received a love letter. I'm not a big romance-turned person (except in books) and it would probably have no effect on me. Only if it was incredibly well written!


I will get in touch with you today for addy's so the authors can send you all the prizes. Congratz and happy reading everyone! 

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  1. Congratulations winners! I wouldn't mind some of those collectors cards myself, as I have the first two I believe. The books I have ofcourse.

  2. Winners are always good to read about Leontine!

    Congratulations Winners!

  3. Congrats to the lucky (new) winners! If they don't collect their prizes again, I'll happily volunteer. ;)

  4. I just cannot stop smiling, ever since I got the message from Leontine I won - woohoo doing a dance and smiling widely! Congrats to Spav from me too, aren't we lucky eyh????


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