17 November 2010

Review: Eve Langlais - Wickedest Witch

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ISBN 978-1-59578-764-4
Release date: october 25, 2010
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Originally written for for TRR

Cover Summary:
Evangaline is not a very nice witch, but ask her if she cares. However, she does have a healthy sexual appetite, and when an uncouth shifter starts appearing in her fantasies, it's not long before she makes her erotic mind play a reality. But everyone knows a wicked witch can't fall in love, or can she?

Ryker, a hot and muscled shifter, knows his size and dominating presence intimidates women, all except for one curvy witch he just can't get out of his mind. Set to a task only the two of them can accomplish, he discovers wickedness has its uses, especially in the bedroom.

Dealing with vamps, a wedding from hell and a cackling gnome named Rumpelstiltskin, will these two wicked beings survive and, even more disturbing, decide to stay together?

My Review: Of all the bars in town, the wickedest witch had to walk into his. When Evangeline meets the devilish shape shifter Ryker, sparks sizzle in the air. After a lame one liner, Ryker's attempt to get Evangeline into bed crashes and burns quickly. However, Rumpelstiltskin has a job for them, thereby throwing two people with a combustible chemistry together. A battle of wills ensues…

Eve Langlais entered into my book world with a story of two deliciously wicked, slightly evil characters who grabbed my attention with their quips and quirks from the start. Both Evangeline and Ryker have infamous reputations and they are unapologetic about it. They are both ‘in your face' direct which made their acerbic verbal sparring such a joy to read. I felt a devilish grin spread across my face more than a time or two and I love how they resonated with me.

From the first page, Evangeline showed me why she is called the wickedest witch and she remained a temperamental woman throughout the story. Even though I thought her giggles were out of character, it was just a minor discretion in the whole. Her thoughts on carnal pleasure, on love and on Ryker contained enough snark to make up for her incidental burst of giggles.

Ryker, now he is the kind of hero I can't get enough of; he is crass, sarcastic, big, bad and for the right woman, can purr like only a feline shifter can. He is unafraid to taunt Evangeline, to throw verbal barbs her way and deal with the consequences. Ryker gives as good as he gets and he turns the ride to their happily ever after quite a bit fierier.

What was also fiery was the eroticism, because with such a strong chemistry between the main characters I didn't expect anything less than hot and bothered between them and Eve Langlais delivers. It isn't in the diversity of the carnal play but in the hunger, the directness of their need and how they seize it that becomes so titillating to read. There is one moment on the hood of a car that was…WOW, sizzling!

Everything else was secondary to the developing relationship. The small supportive cast fleshed out the back story of the main characters. The mystery was nice but for me just a reason to thrust Evangeline and Ryker together. I must say that towards the end some corners were cut in the mystery and happily ever after solution which gave me the impression things suddenly happened a bit too fast, too soon. Yet what really stood out for me was the flavor and flair of the characters and with a ‘call it like I see it' writing style, it served the characterization well. This is what held my focus throughout the novella and because the author gave the humor, attraction and dialogues in spades, I didn't really miss anything else.

WICKEDEST WITCH is a good example of how well a novella can work when the chemistry between the hero and heroine leaps off the pages. Ryker and Evangeline are a deviously good pairing I couldn't get enough of.

4 stars

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  1. Nice review Leontine! I love everything witchy, so I want to try this one. Or do you think it is too much erotica for my tastes?

  2. I do like short and hot sometimes ;)
    Great review Leontine

  3. Great review Leontine!

    The cover for this novella is quite eye catching and I'm lovin' the hot pink against the navy backdrop.

    Love how you made a point to mention that the relationship between the H/h definitely took center stage here. And you're right, that's so crucial for a novella.

    Hugs, VFG

  4. sizzling on the hood of a car you say,I'll have to check this one out :)
    Great review.

  5. Thanks for enjoying my story and thanks to everyone who took the time to read the review. It's much appreciated.
    Eve :)

  6. WOWZA! This sounds wonderfully delicious! Thanks for the review and bringing this one to my attention! *adds to wish list*

  7. Combustable chemistry, focus on the developing relationship, hot hero... sign me up! :) The out of character giggles I can take for granted, so I'm adding this to my tbb! Fabulous review, Leontine. :D

  8. @Laurie - It definitely was an unexpected treat :)

    @Aurian - I think you can handle the sexy, there's not extreme going to happen :)

    @Blodeuedd - Yeah besides the sexiness it's the dialogues I loved so much!

    @VFG - I think it is hard to put it all in a novella so I always love it when an author puts the relationship development in the spotlight.

    @Elaing8 - Yep, car sex included :D

    @Eve - You're welcome, I have a penchant for the wicked, the naughty and slightly evil characters :))

    @Twimom227 - You're welcome!

    @Janna - I only mentioned it since I felt it was so out of characters for Evangeline, so girly LOL

  9. Baddies as hero and heroine, that's quite different. I'd love that. Thanks for the heads up.

    My Darcy Mutates

  10. Thanks for the great review I want to read this one and now I know its good. You got to love blogging :)


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