30 September 2010

Interview: Meet Laura Wright and the Roman brothers...

Hi Laura, welcome to my realm. Please take a seat on one of the sofas in my chamber of inquisition *grin* I look around for those swoon-worthy Roman brothers. “Didn’t you bring them along, I would love to meet them!”

Nice chamber, Leontine. Never figured you for a red leather kinda girl. *looks around* This is a Lucian Roman room all the way - just need a rack, some cuffs and a pair of nipple clamps and we’re in business.

Just kidding.

I think

Anyway, the boys promised they’d stop by after their feed, and you don’t want them before they get blood in their gullets – cranky as hell and impossible to control.

“Can I get you anything to drink, something to eat as we talk about your hot and upcoming new series to satisfy our Paranormal Romance hunger?”

Red wine and a little dark chocolate mousse always puts me in the mood to talk hot paranormal goodness!

My curios mind wants to be set free so let’s start this inquisition…erm…interview *smiles*

Q 1: Since ETERNAL HUNGER is book one in your trilogy could you tell us a bit about it and introduce us to those Roman brothers?

ETERNAL HUNGER is about the Roman brothers, three Pureblood vampires who many years ago left their abusive families and their species to live a free life. They want nothing to do with their old life or the rulers of the breed, and for many years they’ve lived in peace. Until one day, Alexander Roman is sent to his knees, sent through morpho – the maturation of all Pureblood male vampires - before his time. The rulers of their breed, The Eternal Order, need Alexander and his brothers to bring down a great threat to Purebloods. At first the brothers refuse, but The Order has ways of getting what they want..

“Damn right they do. Controlling bastards.”

In walks Alexander, followed by Nicholas and Lucian. All three are tall, broad and sick-as-hell gorgeous.

Laura smiles at them. “Gentlepaven (the word for Pureblood male vampire) this is Leontine.”

Each brother drops into one of Leontine’s red leather chairs and trains their fierce gazes on their hostess.

Oh gawd, guys, if you could see me now! I’m in heaven. “Please, Alexander, Nicholas, Lucian, have a seat. Preferably next to me!” *grin*

Q 2: What was your greatest writing challenge in setting up this vampire series?

Trying to write as fast as my brain spits out story.

“Please,” Alexander says with a smirk. “Her writing challenge was trying not to ‘take breaks’ during certain scenes between Sara and I.”

Nicholas raises a dark brow. “That’s not a mental picture I should be having.”

“Looks pretty fucking good to me,” Lucian mutters, tossing a shit-eating grin at Laura.

Laura turns her attention to Leontine. “Moving on. Please.”

Q 3: What do you think is the appeal of the vampire archetype and who are some of your favorite vampires ever?

“To me, the appeal of vampires is all about –“

“We’ll either kiss you or kill you,” Alexander says bluntly, then winks at Leontine. “If you’re into that kind of thing.”

“Fuck kissing,” Lucian says. “We’ll either drain you or screw you. Maybe both if there’s time.”

“There is no appeal,” Nicholas says, his dark eyes pinned on Leontine. “We’re animals. Who would want that between their thighs much less in their heart?”

Laura throws up her hands. Clearly, it’s impossible to control them. Leontine wants to know Laura’s favorite vampire of all time – all 3 boys look at her – shit…

“Besides the Roman brothers, I’d have to say, SPIKE. “

Lucian snorts at this. “Pussy.”

Alexander and Nicholas laugh. “He’s just pissed because the guy stole his look.”

Lucian bares his fangs at this brothers, his white blond a shock next to the red leather.

Q 4: What are the key ingredients in your series for the

Laura holds up her hand. “I’m answering this one!”

The Romans sit back and chill out for a moment.

• Hot romance: Emotion, emotion, emotion and no filter!

• Intriguing plot: Danger, emotion, characters who need each other to survive, opposing goals that slowly become fused into a common goal.

• Engaging characters: Humor, no filter again, lust, anger, fear, internal conflicts that resonate.

“Good answers,” Nicholas remarks. “Thoughtful and passionate.”

Alexander and Lucian nod in agreement.

As if Laura cares what they think.

Q 5: How long does it approximately take you to write a novel and what do you do when the going gets rough? Anything I can offer to do? Bake double chocolate chip cookies? Make Crème Brule as a sinful nightly dessert? Send one of my three Beefcake bar tenders to you, or send them all, to use as you see fit *wink*

“God, I love it here. Can I stay for a few weeks? A month? “

“When the going gets rough,” (She looks at the boys. They’re watching at her in a protective, almost soft way. Cleary, they can be real shits sometimes, but at their core they totally have her back) “I have another cup of coffee, crank the jam, and plow through it because my guys have had a hard go of it – real torturous histories - and I want them to get theirs, you know? They deserve a HEA.

“What the hell’s a HEA?” Alexander demands.

“Happy Ever After,” Nicholas informs them, then shrugs and adds, “I read, okay? Shit,” when his brothers look at him like he’s fucking nuts.

“You can give my happy ever after to some other blood sucker,” Lucian says tightly. “I’m good.”

Laura stares at him for a moment, a little sadly. He’s so closed, so angry.

Q 6: We would love to know about the quirks of an author. Do you have conversations with your characters? Do you get inspired in your dreams? Do you need everything in a certain order on your desk? Don’t hold back and reveal them all, we can keep a secret!

I need coffee and I need tunes. Sometimes it’s Prince, sometimes it’s the theme from Avatar.

“Oh, Christ, tell them what you did for HUNGER,” Alexander prompts.

Nicholas chuckles darkly, even Lucian cracks a smile.

Laura looks sheepish. “Well, it’s kind of psychotic actually, but I listened to the theme song from Avatar over and over and over for 2 weeks straight as I wrote all day. I just kept pushing rewind. Over and over. It fueled me, even the 1000th time I listened to it. It was weird. Also, the shower is where I go when I can’t figure out my next move.

Alexander snorts and Nicholas grins as though they know she has something else I do in the shower.

Cheeky bastards.

Q 7: Where do you like to take your characters as an author before they reach a happily ever after? Do you like to emotionally like to torture them before they get a little happy time, or do they need to overcome great obstacles, or all of the above?

Laura jumps in before they do. “Yeah, relax back on those red leather chairs boys!”

“I like to torture my heroes BIGTIME. What’s the point if life before and now is all pretty and carefree? Why would you care or route for them at all? My heroes come into this life as pariahs and remain that way until they meet the one person who forces them to deal with their shit.”

Q 8: How do you prepare to write the sexy times in your stories? Candlelight and reading the Kama Sutra, you let yourself be led by the chemistry of the characters or something entirely different?

“Honestly, it comes out of the character’s emotion – anger, lust, frustration – it all fuels a sexual firestorm. I don’t need candlelight, but music works well, like Neo or Prince. Also, to keep things fresh in the writing department, I read erotica; Joey Hill, 5 minute Erotica, Robin (the genius) Schone!”

Alexander nodded at Nicholas. “That’s the one were the sheik male teaches the woman…”

Nicholas cursed. “I knew you’d read that.”

Q 9: I just have to know! If I would sit at a bar and any of the Roman brothers would, you know, think I’m hot and they would be single, what would their ‘come-on’ line be? Hey, I think it can happen, my avatar screams hot chick…right?

Laura laughs and gesturse at the guys. “Take it away, boys.”

• Alexander flashes his fangs, a sort of grin – “No lines. Not my kind of thing. But I would like to know if you wear those glasses all the time.. you know, even when you know your going to get hot, and sweaty...”

 Nicholas sneers at this. “Christ.”

Lucian is staring at Leontine, his eyes as hard as his--

 “Lucian?” I ask. “Pick up line?

He stands and mutters a terse, “Fuck this.” Then walks out of the chamber.

Laura shrugs. “Sorry. What can I say? I love that stubborn asshole something awful, but he’s never been a team player.”

Q 10: Would you whet our appetites with a tantalizing (short-ish) excerpt of ETERNAL HUNGER? We book-addicts love the tease *grin*

Alexander’s skin blazed with a sudden and intense heat. It had to be forty degrees at most in the tunnels and yet his body burned as though it had been pitched into the epicenter of a forest fire. Sara. Paradise and hell pressed sweetly against his cock and his chest. His arms tightened around her. She was everything; his desire, his tormentor, his sparring partner and his savior, and if he was going to burn for this, so be it.

He pulled his head back and found her mouth again, kissed her hard and furious and hungry, tasting the sweetness of her and something else he couldn’t describe but that made his cock weep at the tip. He prayed to all who looked down upon him that he could control his need for her blood; that her mouth and her eyes, her words and her honey-sweet cunt could satiate him enough not to go for her vein.

In his history, mating and feeding had never gone together; one was for pleasure, the other for sustenance. With Sara, that custom was for shit. He wanted both, he wanted his cock inside her while he suckled from the spot below her left breast.

On a growl, he eased away, looked at her with her back against the wall, her face tipped up to him, her long lashes fluttering, her blueberry eyes heavy with lust. She was so beautiful, his heart ached to have her – to claim her - completely and always. He smiled at her then, and when she smiled back, he reached for her unbuttoned shirt and splayed the material wide, pulling it down off her shoulders. Then he dropped his head and cut the fastening of her bra with his fangs. Sara’s breasts sprung free, the large, perfect globes lifting and lowering with each breath she took. Alexander stared with shameless hunger at her nipples, pink and rigid. They called to him, as a grown paven and as a balas who had never been allowed the closeness and care of his mother’s bosom. Her sweet tits begged him to suckle, and he did, drawing on the hard tip, flicking one with his tongue while his fingers played at her other breast.

Sara moaned, arched against him, gripped his scalp with her fingers. “Feel me,” she whispered, taking his hand and placing it between her legs. “Feel what you do to me. How ready I am...”

She was hot and damp, even through the heavy jean fabric. Alexander nearly lost it. His cock strained, pre-cum beading at the head, desperate to find its way into the hot tunnel of her body. He yanked at her jeans, the zipper, pulling the whole mess down to her ankles, growling as she quickly stepped out of the unwanted fabric and stood naked and glorious before him. His mouth found hers again as his hand slid between her thighs. He palmed her, held her in his hand, cursing at the feeling of hot, wet curls tickling his skin. He couldn’t help himself. He let one finger slip between her lips, run lazily over her clit, then slide home, so deep into her cunt her body jerked and she sucked in a breath. Oh, God. To be here, he thought, to be buried here for days...

“The guards,” she uttered against his mouth, reaching between their bodies for his erection.

Fuck. Alexander moaned, pumping himself against her hand as he slipped another finger inside her. “They will not. Our scent will keep them away. No male would approach another male during mating, and if they tried, it would be their death.”

“I want you.” Sara reached behind his shaft, cupping his balls. “Now. Inside me.”

Alexander released a feral cry. He could take no more of this play. He lifted her up and placed her down on the head of his cock. The hot slide into her cunt was pure unimaginable pleasure and his fangs lengthened and pulsed with an all new flash of desire to feed – like nothing he’d ever experienced before. For a moment, he just held her there, closed his eyes, fought for control over his hunger and let her muscles clench around him. “We’re going to hell for this,” he uttered against her neck, her vein that throbbed with life.

“Good,” she said, clinging to him. “I love to sweat.” 

You can find Laura Wright:
Website Author - Purchase - Twitter - Facebook

The avatars for Alexander / Nicholas and Lucian are created by Trish

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29 September 2010

ARC Review: My latest addiction -> Laura Wright - Eternal Hunger

Website Author - Purchase - Twitter - Facebook

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Signet (October 5, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 045123149X
ISBN-13: 978-0451231499
Characters: Alexander Roman - Dr. Sarah Donohue - Lucian Roman - Alexander Roman
Book 1 in Mark Of the Vampire trilogy
Book Origin: Received an e-copy for review from the author

Cover Summary:

Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with the controlling rulers of his vampire breed or the family he escaped from a hundred years ago. But as a new threat to the pureblood vampires emerges, Alexander's ties to the past are forced upon him again, and without warning, he finds himself - disoriented, terrified, and near death - at the door of a stranger.


Dr. Sarah Donohue is dedicated to removing the traumatic memories of her patients - like those of the stranger at her front door. But what he tells her of his past is too astonishing to be anything more than the delusion of a madman. Yet she has seen his flesh scarred by the sun and witnessed his inhuman strength. And never more has she felt so conneted to a man, by both fear and seductive excitement.


But as their worlds collide, Sarah and Alexander are bound by something even stronger, as one becomes hunter and the other prey. And Sarah's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final - and most unimaginable - desire of her life.

My Review: I knew the moment I read the blurb that ETERNAL HUNGER could possibly be a new series for me to get addicted to with a fascination for three brothers. Alexander, Nicholas and Lucian took me into their world of the Credenti, the Impure and The Order. They are sons of the Breeding Male, rebels living outside the Pureblood society and go their own way in life. Now there is unrest with the Impure’s and one steps up and takes their issues to a whole other level. One that threatens the Pureblood race and in extension, The Order.

I admit I had to get in to the terminology of this new world but the author made sure each term is explained. It wasn’t confusing as perhaps it demanded my complete focus to keep up with not only the world building, but also the introduction of many characters, the underlying current between the brothers and the attraction going on full force between Alexander and Sara. Laura Wright didn’t ease me in to her story but rather pulled me in and let me immediately feel the dynamic storytelling she possesses. Every ingredient was present that blended together in a rich layered paranormal romance that kept pulling me deeper in to the story.

I will always have a soft spot for leading male characters with attitude and you will find three of them in Eternal Hunger. Each of the three brothers has a past that left emotional scars, it’s what binds them: blood, loyalty, and an ‘all for one and one for all’ mentality. I was enraptured by all three with their larger-than-life attitudes but Lucian was the one for me. Nicholas and Lucian are top-notch male characters who pique the interest to discover what lies beneath their attitudes and add that much more to this tale with their bantering. However, ETERNAL HUNGER wasn’t Lucian’s story, it was Alexander Roman’s and Dr. Sara Donohue’s.

Alexander is ruled by the blood hunger but due to circumstances he goes through Morpho and the instinct to find his true mate roars. A new hunger to deal with and though Alexander is tortured in various ways and has a gruff and growly side, there are also moments where his tender side take control. I found him to be the kind of leading male that makes my heart beat faster each time he shared a bit of himself in the story. He was all protective of Sara, dominant most of the times but the sexiness of his craving for her just made me long for ice cubes in one scene and in others it would give me a shot of pure romance straight in the vein.

Sara Donohue held a few surprises I could appreciate. She is a driven doctor out to find a cure for her brother’s traumatic memories, has an ex-patient stalker and a Vampire on her doorstep who just went through Morpo. She is bold, direct and I even got her feminine version of MINE in this story. Sara has spunk, no doubt about it, but there also pain in her past, shock in discovering vampires are actually out there in the world and a need to hang on to the normalcy of her life. She is just an all around likable heroine who also possesses backbone to become a vivacious opponent for Alexander.

The world building introduced me to The Order who irks me with the fact they seem all powerful and think they can rule all. The Credenti are very interesting as an almost Amish like society, holding on to the old ways, and the Impure promises to be quite the adversary. The plot has obvious story threads that are part of an overall plot arc but there is enough left to give ETERNAL HUNGER a satisfying ending. The romance was getting me hot and bothered at one page, to tug at my heartstrings the next, and the hunger Sara and Alexander emanate definitely delivered on some scorching hot scenes. This is a part that was rife with steep emotions ranging from desire to fear, from protectiveness to knowing their love was an impossible one. Once I was settled in to the world both plot and romance dynamic worked smoothly together and became an addictive combination. I was completely emerged and I wanted to know where not only Sara and Alexander, but also Nicholas, Lucian, Bronwyn, Dillon and Gray would end. The main and secondary characters all have a degree of importance and I really hope I see many return in book two of this trilogy.

In ETERNAL HUNGER classic paranormal romance elements meshes with a fresh and exciting plot and characters. I had not heard of Laura Wright before ETERNAL HUNGER but she sure made an unforgettable impression with her storytelling and her three Roman brothers.

4.5 stars

Without thinking, Bronwyn’s gaze shot to the second floor and she said fiercely, “What is your problem, paven?” But this time there was no jean-clad legs, no boots resting lazily on the banister. This time, the devil himself stood there. Like Nicholas, Lucian Roman was tall, and alarmingly broad in the shoulders, but that’s where the similarities ended. The youngest of the Romans was stunningly, terrifyingly good-looking, his jaw-length hair was white as an angel’s wings, his almond eyes lethal and lustful, his face hard and chiseled. For Bronwyn, looking at him was like looking at the other side of death, and yet she could look nowhere but.

Come back tomorrow for a fabulous interview with Laura Wright on her exciting new trilogy! 

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27 September 2010

Cover Hussy Club meeting #1: Paranormal at its finest!

I’m so psyched to have the Cover Hussy club convene for the very first time and it delivered some hot stuff!! We even had one hussy travel all the way to Germany to find a cover…of a dragon…oh yeah!! Since this week is still in the spirit of paranormal romance Cecile and I thought it would be a nice idea to send our cover hussy princesses out there to find some PNR covers of the first order…and they came back with some old and something new. I myself have found a new series for 2011 that has my addiction spinning out of control.

Well, let me zip my lips for now and present you the covers of the hussies and I just want to mention, you can vote on the (right) sidebar cover poll which one you love the most! It will be up for fourteen days :)

The first one comes from Cammy (@envyious):

My submission is Gena Showalter's 'Ecstasy in Darkness';

Why? Because Gena Showalter is an amazing writer, though I seem to be in the minority when I say I prefer her Alien Huntress novels to her Lords of the Underworld! Oh and back to the cover, well, I like how it teases us (damn you smog! get out of the way! *blows repeatedly* I see how that can be misconstrued lol But I AM a cover hussy princess now come on ;) ) and he has a mother fkin WHIP. It's a NAKED. HOT. GUY. WITH. A. WHIP. How is that not hot? Punish me please?

~*~*~cammY~*~*~ *

The second entry comes from Minx:

Dragon Love: This is the German cover of You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister and I want to know... WHY DIDN'T WE GET THIS COVER!!! Dark, moody, defined, sexy, everything Drake is meant to be. Add to that dragons, the hint of opened jeans and I am a very happy girl!

Princess Minx Hussy aka Jules xx

The third entry is from Nanny:

HeartSong: It's a naked hunky guy... do I really need to say more. Ok I will. This actually caught my eye, not only due to the naked dude, but because everything works so well together. The city background is subtle and doesn't really pull all the attention. You can tell it's a paranormal just by glancing at it the dark colors, the full moon, dark night city and hunky naked dude, all work together. It just scream shifter.


The fourth one is delivered by Gina:

Let me start by telling you a little secret-- I love tattoos! LOVE! Especially on a man.

This cover stopped my search immediately. Strong back, broad shoulders, perfect skin, jeans slung just low enough to make you think dirty, hot, naughty thoughts and of course, the tattoo inked across the shoulder blades. Who cares if this guy is a demon. If all demons are built like him, consider me a demon slave willing to do anything to trace that tat with my tongue!

Hussy Gina Gordon

And the last one is found by me, High Queen Hussy Leontine:

Is anyone else lost for words? I mean, first comes the tattoo, then my gaze traveled along those muscular arms, then the back with the great shoulders *slightly starting to pant here* and then both hands wrapped around the hilt of his sword, oh yes, my cover hussy is on full alert now. Even the title; TOUCH IF YOU DARE...well isn't that a challenge for this hussy if I ever seen one, cause I am brave enough to touch!! everything just works for me, the guy, the colors, the font, this cover does what a great cover needs to do; it invites me to pick it up and read the blurb.

Happy cover hussy day to everyone. And please, feel free to share the title of the cover you drooled over lately!   

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23 September 2010

Review: 2010 is the year of Gin Blanco! Jennifer Estep - Venom

Website author - Purchase
Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Pocket; Original edition (September 28, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1439148015
ISBN-13: 978-1439148013
Main Characters: Gin Blanco, Finnegan lane, Sophia & Jo-Jo
Book origin: e-copy received from author for review

Cover Summary:
It’s hard to be a badass assas­sin when a giant is beat­ing the crap out of you. Luck­ily, I never let pride get in the way of my work. My cur­rent mis­sion is per­sonal: anni­hi­late Mab Mon­roe, the Fire ele­men­tal who mur­dered my fam­ily. Which means pro­tect­ing my iden­tity, even if I have to con­ceal my pow­er­ful Stone and Ice magic when I need it most. To the pub­lic, I’m Gin Blanco, owner of Ashland’s best bar­be­cue joint. To my friends, I’m the Spi­der, retired assas­sin. I still do favors on the side. Like rid­ding a vam­pire friend of her over­sized stalker—Mab’s right-hand goon who almost got me dead with his mas­sive fists. At least irre­sistible Owen Grayson is on my side. The man knows too much about me, but I’ll take my chances. Then there’s Detec­tive Bria Coolidge, one of Ashland’s finest. Until recently, I thought my baby sis­ter was dead. She prob­a­bly thinks the same about me. Lit­tle does she know, I’m a cold-blooded killer … who is about to save her life.

I've read and reviewed Jennifer Estep's VENOM for Realms On Our Bookshelves. You can find me review here. We've also got a fabulous interview with Gin Blanco at ROOB on September 27th 2010 with 2 book giveaway *woohoo*

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22 September 2010

Guestblog: Stacia Kane about Chess Putnam

When I was thinking about my feature there was one author that was on my radar for a guestblog and I just had to invite her over for a talk about her female protag. By now she probably talked herself hoarse about Chess but I was intrigued by her protag from the first review/blurb I read. You can give my fantastic worlds to discover, a nail biting plot to unravel but if the main characters fail to grab my attention, intrigue me with their personality and secrets everything else is just in vain. Chess Putnam is the kind of leading lady who I want accompany in her journey, witness and go through all the ups and downs with and hopefully some day she will be in some form of a happy place. I just hope Stacia Kane has delivered quite a few books in this series before that happens though :)

I'm giving the stage to Stacia Kane now...

At the risk of sounding pretentious, I don’t know where Chess came from.

I mean, yeah, I invented her, but I didn’t have to do a lot of thinking. She was just there, someone I knew intimately, someone whose reactions to things I could gauge pretty easily.

And by now I imagine anyone who’s heard anything about me or the books, or who’s read anything else I’ve written on the subject, is tired of hearing me say how I wanted to write something different, something that would challenge me. Something with a character more like me, who didn’t have superpowers, who couldn’t solve all of the plot’s problems with a gun; who couldn’t even begin to solve all of her own problems, much less anyone else’s.

So I had this character, Chess, who I knew and loved and wanted to write more than anything. And yeah, she had a few…issues. Issues I knew could make her into a big huge downer really really fast.

One thing I learned from…well, I don’t know where I learned it from, but I learned it, and lucky for me that I did. Everyone has weaknesses. We all have them—some of us more than others—but we all have weaknesses, and we all have sadness, and we all have insecurities; at least, everyone I know and like does. Characters should too.

But characters, especially in genre fiction, have to be likeable, and relatable. And I knew asking readers to relate to her, given some of her problems, was maybe asking a lot. I was so excited; I was going to do something I hadn’t done before, something I hadn’t seen before, and most importantly something that was really going to mean something to me. But lots of writers write books that mean something to them. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anyone else is going to give a shit. And I didn’t want to write Stacia’s Depressing Novel of Depressingness, either. I just wanted to write something that kicked ass and didn’t apologize for it, and I wanted people to read it.

So I had to give Chess more than just problems; or rather, I had to find a way to show that she is more than her problems, a lot more. And luckily for me that was easy, because she is.

For me, I think, her most defining positive quality is her loyalty. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve read the first three books, but just to avoid spoiling if you haven’t I’ll say that yes, she does sort of mess that up with regards to her personal life, at least to some extent. But to me, just as it was to her, what she was doing physically wasn’t disloyal, not to anyone but herself. I think it was obvious that she made a big choice in that first book because the realization that there was another option for her terrified her. And that when she finally committed to taking that option, she committed to it, no matter how useless she thought it was.

But no matter whose bed she was in, she stayed loyal. She wasn’t giving up someone else’s secrets; she wasn’t even giving up her own secrets. (Lex still doesn’t know why she got that tulip tattoo.)

With that loyalty comes the determination to protect the person or thing to which she’s loyal. Yes, by catching those seeking to defraud the Church (the crime, which I mentioned in one of the books, is technically called “Conspiracy to commit spectral fraud”) she’s doing the “right” thing and upholding the law. But the law comes second to Chess; I think that’s obvious from her willingness to bend it when necessary. Loyalty comes first. Doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean the “right” thing. The right thing to do is the thing that will help whomever Chess is in a position to help.

Someone pointed out to me a while ago something I hadn’t actually caught at all while writing the first three books. Chess is loyal to the Church which saved her, and Terrible is loyal to Bump, who saved him. Obviously I knew when writing it that Terrible saw Bump as saving him—and believe me, he did. But it didn’t occur to me how similar those stories were, or that they were both essentially saved by chance and skills they didn’t ask for. Or that although I haven’t gone into it yet in the books, the relationship between Bump and Terrible is actually closer than I think people suspect. Certainly it’s closer than the one Chess has with the Church itself (with the obvious exception of Elder Griffin). Or that both of them threw so much of their loyalty to something which had so much control over them.

I’ve always thought loyalty was pretty much the most important quality a person can have. It was a big deal for me when writing the books to show that, and to show how it developed. Most of the conflicts in Chess’s personal life stem from it, from the beginning of UNHOLY GHOSTS where she essentially had none outside the Church, to the end of CITY OF GHOSTS where there are quite a few more people in her world. But then I think it’s that way for most of us.

And since it’s very late at night now—or very early in the morning, whichever way you want to look at it—I’m going to end it there, and open the post to questions of anyone feels like asking them (feel free not to, of course. I know this little post has been a tad dull, but it’s kind of hard to discuss characters; it feels a little like getting naked in front of strangers). So if there’s anything you want to know about Chess, or about writing her, or whatever, ask away. I won’t give spoilers but I’ll answer anything else!

Thanks, Leontine, for inviting me! And thanks everyone for reading.

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21 September 2010

Review: An Urban Fantasy to sink your teeth in -> Stacia Kane - Unholy Ghosts

Website Author

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Del Rey; Original edition (May 25, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345515579
ISBN-13: 978-0345515575
Book Origin; Personal Library
Cover Summary:

The world is not the way it was. The dead have risen and constantly attack the living. The powerful Church of Real Truth, in charge since the government fell, has sworn to reimburse citizens being harassed by the deceased. Consequently, there are many false claims of hauntings from those hoping to profit. Enter Chess Putnam, a fully-tattooed witch and freewheeling Debunker and ghost hunter. She’s got a real talent for nailing the human liars or banishing the wicked dead. But she’s keeping a dark secret from the Church: a little drug problem that’s landed her in hot and dangerous water.

Chess owes a murderous drug lord named Bump a lot of money. And Bump wants immediate payback. All Chess has to do is dispatch a very nasty species of undead from an old airport. But the job involves black magic, human sacrifice, a nefarious demonic creature, and crossing swords with enough wicked energy to wipe out a city of souls. Toss in lust with a rival gang leader and a dangerous attraction to Bump’s ruthless enforcer, and Chess begins to wonder if the rush is really worth it. Hell, yeah.

My Review: With the hype and enthusiasm surrounding UNHOLY GHOSTS I was triggered to meet these characters who were on everybody’s lips. I wanted to find out what this world was all about and if it could fascinate me, because it might appeal to a lot of other people that didn’t necessarily mean it would get my seal of approval. Well, let me tell you that Stacia Kane’s first book in her Chess Putnam series; UNHOLY GHOSTS, served me with a fair warning this is one series that will feed my love for the Urban Fantasy genre. From the moment I started reading I was absorbed by the apocalyptic events that changed the world and its new rules. The Church of Truth leads the people now, protects them from the dead, there is no more faith, just fact. There is no government anymore as we know it, just the Church and Chess Putnam is one of its employees as a debunker whom is in essence a cross between a witch and a ghost buster.

The first thing that I noticed was the seamless blending of information regarding this new world, the introduction of a cameo of characters and giving me a beginning of a plot to sink my teeth in. UNHOLY GHOSTS is a story that captured my attention from the get-go and steadily fed my curiosity to explore more. With each chapter I found a snippet from the Book of Truth providing me with essentials in how the world has changed. While Chess did her work the plot gained a solid pacing and simultaneously smoothly provided more info regarding the City of the Dead, the rituals of her work, what happened with the world as we knew it and what is happening in the present. There was a rich and multilayered storytelling; the darkness of this world, the addiction of Chess, the gritty vibe that pulled me in and took me from bad to worse in a mysterious plot. These were also the reason that accumulated to the fact I couldn’t read fast or easily but rather had to take my time with the story told to really understand the complete picture.

UNHOLY GHOSTS is told from a first person narrative and Chess Putnam is quite the character to be fascinated with! She is another reason why I’m so impressed with Stacia Kane. Chess is a skilled debunker with a past that would make anyone shiver in horror. What makes Chess stand out among the crowd of UF heroines is the fact she is dealing with an addiction. With the first person’s point of view the author has a powerful tool to really delve in to highs and lows of an addict without making Chess unlikable. I could feel the bliss when Chess hooked her body up with a few Cept pills but also her angst of the repercussions her addiction will present her. Chess needs to balance so many things in her life that if one thing slips from her, everything could unravel at warp speed. Without baring her soul I knew there was so much more going on with Chess then meets the eye and she is one of those characters I love to take a journey with from start to finish.

Now if there is one other character who grabbed the attention within the plethora of characters then it was Terrible. With his quiet demeanor his presence was unmistakable. I first thought him to be just a muscleman for drug lord Bump but he turns out to have a depth of character that pleasantly surprised me. He and Chess together have an incredible chemistry going on which I found one of the strong suits within this story and the development of this something to be looking forward to! There is no romance to be found though Chess does have some bump and grind moments that sparks and sizzles. Her connection to Lex, which differs in vibe from the one she has with Terrible, brings an interesting character to the game and ups the ante even more.

There are of course many more characters with some of the most unusual names like; drug lord Bump & Slobag, and there is young Brain too. Next to fellow debunkers, Church Elders and Goody’s Downside really came to life for me via Chess. It’s a dangerous place that houses the most interesting characters and while it is a bleak setting the people give it color with their unique personalities.

I really have to give kudos to Stacia Kane for bringing characters to life via her voice who are flawed and real. Along with a world that really sets the tone there’s also an eerie tension coming from the mystery. As I got comfortable with everything else the plot worked its mysterious magic when I received a bit of info here, some revelations there, and it was like gathering puzzle pieces before I finally got to see and understand the complete picture that answered all my questions. Assumptions are being made by Chess that lead her to a few suspects but all the while the author keeps me on my toes. The tension was ever present and the conclusion a surprising one I didn’t see coming for the better part of the story which is just the way I like it!

From start to finish UNHOLY GHOSTS is a full-bodied story with a unique concept. Powered by the writing voice of Stacia Kane I found every significant ingredient of characters, world building and plot blend in to a powerful read that turns out to be quite the calling card for this new Urban Fantasy series. I was impressed and very eager to find out where the author is taking Chess and Terrible next.

4 stars

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20 September 2010

Curios mind wants to know: Who popped your Vampire, Shapeshifter & Kick Ass Chick cherry?

The Vampire, The Shapeshifter and The Kick Ass Chick – The Itinerary:

Monday, 20 September: Itinerary and who popped your cherry, curios minds want to know?
Tuesday, 21 September: My review of Stacia Kane’s UNHOLY GHOSTS.
Wednesday, 22 September: Stacia Kane will be visiting to talk Chess Putnam.
Thursday, 23 September: My ROOB ARC review of VENOM.
Friday, 24 September: Tracy Wolf will be here guest blogging about the Shapeshifter archetype.
Monday, 27 September: The Cover Hussy Club will gather and present you some very fine covers within the Paranormal Romance genre. It’s going to be a good one!
Tuesday, 28 September: My review will be up of Jacqueline Barbary – SAVAGE SANCTUARY
Wednesday, 29 September: My ARC Review of Laura Wright’s ETERNAL HUNGER will be up.
Thursday, 30 September: I have interviewed Laura Wright and some hot vampire brothers *rowr*

I have been reading quite some good PNR/UF books lately but my curios mind was triggered when @trelaine on twitter mentioned her author who introduced her to vampires. This made me think of mine, she popped my vampire, shapeshifter and kick ass Chick cherry all at once. Sherrilyn Kenyon. No news there but it inspired a wave of nostalgia.

Quote Night Pleasures:

Amanda: " What are Daimons?" she asked.
Kyrian: "There vampires on steroids with a God complex.

Artemis doesn't want to waste her time or ours by picking someone incapable of hunting. I guess you could say we are all mad, bad and immortal.

Quotes from Night Embrace;

Quote conversation between Wulf and Talon:
'You know, Talon, killing a soul-sucking Daimon without a good fight is like sex without foreplay, a total waste of time and comepletly un........satisfying.

Quote first thought of Sunshine about Talon:
This new stranger was Dangerous.
A lethal shadow just waiting to strike.

Quote Telephone conversation between Sunshine & Selena after Talon left:
'We did it on the backgammon table a couple of times. And on the couch, the kitchen counter, the floor, the coffe table and ---'
'Oh my God, way too much information, tell me your joking about this.'
'Nope not a bit. I'm telling you, Selena, forget the energizer bunny, this guy had it all.

Quote Talon is being burned by Asheron:
Then, just when I could relax and do my job, I find out there are Daimons in the swamp and no Talon to kill them. And why wasn't Talon there? Because Tarzan was swinging off a balcony to save Jane from cheetah.

Quote Zarek is attacked by a Daimon:
'What are you?' the Daimon asked when he failed to scare or intimidate him. Zarek quirked his lips. 'Oh, please, let me give you the job description. Me dark-hunter. You, Daimon. I hit, you bleed. I kill. You die.

Quote Night Play:

Around her, he had a raging hormonal surge so profound it made a tsunami look like a toddler's wave pool.

Quotes Seize the Night

Acheron held an aura that was dangerous and wild: and by his slow, languorous moves, it was obvious that he would be incredible in bed. it was something you just knew the instant when you saw him and it rippled through your body like hot seductive chocolate.
He was sexy in a way very few men were.

Yes, it was good to be a goddess. Tabbitha couldn't imagine how great it would be to command all that delectable testosterone. And Valerius was prime Dark-Hunter material as he sat with one divinely carved arm braced on the mattress while the rest of him was all but bare to het sight. He looked like some coiled, wild beast ready to strike.

After Sherrilyn Kenyon came a string of authors and books who rocked my PNR/UF world but one has to be your first and one whom you're unlikely to forgot…or at least, I hope so :)

So, do you still remember the book that began it all? The one who popped your Vampire, Shapeshifter and Kick Ass Chick cherry?

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19 September 2010

Winners Erin McCarthy giveaway

I've had the greatest day with my nieces and nephews, playing with them and cuddling with my god twin who I've dubbed Mega Mindy and Romeo Roy LOL I've had great time racing with an uber kewl hot wheels, did some reading with one nice, did some girl time discussing shiny jewels with my god daughter and conquered a complete world with Mario. I've had an exciting and fun filled day and I'm two second away from crashing on the couch LOL

Of course I could not with hold you the winners of the fantastic giveaway by Erin McCarthy. I've let random.org do it's work and the winner for


for HOT FINISH the winner is Mandy :))

Congratz both, I'll contact you tomorrow for addy's!!

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17 September 2010

Review: Sometimes the magic isn't happening. Eliza March - Any Way West

Author Website

Book Title: ANY WAY WEST
Author Name: Eliza March
ISBN #: 1-60601-675-X
Publisher Name: Siren Publishing
Date Released : July 2010
Genre: Erotica/Ménage
Book Format: eBook
Word Count 24,209
Price $3.99
Book Origin: e-copy provided by author for review

Cover Summary;
The two gorgeous men on her doorstep look like the answer to Carly’s sexual frustration. She has a score to settle with one, and he’s brought a peace offering in the form of a hunky friend. Carly knows Jake’s darkest secrets and, at one time, desired him anyway. Now she won’t settle. She wants it all. Jake’s hard and furious, Trey’s slow and tender.

Ten years ago, Jake took everything Carly offered, any way he wanted, then abandoned her for the rodeo, danger and the open road. When he decides he still wants the one woman who accepted his rough sexual needs, he won’t settle for less. He’ll do what he must to convince her he’ll be enough. If she wants Trey, Jake will share her, but only for now.

Who says you can’t go home again?

My Review: The set-up of ANY WAY WEST is quick, Jake and Trey are in New Mexico to find a venue for scenes in a movie and happen to come across the ranch of Jake’s teenage crush, Carly Wright. The chemistry is still burning between the two of them and Carly, after a two year dry spell, is more than ready for some erotic play with not one but two attractive men. The agreement is easy; steamy passion, fun and no strings attached.

I love a good ménage story so when I was offered a copy of ANY WAY WEST I was eager enough to start reading. The saying that popped in my mind various times reading was; Two is company, three is a crowd. From the start it was almost like Jake had an aversion to Trey being there in the erotic setting with him and Carly. Perhaps it was also due to the dynamic between them that I got this feeling. Jake West is intense, blunt, Alpha with a bad boy image and loves his sex rough. Trey Barnes is casual, charming, fun loving and he doesn’t mind being the wingman to Jake. In some ways this could’ve delivered a great dynamic but I felt Jake overpowered Trey in his need for dominance in the bed room and Carly’s heart.

Carly is an artist with an open minded and passionate nature. Her carnal happiness was the focus within the ménage trope. The easy writing voice and rapid flow of the story allows the heat and lust to ignite fast which was spine tingling erotic. I personally enjoyed the bed scene the most that was both sexy and hot. Eliza March has a knack for delivering scorching body heat between her protags but I’m afraid in ANY WAY WEST the cons outweighed the pros. The novella held plenty of steamy sexing but not enough character development for my taste to get connected to them and this made it hard to let the romance work for me. The trust issue of Carly holds a minimum of development, the agreement of no strings sex play was emphasized by doing just that, and a preference whom Carly wanted to be with gradually revealed.

The characters didn’t come to life for me, they fell flat and I didn’t care very much whether Jake and Carly would get their romance to a happy place. At a certain point in the story Trey allows Jake to easily dismiss him from a sex scene and at that point I liked neither men very much. Jake for being an arrogant jerk and Trey for allowing it. Even if a ménage is just for fun each participant should be an equal in the whole of the ménage and I just didn’t get that aspect in ANY WAY WEST. The ending delivered a final let down with a matter-of-fact proposal that made my jaw almost drop to my e-reader in astonishment. 

I’m afraid ANY WAY WEST by Eliza March wasn’t my kind of ménage, and this was largely due to my lack of connection to the characters. I know not much in my review is positive but I think if I get a story with a different set of characters Eliza March can deliver a pleasurable erotica I can enjoy to the fullest!

2 stars

Quote Carly;
Trey made her think of slow, sensual sex, while Jake made her want to strip down, climb his body, and ride him like a wild mustang. Both men appealed to her needs differently, Trey for the comfort and Jake for the wild, dangerous action, the tingling adrenaline rush.

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15 September 2010

Guestblog: Erin McCarthy "Got Fur" & Giveaway

Today I'm so excited to have Erin McCarthy here in my realm! She talks werewolves and I'm always more than ready to have some more wolves on my shelves :) So without further ado I give the stage to Ms. Erin McCarthy...

Got Fur?

My novella “The Howling” in the anthology THE BEAST WITHIN is my very first werewolf story. I never mixed werewolves into my vampire books, feeling like the worlds as I created them would be totally separate. Vampires are sleek and cold and cosmopolitan. Werewolves are hot-blooded, primal, living in dense wooded areas. Okay, so Stephenie Meyer did it, as have a lot of fabulous romance authors, but I didn’t want to mix my blood and fur. Since I was writing vamps, I just didn’t explore writing any werewolves myself until I got the opportunity to do this anthology. Then I started thinking about all those classic werewolf tales and the feral passion the males exhibit.

Hey, I’m all for feral passion so I started doing research on werewolves and discovered most of the folklore is European. I’m assuming this is because of the density of wolves in France, Russia, etc. I learned that werewolf literally means wolf man or in Old English, the wearer of wolf skin. Kind of gross if you give too much thought to it. But the most interesting fact (to me anyway) was that in original lore the werewolf didn’t kill his victim with a bite, he used a dagger to finalize the kill. Which to me puts a different spin on it… instead of the animal nature consuming the man, he makes the cold-hearted human choice to kill.

So that made me visualize two brothers, one fighting his lycanthropy, the other embracing it… and a woman caught in the middle of their rivalry. (<-- Doesn't anyone get hot shivers when reading this? I do!!)

So what is your favorite werewolf legend or story? I have to admit, I’m even fascinated by the wolves in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Does Belle get consumed by the wolves in the woods or face the Beast in the dark castle? Classic woman in jeopardy romance…

Thanks for letting me drop by!


[closed] Giveaway open to all: Erin McCarthy is offering up a 1 copy of Hot Finish & The Beast Within! To enter leave a comment answering Erin's question above and a winner will be announced on September 19th 2010.

13 September 2010

BlogFest winner 2010

First of all I'd like to thank Cinnamon for organizing and hosting this incredible event named; Blogfest. I had no clue how big the turn-up would be or the new peeps that would find me and I hope to get to know much better in the future!

The question I asked was what book did you read and I've seen loads of interesting titles come by. I've even read a bunch who are of were reading Stacia Kane's UNHOLY GHOSTS. As she will be guestblogging in my PNR feature; The Vampire, The Shapeshifter & The Kick Ass Chick, I had to immerse myself in her world and get acquainted with Chess and terrible! My review is coming soon but I was thoroughly impressed with this new world and characters, I can tell you that.

Okay, my book rambling will have to wait because I also want to thank everyone who dropped by and hereby announce the winner of the 4 book giveaway of; Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy / Zoe Archer - Warrior / Alyssa Day - Atlantis Warrior and Anya bast - Cruel Enchantment. As I said, if the winner already has anyone of these titles we can confer for titles of equal value at The Book Depository Store!

The winner of the Blogfest giveaway is...*drumroll please*


*woohoo* Congratulations, I'll get in touch with you within the next 24 hours!

On September 15th:
For all those of you who haven't won, know that in two days I have Erin McCarthy here who has a fun post and a giveaway of; HOT FINISH and THE BEAST WITHIN!

I hope to see you all then!!

12 September 2010

Blogfest 2010 is here...let's par-tay!

What's a BlogFest?

BlogFest is much like tag through the blogs. Each blog will host a link that will guide you on through to the next blog, and so on.

But.... The best part is....

Each blog will be hosting a giveaway contest for readers to enter! Can you imagine the different prizes you have a chance at winning? Or all the new people you'll meet? This is sure to be a win/win weekend!

Don't forget about the massive BlogFest 2010 grand giveaway! Head on over to http://ajourneyofbooks.halfzero.net/ and click on the Tracking Site link to head to our own exclusive tracking site. Once there you can register with a valid email address (to be used solely for the purpose of contacting the winner). This site will allow you to track your progress through BlogFest 2010! You can log on from anywhere at any time and continue where you left off. The best part is that every blog that you visit and mark off through this tracking site will give you one entry into the massive giveaway! We have a great collection of books, goodies and other swag that is looking for a new home!

Now that you have all the info for the more then 250 blogs large giveaway par-tay let me tell you what I have in store for you :)

Blogfest international giveaway @ LBR:
I have chosen four books (see pic below) which I will send (via The Bookdepository Store) to the winner and all you have to do is tell me which book are you reading at the moment.

The titles are:
Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy / Zoe Archer - Warrior / Anya Bast - Cruel Enchantment and Alyssa Day - Atlantis Betrayed. If the winner already has one or more of these titles we can visit Book Depository Store and look for other books of equal value.

If you are a regular, guys, have a bit of bubbly and hunker down on the sofa to talk about your latest or current crack and for those who are new here, snoop around! I have a great 10 day feature coming up celebrating vampires, shapeshifters and kick ass chicks with reviews, guestblogs, an interview and giveaway! I've also got Erin McCarthy stopping by next week with a blogpost titled "Got Fur" and our very first Cover Hussy Club day commences in the last day's of September. So you see, much fun to be had here...or so I hope LOL

Have a great blogfest everyone :))

The next blog is:
Candace's Book Blog

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10 September 2010

Our double dare adventure -> Guest review from Book Chick City: Lauren Dane - Laid Bare

Website Author

“Laid Bare” by Lauren Dane
Genre: Erotic Romance/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-22971-2
Length: Novel, 322 pages
Price: £7.39 (Amazon UK)
Publication Date: June 2009
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Cover Art: Tony Mauro
Book Origin: BCC purchased her own copy

Cover Summary:
It’s been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with Erin Brown, the provocative, wild rocker chick next door. Their power exchange in the bedroom got under his skin. But love wasn’t in the cards just yet...

Now, life has thrown the pair back together. But picking up where they left off is tough in light of a painful event from Erin’s past. As Todd struggles to earn her trust, their relationship takes an unexpected and exciting turn when Todd’s best friend, Ben, ends up in their bed - and all three are quite satisfied in this relationship without a name. As the passion they share transforms Erin, will it be enough to help her face the evil she though she had left behind?


My Review:
When I first approached Leontine with the proposal of a double dare, I was a little nervous. Her taste in romance books is pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum to mine, but that’s the reason I wanted to do the double dare with her - to broaden my horizons.

Leontine offered me three choices: LAID BARE by Lauren Dane, A FOSTERED LOVE by Cameron Dane and HOLDING THE CARDS by Joey W Hill.

After having read their synopsis on Goodreads, I decided to go with Laid Bare by Lauren Dane. I cracked this book open with apprehension and knew, just by the first line, that this was going to be an experience!

First line: "Music, raw and hard like sex, pulsed through the speaker stack..."

I will be totally honest, my initial reaction after the first few chapters was “Gaaaahhhhhh” *blushing profusely* “Oh. My. God” *did the author really just use that word* and “Don’t think this book is for me”...

Ms Dane takes no prisoners when it comes to the scorching erotic sex scenes and I found myself squirming uncomfortably on my usually very comfy sofa. I’m more of an old-fashioned romantic and for someone who has never read erotica before, let alone m/m/f, I can honestly say I was truly out of my comfort zone.

I can’t say I got used to all the naughty words, but after a while the characters and their story took over and I found myself completely taken by surprise at how much I enjoyed this book and I gobbled it up in practically one sitting!

The story begins ten years in the past when Erin, a rock chick guitarist, and police officer, Todd, are itching to get to know one another, even though they aren’t each other’s usual type. One night Erin makes the first move and there begins a passionate fling between the two. Erin is completely comfortable with her sexuality and knows what she wants. Todd on the other hand holds back, scared to reveal his secret erotic desires, to the point where he’s too afraid to continue the relationship and they part ways.

Flash forward ten years to the present day and things are very different. Erin is a shadow of her former self due to an incredibly painful experience which continues to haunt her, and the free spirit she once had is gone.

Todd on the other hand has come to accept who he is. After a failed marriage, divorce and change in career, he now knows what he wants and needs. He’s more self-assured, especially in the bedroom, and when he bumps into Erin unexpectedly in the cafe she now owns, he shows it by ravishing her the very same night they meet, and this is where their relationship takes off for the second time.

Laid Bare is chock full of sizzling sex and I did find it a little overwhelming at times. I would have preferred less sex and more story, but with that said, this is a story with many layers, complex emotions and characters that are well-rounded and loveable - especially Todd *hubba bubba*

I really liked the relationship between Erin and Todd. They have a respect for one another that is sweet and I loved that it was so evident especially as their sexual relationship is based on D/s, with Todd being the dominant and Erin the submissive. This side of Todd’s nature begins to grow stronger the more he’s with Erin, he feels alive and totally himself for the first time in his life. And because Erin fully admits to how much she likes him taking control, I was comfortable with this aspect to their relationship.

As Todd and Erin find deeper love and security with each other, they decide to bring Todd’s oldest and dearest friend, Ben, into their bedroom. Although he is introduced at a good pace, I couldn’t get to grips with the introduction of Ben, even though he’s a total hottie. I was so deeply immersed in Todd and Erin’s journey that I felt Ben was an outsider and I was reluctant to let him in. I was hoping he would be just a casual addition to Todd and Erin’s ever growing sexual dynamics, but he wasn’t. Although both Todd and Erin said they loved him, I felt sorry for him - he still felt like the third wheel to me.

But my favourite part of the book was the story of Erin, which touched my heart - what heartache she had to endure. I really enjoyed watching her grow from a scared victim to someone in complete control of her life, and to see her freeness of spirit return was inspiring. I think Ms Dane did a wonderful job at describing Erin’s emotions

Laid Bare is a story with a happy ever after, but I’m not sure it’s my happy ever after. I continued to struggle with the three-way, constantly worrying about Ben. However, it was a very satisfactory ending where Erin and Todd were concerned, and I read the last word with a contented sigh.

I’m not sure this is a genre I could read in great quantities, but I have definitely had my horizons broadened and I was so taken with Ms Dane’s writing, and now rather intrigued with this genre, that I have bought book two in the Brown Sibling’s series, Coming Undone.

4 stars

Check out my review of Brian Keene's horror story; THE RISING over at Book Chick City

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09 September 2010

A Double Dare, A Wild Party &10 Days Of Paranormal Romance Fun...

For some reason I shifted in to a busy little bee now that September has arrived. I haz got loads of fun stuff and just wanted to share it with you all :) 

On September 10th (which is tomorrow) I have accepted a dare...

When Book Chick City e-mailed me with the idea to do a Double Dare I was all for it. She would read and review a book in my genre and I would read and review a book in her genre. So tomorrow I have Book Chick City over with a guest review of Lauren Dane - LAID BARE and I will be found at her place with a review of Brian Keene's THE RISING. Have I told you it's like a decade ago since I read a horror story!!

Could this be more opposite LOL

I also have a wild giveaway party starting tomorrow that is called BlogFest and more then 250 blogs will participate in it. I just wanted a pre-party to my upcoming 10 day long feature to celebrate the awesomeness of the paranormal romance genre with the vampires, the shapeshifters, the kick-ass chicks:

September 10-12; Blogfest giveaway:

International and shipped via The Book Depository Store
Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy (UK edition)
Alyssa Day - Atlantis Betrayed
Zoe Archer - Warrior
Anya Bast - Cruel Enchantment
After all this excitement I need a bit of a breather to fuel myself for 10 days of Paranormal Romance fun.

So in my absence Erin McCarthy decided to pop over and she talks about her very first werewolf with a guestblog title; "Got Fur?" To make her party complete she's also giving away a copy of THE BEAST WITHIN and HOT FINISH.

Erin McCarthy's story in THE BEAST WITHIN is:

The Howling:

When Liv Lugaru’s boyfriend Sebastian disappears, she finds comfort in his brother’s arms. But Sebastian is much closer than Liv realizes…and he’ll stop at nothing to protect her from the feral danger that comes alive only when she sleeps...

Since I got my e-reader my attention shifted a bit to erotica and M/M romance/erotica LOL But the PNR books kept piling up and I wanted to sample some new authors next to the vested ones on my shelves. So I've got reviews, guestblogs and an interview too where some *rowr* new vampires enter my realm. The complete agenda will be up next week!

My *achem* oh so creative title for this 10 day long feature? The Vampire, The Shapeshifter & The Kick Ass Chick.

Let's have some fun together!!!

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