14 February 2011

The ode to doggy love...

Today is a day we celebrate l’amour! We declare our love, secretly or openly, to the ones near and dear to us. My hubby once wrote me a declaration of love and I realized this weekend he kept each and every promise to me, which of course made me miss him all the more *sigh* Still, I don’t want to be gloomy today, perhaps it will be a bit bitter with the sweet what I’m about to tell but l’amour can come in all shapes and sizes. Twelve years ago it came in the shape of a Shih-Tzu pup we named Luka and little did I know that he could charm me out of a gloomy mood any day of the week. Luka was an “in your face doggy love” dog. He had an unbound enthusiasm, friendship and loyalty for the people he loved but later, as he grew older, he could also get grumpy if he didn’t like a dog or person. I called it his “Walter moments”, as in Walter from Jeff Dunham. Still, he had the biggest, brownest eyes and with one look he could charm many in doing his bidding :) Hubby and I had five Shih-Tzu dogs and both hubby and I connected just a little more to different dogs. Luka was definitely my dog and last week I had to make the hardest decision a pet owner can make. 

Luka was sick, like Eros, losing weight and I didn’t wait one moment and took him to the vet. There, through and ultra sound, we found out Luka had a tumor as big as his belly, eating him up from the inside out. If November hit me with a 9.0 on the Richter scale, January hit me with some unexpected aftershocks. In one month I found out three of my furries; Eros, Esmé and Luka are incurably ill. Eros and Luka had to be euthanized pretty quickly. I thank God for small favors that I can hold on to my queen furry just a little longer. Esmé has many symptoms from the syndrome of Cushing which means she will gradually get worse. Of course in the near future I will have to make that decision again to let her go but for now, for this moment, I still have her with me.

Even with all the sad news I want to bring an ode to the love, the joy and happiness a dog can bring to one’s life. The cuddles, the play times, the barks and the wagging tales. The times where Jasmijn’s litter of nine pups created a toilet-paper snowstorm inside our apartment or Luka fell asleep in the food bowl. I have so many treasured memories and I miss Luka with all my heart. He and I shared a great bond, he could hang over de couch looking at the TV as if he understood it all, he licked away many a tear from my cheeks and barked enthusiastically when I laughed. He lay underneath my chair as I worked on the computer or was in the kitchen when I was cooking. He was my doggy friend!

Last Friday he died in my arms and all I can feel, all I can remember, is the love he gave me.

Luka was born on 16-3-1999 and died on 11-2-2011

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  1. Oh, Leontine. I am so sorry. *BIG HUG*

  2. Leontine, I'm so very sorry for your loss. *hugs*

  3. oh Leontine *hugs* I'm so sorry :(s

  4. You really need some good time coming to you! *hugs*

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. It is obvious to me that he felt the love you gave him as well. *HUGS*

  6. Even though I knew this was bound to happen soon, I'm still shocked and so very, very sorry for you, sweetie! I'm praying that you'll have much more time with Esmé left than you're even hoping for. *Big hug*

  7. I'm sorry you lost Luka, Leontine. Your post was beautiful and it just made me give my two pups an extra big hug.


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