18 April 2011

Leontine's 411 on life; Changes

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. ~Pauline R. Kezer

Lots of changes are coming. Do I like it? Some I do, and some make me freak out. Here is why:

After seven years of staying at home focusing on different matters I now have an appointment with a job coach. We will discuss options of course but nerves are skittering inside to get back into the circuit of applying for jobs and interviews. You guys do not want to know the last time I actually had a job interview or wrote my résumé! Okay, so I'll just have to put on my big girl panties and meet the challenge head on but there are moments I just want to scream, run for the hills and hide out. My inner kick-ass chica is making chicken sounds *sigh*

The second change I kinda did not see coming. I've been struggling with my weight for quite a few years now and due to IVF treatments and my PCOS syndrome it hasn't been easy to lose weight. Last year we quit the IVF treatments and I started to diet but as you can imagine, it hasn't been a big priority the last five months. When me and my sister had one of our phone dates (we never talk for just an hour or so LOL) she told me about the Dr. Frank diet. It's not super innovative, it basically cuts out as much of the carbs as possible. Still a friend of hers lost 16 kg in three months. So now my sis is giving it a go and I'm really proud of her. Of course she inspired me and when I investigated this diet I found a forum about Dr. Frank's diet. There I found a category titled; PCOS which contained a wealth of info. Some of it I wasn't aware of and was scary, the effect this syndrome has on your body! It can increase the development of some serious diseases o.0 I got excited about this diet and told my sis it was time again to get back in to the saddle and start the diet. It wasn't something that was on my mind but unexpectedly felt the drive to join. So it's goodbye to bread *cries* pasta, pastries and chocolate *cries some more* but hopefully get a much healthier body in return ;)

The third change I'm making actually has something to do with reviewing. The last five months I have been reading on and off but my chaotic self is working against me. The drive to make notes and review never really left me. If a book could keep me captivated I wanted to review it but for some reason my review style sucked the energy right outta me. Just thinking about an opening line, review angle, the english words to convey exactly what I meant, it just doesn't really work for me at this time in my life. Of course I still want to get my opinion out, so I thought of a quick way to review. Well that thought got kicked out fast, I never have been a 'to the point' reviewer, I wasn't going to start now! However, I needed something that would give me structure in the chaos of my mind. I have always uber-loved the Quick 'n Dirty review style of Pearl and the Swiftly Dusted review style of Janna. While I'm totally giving it a 'Leontine-vibe' my new format has been inspired on these two great ladies' creativity. I found that it's kind of a question and answer type of reviewing which allows me to focus on one aspect of the story and mute all the other thoughts tumbling in my head. The book that will be the first reviewed in this style is Amy Lane's Truth In The Dark and will be posted tomorrow :) Now don't worry, my original way of reviewing is not out the window but in this new format I found the answer to keep reviewing.

The thing that also changed is the iPad situation and later on this week I've got to tell you all about it. Now I'm wondering though, how do you handle change? Me, I'm the kind of person who loaths change but once decides to go for it I give it a 150%

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  1. Good luck with the diet! I know how hard it is to give up chocolate (I never could).

    And I am looking forward to your new review style. I know what you mean, I have been looking for my style too

  2. Good luck with the job coach. I HATE looking for a new job so I feel your pain. Of course I've never not worked as long as you have - I'm extremely jealous. lol

    Weight loss sucks. Oh, sorry, probably not what you'd like to hear. I myself have been thinking about weight loss daily for the past couple of weeks. I think I almost have myself talked into doing it. Good luck to you. Dropping carbs is hard but dropping the pounds feels so good. :)

    I can't wait for your first review in the new style.

  3. @Blodeuedd - I'm only two days in to the diet and surprisingly not hungry but oh man, it's hard to stay away from chocolate, I can almost taste it in my mouth just talking about it ;)

    I hope you will find your style as well Blodeuedd, until then, try out loads of ways!

    @Tracy - Late hubby and I decided while I was putting my body through all the IVF treatments I would stay home and that was okay. It was a luxury we could affort so that was an extra bonus for me ;)

    LOL Will you be my weightloss coach?? Losing weight isn't a fun filled job but in the end I think with the syndrome it will cut back the chances of me developing a dissease. That's a huge beneift IMO *smiles*

  4. Best of luck on the job search. I know it can be scary but you'll rock it! And congrats on making a diet plan!! Here's to your heal L.

    Looking forward to your new review format as well. xoxo

  5. Hon, I am so very proud of you tackling these changes head on!

    Changes and I don't go well together as I tend to stick and hang on to stuff as long and hard as I can and changes upset my uber-organized nature but I applaud anyone who embraces changes without fear and just goes for it!


  6. You go!!! I hate change... I've worked for the same company for the last 15 years!

  7. Good luck with the job search and the diet. I was laid off after working for the same company (in two different states) for over 38 years. As you can imagine, it was tough getting out there and going on interviews and I made some mistakes along the way. With each interview I learned more, and I kept refining my resume as time went on as well. After six months I landed a wonderful job, and I'm enjoying it very much. My work offers Weight Watchers which is paid for by our insurance carrier, so I'm doing the diet thing too. Weight Watchers is fairly painless, in that you can have treats if you want, you just have to pick and choose and make sure you stay within the guidelines. I've lost 7.6 lbs so far (in 4 weeks), so I'm going to keep it up.
    I wish you much success, and yes, change is hard, but it's usually very good for us too!

  8. Good luck with the job search and diet! I'm looking forward to your quickie format :)

  9. Wow... sounds like you are making some good "adjustments" to your life. GOOD LUCK and best wishes... especially with the whole job thing.



  10. good luck with the diet plan and on the implementation


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