01 April 2011

Leontine's 411 on March

March was a month of ups and downs, here are a few I just had to share with you all:

The thing I am so very excited about is the fact Janna and I are going to New Orleans in October. Twelve days we've got to explore this city and the reason we are going; GayRomLit. Oh yeah, we're going to celebrate our m/m reading love with many other readers and authors. There are many events but among it is a gala, that means me in a dress *eek* "The Boys who write Cock Tales want to invite everyone out for Cocktails." Oh yeah, me wants! We've also got; French Quarter Vampire & Ghost Walking Tours, do you think I might encounter Zarek there? Valerius or Talon will do as well LOL Also the Riverboat Book Signing Social is going to be a hoot. For a complete list of events; go here.

The moment we could register we did, paid up and then we had to go hotel/apartment hunting. This hasn't been the easiest thing to do. We had a few slick furnitured apartments but one just rented by the month and the other wouldn't reply us *cries* Since Janna and I preferred an apartment over hotel we went looking again. This is the apartment we now have our eyes for and are in contact with the owner. During the four day GayRomLit retreat ten gals, including Janna and me, have plans to crash together. This is going to be so much fun, I foresee very little sleep in those days *grin*

Another cyber change I made that gave me grey hairs is the switch to IE9, which was a mistake of gigantic proportions and I hate it, HATE it with the blazing of a thousand suns. I'm now searching for other options or else go back to IE8!

This month's I also got twitter followed by Denise Tompkins and due to IE9 I can't open twitter the website anymore @#$%^&#$%^ but via google I got to her website and I'm very intrigued by the succinct information about her Niteclif Evolution series/trilogy?
Time becomes irrelevant
to the immortal.
But to one human woman
every second counts
Book 1 of the Niteclif Evolutions
Jacket copy to be provided shortly.

Book 2 of the Niteclif Evolutions
Jacket copy to be provided shortly.

Book 3 of the Niteclif Evolutions
*Under Development*

Last saturday I had an absolute blast with my fellow ladies in crime Pearl and Marissa. We had some girl time coming up and Pearl picked me up around one. That's where we found out via a message from her hubby that there was a BookDepo package...and oh yeah, it was a much wanted book; Lover Unleashed. As soon as we arrived at her place she ripped open the package and there was a blue, shiny cover of LUn. Can I say we giggled and whooped together. Because now that she got her copy, would I get mine? I called my brother and he reacted something like this; Are you insane! You actually want me to call you if a package is delivered?? He thought I missed out on some meds or something but the brother that he is he promised to call...and told me I should take my meds LOL

So Pearl and I got talking, looking forward to join Marissa later that PM. We had loads to talk about and of course I had to look at her shiny iPad that she won. before we knew it we sat on the couch at Marissa's, having a threeway conversation that is never boring *grin* We got to dinner, then to a girly movie and before I knew it it was time for me to go home. Those days always go by in the blink of an eye. On sunday and monday I read Lover Unleashed but it was somewhat underwhelming, see my review here.
So later that week my love for the iPad was burning a holy fire in my heart like you wouldn't believe it. Janna got my heart pumping for it, then she showed it again at a later date and i just knew I wanted one. When Pearl got out her's, well, all my eyes saw was a sparkly iPad. Now I have always had patience issues, which remains a big challenge for me to deal with but now in my current situation it's not like I can fork over iPad cash like that. Well, since the iPad 2 was released not long ago I noticed a lot of adds popping up where peeps wanted to get rid of their iPad 1. So I thought; YAY, perhaps I can get a carefully used iPad 1st generation. So I looked at a whole bunch of adds at a certain website, looked at various factors and found one that was in my price range. I contacted him and I can tell you in hindsight that was the biggest mistake I made.

The e-mail exchange was not something unusual. I had used this site often times in the past and it didn't raise any flags. So we exchanged payment details and when that was final I squeed in joy to Pearl. But then she carefully asked me a few questions, and that when I found out I could "check" someone's bank account number online, and for sure, the one I paid my money to was a known scammer. I think at first I was in shock, I got red cheeks and all. Then I got emotional, did I pay such carefully saved money not to see anything in return? I contacted the seller, he said I would get the track & trace code of the package tomorrow and I would enjoy my iPad no later then friday. Well, I never heard from him again, even though I e-mailed him 4/5 times after that where my track & trace code of the package was. I e-mailed some more saying I should get a refund if he wasn't going to give it to me. But alas, to no avail, I was cyber robbed and I did it with consent *cries*

Even though I was very emotional about it I'm now up in arms and going to press charges and work with mine and his bank to, hopfully, get my money back. I felt so stupid for falling for it and a tad bit ashamed. I've learned a valuable lesson but my trust is forever burned and I don't think I'll ever buy at such sites again. My iPad dream is further away then it was earlier that week but one day guys....*smiles*

PS: this is no april fool's day joke - unfortunately!

On a finer note, tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with Janna and I can't wait to see her again. Those days are full of talk, laughter, good food and go buy way too quick. It will be a fantastic way to start my April month!!

So any ups or downs at your end in March you would like to share?

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  1. I am so sorry you got cyberrobbed :(

  2. I'm so sorry you were cyberrobbed - that sucks.

    I'm so excited you're coming to NOLA!!! It sounds like you have a lot planned and I hope you have a blast while you're here!!!

  3. Oh, so sorry to hear you got cyberrobbed Leontine! And thanks for telling us in detail your experience, I don't think many of us would have seen it was a scam. What made you doubt the integrity and genuine character of the ad?

  4. Sorry you were scammed...that sucks! I hope you get your money back! And your upcoming trip to New Orleans sounds wonderful...have a great time! :^)

  5. Sorry you were scammed. My BF got robbed by an ebay seller too. By the time he went back and forth to ask for refund, the time to write the seller a bad review was gone. I hope you will get your money back. But good that you're going to New Orleans. The tour sounds very very interesting. Have fun!

  6. Cyber robbed? Well that just sucks.

    What a month for you.

    All I can say about my March is thank god it's over and please let April be less stressful.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. @Blodeuedd - Thanks, I'm rebounding though and at least i learned a very hard lesson!

    @Patti - yeah it sucks big hairy balls! But YAY, I hope we gets to meet in NO!!! I'll be probably oooeee-ing and aawwwhhh-ing like a tourist but i don't care. Oh...and i want to drink coffee at that place in Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series * grin*

    @Stella - I think if Pearl didn't ask my those questions of whether or not it was all legit I wouldn't have googled is bank account number. That's when the igotscammed websites started to pop up and his bank account was known to others who got scammed. I started to e-mail, he only responded once more and after that went completely silent :( They say with these kind of adds; if it's to good to be true, it probably is. Well, I found that out the hard way!

    @Enid Wilson - Yeah, Ebay is another of such sites to tred very carefully on... I can't wait to inhale NO and wander around. It will be an experience I will never forget :))

    @Sia Mckye - Hallelujah!! Tomorrow it will be springtime sunny and to share it with a great friend, talking it up will be one of the best ways to start my April *smiles*

  8. Oh, that sucks about the scammer! :( I hope your bank is able to help you!

    You and Janna should get in on the house of craziness that Tam's scouting out for us in NOLA! :) It will be so cool to meet both you and Janna!

  9. I'm still furious about the scammer! :(
    We're going to make it a great start of April tomorrow, hon!
    And yes, yes, yes, Now Orleans is booked! :)
    @Chris: I really hope we can join you and the rest in the house that Tam's scouting out! It will be awesome to meet you all!

  10. OMG! My own stomach dropped when I read about your scammer. What a sick, sick feeling. People suck. For real.

    You're going to love New Orleans Leontine!!! Such an awesome place. If the apartment thing falls threw, let me know because I'll happily recommend the hotel me and the hubs stayed at in the Quarter. It was beautiful and far enough away from Bourbon Street to get some quiet but close enough to the action where your feet won't hurt walking there. Loved it! In fact, I'm dying to go back. And October should be a good month. Hopefully you'll miss the sucker punch of humidity. *fingers crossed*


  11. @Chris - Should we e-mail Tammy? I really don't want to miss it all! I just know we can have tons of fun together as a group *grin*

    @Janna - I'm so psyched it's booked YAY and I can't wait sit in the sunshine and give our vocals a good stretch *grin*

    @VFG - Yeah, we heard it was very mild climate and I'm hoping we can indeed avoid the humidity... I read your post, way back when, about your trip to NO with your hubby and the descriptions about food, sights etc wwas awesome. If i didn't already wanted to go there I would want to after reading that blog post *smiles*

  12. L: You SO should email Tam!!!

  13. O Leontine, what a fabulous news, you are going to New Orleans! That is one city I really want to explore someday. So many cool books take place there, I feel I already know my way about the French Quarter. I wish you all the very best of times.

    I am sorry to read about your bad experience. The site MP I guess? You should use PayPal for your transaction next time, guaranteed refund if the seller doesn't ship. I never heard about googling an account number before, I'll check that out with my own.

    Have a good weekend, and I hope your next book will be fine.

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