12 April 2011

Review: Laura Wright - Eternal Kiss

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Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Signet (April 5, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9780451233844
ISBN-13: 978-0451233844
ASIN: 0451233840
Book #2 in Mark Of The Vampire series
Excerpt Eternal Kiss

Cover Summary:
Raised by the Breed, Nicholas Roman wants to stop the Eternal Order of Vampires from controlling his life, and using other males from his bloodline-including possibly his son-for their vicious reign. Only a beautiful vampire stranger can help him. But what are her true motives?

Note: I suggest that if you haven't read Eternal Hunger first to do just that because the ongoing plot and worldbuilding strongly flows from the first book in to the second.

My Review: The action erupted violently from the pages in Eternal Kiss’ first chapter! It paints a scene of a horrifying event and, wow, did it grab my attention. Not only the event but also the domino effect it created told me I was in for quite a ride. The world Laura Wright envisions is an intricate one where customs and rituals demand the full attention from the reader. It took me a moment to get in to the world again but I still remembered the battle of the Impures with Dare at the lead from Eternal Hunger. Only now Laura Wright takes it to a whole other level where power play is at its finest.

The almost gritty writing style and acerbic humor of Laura Wright gives me a unique perception of her world, the action and the dialogues. The temperamental banter between the brothers not only displays the depth of their relationship together but it made me smile, grin and even laugh out loud at times. In fact I gobbled up the dialogues where personalities either meshed or clashed. The romance is rich in emotion and the plot infuses dangers and nail biting action. The journey was so exciting! It was rife with chills and thrills and altogether it never failed to keep my attention. So when the Romans moment got there to defeat the evil it went by in a flash and that build up tension fizzled for me.

Kate, her wry humor and her no-nonsense reflection on herself and life immediately got on my good side. I just love a heroine who can overcome great adversity in life and deal with it due to an attitude, a chip on her shoulder and a hidden softer side. She started the story with only one goal but slowly other factors come in to play, i.e.; a balas (vampire child) and one very complex Roman brother. It creates an inner dilemma and character growth which makes Kate such a likable heroine.

From the moment I met the Roman brothers; Alexander, Nicholas and Lucian I was intrigued by them all. True vampire heroes to the core but little did I know how I would fall for Nicholas. He is a recipe of complexity, rawness, sexual prowess and dark secrets which made him such a compelling vampire. His past bears a pain that rocked me to my core and he did not let me go after that. Nicholas’ past may shock some readers but for me it exposed all sorts of emotions regarding his character.

Of course Kate and Nicholas have issues to overcome and together they were a couple who made my heart beat faster. They challenged each other, rubbed each other the wrong way, defied one another but all of those aspects combined, allowed a fiery chemistry to ignite. There were toe-curling scenes where sensual femininity meets unabashed primal hunger. But what got to me the most where the moments where the bared their soul to one another. Nothing yanks my heartstrings more then to see two characters struggle with their past yet find the trust to give themselves to that one person. Laura Wright didn’t make it easy and it is exactly the way I like it. I want to work through all the obstacles right alongside the characters and they only problem I had was the fact I wanted more focus on the romance.

After Kate and Nicholas went past that push-pull of desire, emotions came in to play and I was really feeling it all at those raw moments. I was completely absorbed in their verbal and physical interplay. Even though every other aspect was giving me a wonderful read I’m at the foundation a character driven reader. It’s because I love both characters so that I wanted more of them, more of Nicholas back story as well and that need for more wasn’t always met. The one I wanted more of too was Gray Donohue. He is one tortured secondary character who has some vices in order to deal with his problems. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to him. When I got to the concluding chapters Laura Wright had some surprises up her sleeve I just did not see coming. It adds fuel for a new chapter in the ongoing plot. And Lucian, oh my, his attitude had me from hello but his last few actions in this story stir the hunger for his own.

Eternal Kiss was a great ride where a ‘sweep-of-your-feet’ romance ignites within a high risk plot. Laura Wright has found her niche in the Paranormal Romance genre with her ‘larger-than-life’ Roman brothers!

4 stars

The feeling of Nicholas inside her was harmony and bliss, perfection and peace. And regardless of the way they’d gotten there, she now understood the chemical connection of a true mate.

Heat surged within Kate, and she wanted to tell him to forget the bath and take her right now. Better yet, get in the water with her. But before she had a chance, he was standing up and heading for the door.
“Where are you going/” she asked, sounding forlorn even to her own ears.
Oh Lord. Pathetic needy chick, party of one.

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  1. I didn't read the first one so I guess I need to start there. Sounds good though. :)

  2. You've so sold me on this series, Leontine! I haven't read book one yet, but I plan to. And I'm glad book book two lived up to its predecessor.

  3. Great review as always! :) I must say those quotes are hot. *grin*

  4. This sounds like a great series, I'll have to check it out. Nice review Leontine, glad to read some more of your hand.

  5. @fictionvixen - i love the storytelling of laura wright and oh man, nicholas is grade A+ male vamp material ;)

    @VFG - you are so going to love the world building of LW, it's one you can sink your teeth in!

    @Janna - therebwere morenquotes to give but didn't want to spoil some emotional peaking scenes.

    @Aurian - Glad to hear you're going to check it out! Reviewing will pick up but for now the book really needs to evoke very strong reactions for me to clime in to the keyboard, so to speak ;)

  6. I skimmed because this one is coming up for me..I wasn't a huge fan of book one but I def want to give this series another try :)

  7. Another awesome review hon! Seems like those Roman brothers have made a fan out of you :)


  8. Still need to start in bk 1, but those quotes are yummy!

  9. I just bought both of the books!

  10. the best thing about vampire stories is the ability to add some chemistry on the story.


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