02 April 2011

To you...

I just had to share this with the rest of the world:

To you; the man who was a painter by day, had the soul of a rocker and is the keeper of my heart.

This day nine years ago you promised to stand behind me so you could catch me if I would fall, you vowed you would stand beside me wherever life would take us, and you would stand in front of me to protect me should I need it.

We said:
I want to be your man,
I want to be your woman.
I want to love you,
Apreciate you,
All the days of our life,
Even beyond the boundries of death.
Because I've chosen you,
among the many that I know.
I want to promise you my love,
I want to belong to you just as I am.
And even when there comes a day full of doubts,
I still want to be with you,
For all times,
And you with me,
Beyond the boundries of my love.

Even though we differed of opinions at times and had our 'mad-bad-I'm not talking to you right now' moments, you've kept all your promises to me and with that, made our love bright in all the ordinary and extraordinary ways! I miss you in more ways then I can say...

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  1. This was beautiful!

    I hope you're doing well sweetie.

    Big hugs

  2. Oh Leontine...

    Thinking of you today.


  3. A {{big hug}} for you today Leontine.

  4. Thinking of you...glad you found each other even if it was only for a short while. ((hugs))

  5. hug ,call you soon

  6. You're in my thoughts, Leontine.


  7. That is beautiful Leontine...

  8. Thanks for all the hugs guys, this is just a week where wedding anniversary and his b-day is coming up tomorrow...the memories are still so bittersweet and the missing of him ginormous!

  9. a very inspiring and touching one good job on this.


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