04 May 2011

2-1 Review: Joey W Hill - Ice Queen and The Mirror Of My Soul

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Book III - Nature of Desire Series Ice Queen
(can read as standalone, but story continued in sequel Mirror of my Soul)
Erotic/BDSM Contemporary Romance
Ellora's Cave Publishing
March 2006

Cover Summary:
They call her the Ice Queen. At the exclusive BDSM club known as The Zone, Mistress Marguerite is a legend. Tyler Winterman has been fascinated with her since he’s known her, though the rules of their world say they shouldn’t share more than mutual admiration. He is her male counterpart, one of the most powerful male Doms practicing at The Zone.

Due to a computer error, Marguerite lacks the mentoring program stipulation required of all Zone Doms, which includes spending a number of hours learning about BDSM from the submissive’s perspective. Tyler considers it an act of fate that Marguerite chooses him to be the Dom who helps her fulfill that requirement. He is convinced she is a “switch”, a closet submissive, but the truth will be even more remarkable than the theory, changing their lives in ways neither of them anticipates.

Having no equal except one another in their skills at stripping a sub’s defenses bare, these two Dominants will turn their considerable talents on each other and discover that who is Master and who is slave doesn’t matter, not when two souls have found their mate.

Book IV of Nature of Desire series Mirror Of My Soul (sequel to Ice Queen)
Erotic/BDSM Contemporary Romance
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Some stories can't be contained between the covers of just one book...
Marguerite and Tyler’s story, which began in Ice Queen, continues in Mirror of My Soul. Having resolved some of the issues that arose between them as two sexual dominants, they now explore whether Marguerite’s desire to be Mistress and slave both will be accepted by Tyler, and whether the shadows of their respective pasts will have the power to destroy the love growing between them.

My Review

A personal note:
I found out that some authors can captivate me no matter what I’m going through in life. Joey W Hill is one of those authors and in December, when I read Ice Queen and Mirror Of My Soul, I was immensely grateful for that! One of the main reasons I was compelled to read these connected books was the fact that Marguerite is the sister of David who is the leading man in A Witch’s Beauty (my all-time favorite read of JWH) His story was also a 5 star read for me.

The story in a nutshell:
Marguerite is an extraordinary Domme, she is always in control of her scene with her chosen submissive and together they create a mesmerizing synergy. She is in control of her emotions and her life…until Tyler, another Dom, gets in to her personal space and stirs things better left dormant. Together they start a dance as intricate and passionate as a Paso Doble.

The man who is Tyler:
Oh yeah, Tyler Winterman is the epitome of an attention-grabbing male. He exudes confidence like it’s his own brand of cologne. He is so in sync with himself you wonder if he’ll ever not get the things he wants and he has patience and compassion to boot. He appeals to me in so many ways, if Marguerite hadn't already claimed him I would be all over him in a heartbeat.

The woman who is Marguerite:
Marguerite Perruquet touched me in so many ways! She is a Domme and takes her submissive’s on such a soul rendering journey in her scenes, I just had to be wow-ed by her. But behind that exterior of control lies a complex and shattered self that I was absolutely fascinated by. One careful step at the time I got more access to Marguerite’s heart and mind and what I found was such a fascinating contradiction. There was strength and weakness, pain and pleasure, joy and sadness and it was all amplified by Joey W Hills powerful storytelling.

The emotional journey:
Joey W Hill gave me an absorbing character driven tale with a scintillating chemistry between the leading lady and man. I’ve been given great insight in the working of the heart and mind of Marguerite and Tyler. Together they display a mesmerizing interplay between a Dom and his sub. I loved the development with Marguerite as a Domme finding her submissive side. Her scenes are poised, almost elevating it to sheer artistry, sweeping along all spectators in the momentum. She combines grace and profound knowledge of what a sub needs to find completion. To see Marguerite opposite Tyler in a different role allows Tyler to take the spotlight as a Dom who is completely going for his sub. He has his own issues to deal with but his feelings for Marguerite are shown in everything he does. The character growth of both of them is believable, it is fraught with trust issues, surrendering one’s true self and a past that still has it’s tentacles in both Tyler and Marguerite’s heart.

The sizzling sexiness:
The way Joey W Hill allows a scene to come alive and gradually reach an erotic pinnacle always completely absorbs me. It’s like she plugs in an emotional power chord to a hot-as-hell erotic scene where then the eroticism is elevated to another kind of awesome! I just have no other words. Tyler + Marguerite = a sensual smorgasbord!

My Synonyms for Ice Queen and Mirror To My Soul:
Intense – layered – emotional – absorbing – toe-curling – dark – soul searching – pain and pleasure.

My Overall reaction:
Everything this author is known for is present in Ice Queen and continues in The Mirror Of My Soul. The compelling blend of excellent – leap of the pages – characters, raw emotions, sensuality, strong dialogues and a journey for both characters kept me riveted to the pages. I keep saying it but the characters this author manages to breathe to life are characters I immediately feel a strong connection to. The strength of Marguerite and Tyler facing adversity, the sensual interaction blooming between them, the well of emotions poured on paper and the message it contains; it’s an almost overwhelming sensation to read. Joey W Hill is a constant supplier of phenomenal erotic romance, she has a class few authors possess!

4.5 stars for Ice Queen – 5 stars for Mirror Of My Soul

Quotes for you to sample:

MOMS: “Tell me what you want.” His mouth whispered it, those lips close to hers. Her own parted, letting out a breath that was a near sob. “I want to be whole. Feel it just once more.” She raised her palms before her face. “I remember lying there with David beneath feeling his heart stop beating. I tried to cup his head in my hands and it was wet…so soft. Softer than a baby’s skull. “And there were these people around. Staring at us. But I felt so alone, because David was gone. His heart was no longer my heart, his voice in my head was gone. And they didn’t know me, didn’t know us. And I wondered, ‘Will anyone ever share my soul again? Get inside me and know my thoughts?’ No. Surely not. And yet, I didn’t die. That’s the most intolerable cruelty, that you can realize that truth and not die. It seems a revelation like that should simply pluck your soul right out of you, cast it into the earth. And I think it did. I am a vampire. Sitting in the shadows, sucking in everyone else’s light and life to feed my own, but it’s false, because there’s only darkness within me.” When Tyler took her hands from her face, he was alarmed to feel her cold skin had gotten even colder. “I don’t believe that. Sshhh…” He soothed her, touching his lips to the juncture of her neck with her shoulder. His hair brushed her jaw line and she tilted her head despite the scream of resistance in her head. Easing one arm around her back, he brought her a step closer. Turned her to face him. “Let me in,” he said softly. “And I’ll light a candle.”
This moment made me cry a river and then some… 

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  1. Joey W. Hill IS an extraordinary author. I love her Vampire Queen series. I have been wanting to read both of these. Great review!

  2. Hey honey! Trying to pop in on my lunch break to see what's going on at your place! You know I heart Joey W Hill's writing! The woman freaking rocks! Hugs to you honey! I hope all is well for you!?!?! Sending my love! Cecile

  3. I still got my mermaid book to read ;)

  4. I read these books a few years ago. In fact, ICE QUEEN was my first Hill book after I was captivated by the "extreme" catagory rating by Elora's Cave (I don't beleive these ratings are used anymore...). And these books are definitely extreme. Extremely emotional, extremely sexual, and extremely entertaining. I just loved them. Together they sit on my shelves with all of Hill's other releases that I've collected and loved over the years.

    I'm so happy that Hill was able to provide you with some measure of comfort during this most difficult time in your life, Leontine. It gives me a new perspective on her writing. A greater appreciation for she helped you, a friend and reviewer that I respect and adore.

  5. Your love for Hill's work scream of the pages Leontine! I have one of her books but have yet to get familiar with her work, due to the insane shopping spree (cough cough) the tbr pile has not allowed me yet to read it. Yeah I sound like a broken record. As always you wrote a fabulous review! XXX

  6. great writings as it was expressive and clear about the thoughts.

  7. @Kristin - Oh, if you heart her Vampire series you'll love, at least, these two books as well!!

    @Cecile - Girl, if we ever get to gether we MUST talk JWH!! I was so bummed she wasn't doing any conventions while I'm going to the US this year *sobs* it would've been awesome to meet her.

    @Blodeuedd - ah, the pretty cover *grin* but the story in it is even better. If you ever read it I love to hear you about it. I wonder what your reaction will be *grin*

    @VFG - I remember you pointing out that Marguerite is the sister of David and I immeditely hit the buy button. You were ahead of me in reading JWH so you could give me some much needed info :))

    @Marissa - yeah, the ever TBR pile is becomming quite the obstacle, but you can tackle it! I remember the day, way back when, when I only borrowed books at the library and on ocassion bought a book. I never had unread books on my shelves. Oh how the times have changed LOL

    @Elite Eye Serum - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it ;)

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