10 May 2011

It's a party and I squee if I want to...

This morning I received an e-mail from Dreamspinner press that they are celebrating their fourth anniversary *throws confetti in the air* This is one of the online bookstores where I always find myself wonderful m/m stories. Guess what they have in store for us readers to celebrate it with us? There is a drawing each week for an ebook reader of the winner's choice: Kindle WiFi, NOOK WiFi, or Sony PRS 350SC – WOW!!! But what got me so psyched in the third week giveaways because Dreamspinner Press is giving away free books!!!

Let me tell you which one’s:

Week Three Specials

Download the first book from seven of our most popular series FREE - a different book each day.
Sunday - May 15 - Condor One by John Simpson
Monday - May 16 - Litha's Constant Whim by Amy Lane
Tuesday - May 17 - Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux
Wednesday - May 18 - Promises by Marie Sexton
Thursday - May 19 - His Hearth by Mary Calmes
Friday - May 20 - Love Means... No Shame by Andrew Grey
Saturday - May 21 - Luke by Jan Irving

Personally I'm being confronted with Andrew Grey alot these days and I see it as a sign I must read something of this author! The blurbs of his books sounds great but as you can see what I'm reading now is Vadim and Dan reeling me back into their Special Forces drama and Mercenaries has started with a bang!
This intrigues me very much as well.

Check the Dreamspinner Press Homepage May 29, 30, and 31st for three special surprises.

They have much more in story with; Week Two Specials - 30% off all ebooks that are turning 3 - this is going on now! And this is the Week Four Specials: All Dreamspinner Press Anthology ebooks 50% off!

*nostalgic sigh* It has been almost two years ago that I discovered the m/m (erotic) romance and it has enriched my reading world with fantastic romances. So here's to you Dreamspinner Press *raises glass of bubbly* May you have many more fruitfull years of delivering us gay romance!

How long have you've been a gay romance reader?

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  1. I don't read erotica, and I think I will never read gay erotica. Although lots of "normal" paranormal romances have enough love scenes in them to qualify as erotica in my eyes. I am just not comfortable with too hot scenes. But I am glad you enjoy it, and I hope you win something ;)

  2. Andrew Grey is great!!! Take the hint ;-)

    *goes to check out the books*

  3. Isn't it awesome! I was lucky enough to get a GC for my b-day from Dreamspinner and I had oh, so much fun spending it - especially with everything 20% off! There's a lot on my wish list now too. lol

  4. @Aurian - I know! Some books are bordering the erotic label. I can still remember the first forum discussion on gay sexing and I thought 'iieeeuuuwwww' and look at me now LOL

    @Lis - I've taken the hint and got a few titles on my iPad now :))

    @Tracy - They've got GC for DSP??!! Now that is a great option for a b-day gift *grin* I can imagine the fun you had spending, my list is pages long their LOL

  5. I've read m/m books for about two years now I think.

    I'll definitely grab those Dreamspinner freebies once they are available.
    I already bought Promises some days ago and went and bought Sexton's other books after it. I love her stories!
    Now I'm reading that Cut & Run by M. Urban & A. Roux. And really liking it!
    So... way to go Dreamspinner!

  6. Wow, four years. Congrats, Leontine! *hugs*


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