27 May 2011

Smokin' hot Highlander alert!

I don't know what it is with Highlanders this week but I'm confronted with them a lot. On twitter, girlfriends reading about hawt highlanders and today I found a promo mailing from Anita Clenney in my mailbox. From the moment I read up on this series it held my intrigue and yeah, the covers speak to me as well. Hot bod, tribal tattoo, some sword power and tartan colors - me is on cover cloud nine :) BTW, this is the cover I'm talking about:

Embrace The Highland Warrior -- Coming Nov 2011 from Sourcebooks Casablanca.

When the powerful demon that left Shay for dead discovers her empty grave, he comes seeking retribution, believing she possesses an ancient book he has sought for centuries. Knowing she can’t fight the demon alone, Shay returns to her clan and the Scottish Warrior who betrayed her…the only man she’s ever loved, where she discovers that betrayal isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes it’s far worse.

Are there any highlanders captivating your attention at the moment? I likes to know *smile*

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  1. O there are always hot highlanders around Leontine! I love the Melissa Mayhue series, highlanders, Fae and timetravelling. And this week the latest Karen Hawkins came out, and I am dying to read that. But unfortunately, the Bookdepository ships fast, but the Dutch postman (Selektmail) takes almost a month to deliver.

  2. I should've known you would bring me up to speed :)) And yeah, what's up with the postman!! It's really random for me, some books are delivered before release, which is mucho fast. But then some take 2-3 weeks after shipping confirmation, and these are all delivered by selekt...it really isn't making me happy, and for what? TNT had no problems, for me at least, to deliver within 10 days, why is selektmail so slow...it's seriously frustrating when in want forma new release!

  3. I saw this cover over on Amazon. I don't know why but I'm not a HUGE fan of highlanders. I'm chalking it up to my early romance reading and the numerous highlander books I read that all seemed to be same. Limited plot options perhaps. Not sure but I can appreciate a good cover and this one is quite good.


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