02 June 2011

I have a liscense to gush for; it's an author fan letter blog crawl

The awesome Kris from Kris 'N' Good Books has kicked off the blogcrawl with a letter written to Georgette Heyer. Last year I had such tremendous fun following the fanletter blogcrawl, the enthusiasm I read in these letters for the author and his/her books answered to my own. So when I found out Kassa was organizing another blogcrawl I just had to e-mail and get in and have my own fangurl moment. My first thought was to write Joey W Hill a letter or J.P. Barnaby, but anyone who is a regular here or hears me twittering already knows about my love for these two authors. And then I started to ponder. And then I got to the beach with Janna and Lis, talking about this blogcrawl and an author dawned on me. Of course anyone who is a regular at this blog or hears me twittering knows of my love for this author *rolls eyes at self* Still, I just had to get this out there…so here goes:

Dear C.L. Wilson,

Every time I think about your Fading Land series I have a tendency to gush in the most embarrassing ways. Not only does my voice go up in volume - wherever we are - as I pimp your series, I'll also try to sketch you a picture of how I look; I get this wicked grin on my face, stars in my eyes, butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks turn rosy and my romantic heart soars as my hands flap around emphasizing on my enthusiasm.

Gaelen is the one who is responsible for the wicked grin on my face. He is bad – wicked and devilish in all the right ways. I know it, you definitely know it and each and every other person who has encountered Gaelen knows it too.

Belliard is the one who delivers butterflies in my stomach and stars in my eyes. How could I not fall for the fact he is a master in all but Earth and the first to pledge himself to Ellie! Do you remember this convo on your yahoo group? Because I certainly haven’t, I got to meet Bel *butterflies in stomach – Oh hell yeah*

Cheryl: Going to work now…Ellie has just stabbed Bel in the heart. Oh dear. Not sure I can allow that.
Okay…admittedly, that was very mean! Bwahahahahahahahaha

Leontine: You wicked...wicked...evil...wicked woman!!! :-)
The McDreamy and McSteamy wrapped up in Bel.....my courtship gift explaining, Gaelen torturing ;D, and master in Spirit, Bel *trembling lip over here*

How on earth did Ellie get to do that?!?


Sending a healing weave to Bel...hope he's doing okay now *hugs*

Bel: Black lashes fluttered, lifting to reveal warm cobalt eyes. Bel lifted a pale, shining hand and murmured... "Leontine? Las, kem'san. Nei avi. Ke sha nei odah."

Leontine: *goes in to a dead faint* and then *off to find a Fey dictionary*

An utter fangurl moment I tell ya!

My cheeks turn rosy as I remember the moment between Rain and Elly who got all hot and bothered in spirit sexing. After that scene I needed ice water for my parched throat! All I wanted was a Fey of my own who could give me that kind of wild and wanton *waggles eyebrows* Oh wait, I put my claim on Bel LOL

The soaring romance was also all you, C.L. Wilson; you and your lyrical writing voice which can sweep me away to another land. It allows me to experience the epic adventures, feel all the light and darkness, allow me to meet phenomenal characters and you gave me; Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah shei’tani. You gave me a romance that will forever soar through the skies. Whatever you did before writing Rain Tairen Soul and Elysetta’s story and whatever you’ll do after, know that their books will be treasured keepers on my shelves. You are the kind of writer who will have me re-read their story until I’m old, wrinkled and grey, and I’ll still feel a wicked grin on my face. Get butterflies in my stomach. Will have my cheeks turn rosy and my romantic heart will soar ever more as of course I'll do my part and pimp your series out to fellow senior citizens!


PS: Oh, and Stella. My inner Tairen roars and buds heads with her in friendship. If we could we would be BFF’s *tairen grin*

PPS: Bel, personally I think you and I should date ;) 

PPPS: the next fan letter in this blogcrawl is by the ever kewl Yummy Men And Kick Ass Chicks

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  1. Awesome letter, Leontine!!!
    I can vividly remember when you first told us in person about this new author you'd found and all the physical sympthoms you describe were ALL there :)

    Need to get book 2 of this series higher up Mt. TBR...

  2. I remember you gushing over Ms Wilson's work a time or two - I so love when an author continue to deliver the goods time and time again....

    Us senior citizens appreciate the pimping...


  3. Great letter. I am not familiar with this author and it's always fun to use this blog crawl to find new authors and hear about why people love their work. Nice job.

  4. @Pearl - Oh jeez, when was it? The summer of 2007? I can remember reading it on my balcony, in the sun and drinking a fruity wine...such good times ;)

    @Erotic Horizon - You've been here from the beginning so I can imagine my blog pimpage or reviews you must've encountered by this author and series *grin*

    @Tam - I remember the first time I accidently stumbled upon her website, read the blurb and contacted C.L. Wilson. Not only did she write a series forever close to my heart but she's also got wicked humor and is a very kind woman. would love to meet her someday...and see here, proof of more gushing in comments LOL

  5. *giggles* such a lovely gushing letter Leontine i love it!

    not read this series, i think you just persuaded me to try it! =)

  6. What a wonderful letter! I have this series on my tbr list but you'll letter makes me want to move it up!

  7. Wonderful letter! I haven't read this series but I love fantasy so you've convinced me. Thank you!

  8. @sparklybearsy - *beams* I'm so *happy* my gushing rubbed off LOL

    @Julie - Oh, I do hope you give LotFL a try soon and proclaim which Fey does it for you :)

    @Kassa - I myself read fantasy in my teens and most of my twenties but I jusy uber heart the blend of fantasy and romance, the way CL Wilson gives in her Fading Land series. I could even send you the first two books if you want!

  9. Hi Leontine, well you sure pimped those books out to me, and I really loved this series. I hope there will be many more with all the other great characters in there.

    Did you know, according to fantasticfiction, in november there will be: The Winter King. Already pre-ordered it myself.

    Great fan letter, loved it. I guess I would write mine to Bertrice Small.

  10. I love this fan letter blog crawl! I find so many awesome authors and books! I'm DEF checking this series out!

  11. I always wanted my own Tairen and ride him. After, he would shift into a Ryan Reynolds look alike.

  12. @Aurian - yeah, I found the info a few weeks back on goodreads and really like the blurb already :) It will be one fall read I'm lookimg forward to!

    @Ferishia - Me too! Last year I found new-to-me authors as well and it is still a big suprise what I'll find this year :)

    @KB - *grin* not too shabby a choice Katie, not too shabby AT ALL!

  13. Great letter! I love CL Wilson as well. I am behind on the series but have loved what I've read so far.

  14. Wonderful letter to a fabulous author Leontine. Your enthusiasm for C.L. Wilson's work really shines through.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.


  15. You gush so well, hon! Now I'm wondering why I've never read anything by this author yet...
    Great fan letter! :)

  16. I'm another huge fan of this series. Actually, I think you might have been one of the people whose pimpage of this author found me unable to resist, Leontine. :)

    Great letter!

  17. Leontine - that is one fantastic letter. And your fangal moment? *swoon*

    I need to get on and read the last two books. I've been holding back because of a forthcoming spoiler I fell over...but I should just take a deep breath and trust CL Wilson :)

  18. Great letter Leontine - I haven't read this author but I may just have to put her on my list now! :)

  19. That letter is gushy (is that the right word?) C.L. will be in cloud nine.

    Chemical Fusion

  20. Great letter! I have seen you gush about these books before, lol. Every time I see the last book on the shelf in my local bookstore I think of you, lol.

  21. @Tracy - I don't know how far you are in the series but the ending is quite a ride you'll not soon forget :))

    @Lea - C.L. Wilson is one of the three authors who re-ignited my flame for the fantasy romance genre. I'm happy to share my enthusiasm *grin*

    @Janna - HHHmmm, I think I'll compile scenes from books to read to you in New Orleans so you'll get a taste of them. C.L. Wlson has some fantastic scenes/humor/chemistry :)

    @Kris - *gasp* really? I didn't know that but *box* to another lover of this series ;)

    @Orannia - Wasn't it!! I was all butterfly flutters in stomach! And boooo on the fact you tripped over a spoiler. I don't know which one it is but by the ending of book 5 it is all wrapped up so beautifully...I closed book with content sigh :)

    @Kaetrin - If you love romance fantasy then this has got the good stuff. When Rain claims Ellysetta *thud* such powerfull stuff!

    @Endid Wilson - Gushy works for me :)

    @Patti - *grin* I don't mind that train of thought at all *big grin*

  22. I had totally forgotten about that exchange until now! Ha! I'm laughing just remembering it.

    Leontine, my friend, you are such a fabulous supporter of romance. Your name always brings a smile to my lips :)

    Thank you so much for your delightful letter.

  23. Awesome letter and I too am pimping this series everywhere I can. I started the first one at Christmas, read them non stop and could not move on so read them over again at the same time a good friend was reading them. Great discussions along the way! Then I got my brother and my son to read them...now more friends. Most of us do not read paperback romances for the most part, and I so wish they were printed as the larger paperbacks or as hardbacks as they would appeal to more readers. But I have hunted and hunted and now have the first four in hardback! And my paperbacks to loan out. It is beyond an incredible series!

  24. @clwilson - you're welcome! On twitter I actually mentioned it to a few friends I gushed myself in to re-reading the entire series...currently in book three and loving every moment of it again ;)

    @Ter05 - uhm, book 1-4 hardcover!!!! There are no amount of exclamtion marks that can convey my surpise amd WANT for them. I only have, I think book 2-3 in hardcover....my NEEDS to know how you got the rest in hardcover. I have all my treasured keepers in hardcover if they're released in the format because they have a longer endurement than paperbacks. Please share your hardcover knowledge :)

  25. This series is absolutely fabulous. Loved your letter Leontine, but just so you know, I claim Bel also. This Fey just may end up with a harem. LOL.

    C.L. - I had to do it. A claim is a claim after all. :)

    Show me love, show me light
    Let your hands roam with delight
    Sheathe your sword, tease my mouth
    Love me Bel 'til I want to shout.

    Show me desire, make me burn
    Let your magic quench all I yearn
    Summon the warrior I dream about
    Love me Bel 'til I want to shout

  26. Re: the hardcovers. They are indeed a treasure! I did searches in different ways on Amazon as things don't always come up with the book name. I found them on the Amazon secondary. I actually have the first two in large print hardback and they were the only hardbacks I found but they are the same size as the other two and look the same on the shelf. Not sure how to explain this but those do not have dust jackets but rather the cover picture is on the book itself - it looks like a dust jacket as it is slick and same pictures as the paperbacks. I also watched ebay like a hawk and found one there and also got another one for a friend off there. If you have #3 you have the hardest one to find! The last one has not been done in hardback. I wish they would do the set in hardback - I would so buy it! My favorite YA series is The Mortal Instruments & I have just that series and these on a special shelf with a couple of statues and a cool lamp! Front and center in my house!

  27. @Janet - YAY, I so did not know there were more out there who heart Bel so much :)) All I hear about is Gaelen and while I really like him too, Bel has won my heart over and then some. You wrote a beautiful claim!

    @Ter05- okay, thanks for the extended info:) I've got King and Queen in Rhapsody hardcover and was so hoping the other books would've been released at Rhapsody as well but I just hadn't received that info yet.

  28. Hi, Leontine! That is one lovely letter! C.L. Wilson is one of my very favorite authors and Tairen Soul is one of my favorite series ever. Her stories will stay in my heart forever. They are truly special. I'm now actively looking for more fantasy romances because of these books. Can't wait to read Winter King!

  29. Ahh, I LOVE the Tairen Soul series. I was actually just re-reading Lady of Light and Shadows the other day. It's autographed by CL Wilson- I remember the day I got it in the mail I had a total fangirl moment, squealing, giggling, etc. LOL. Mmm, Bel is yummy, I agree, but I want Kieran. I'm totally in love with that Fey. *sighs dreamily*
    I'm really looking forward to the Winter King.


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