26 June 2011

Joey W Hill's new series & cover reveal *thud*

Book I of the Arcane Shot Series
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Paranormal Sensual Romance
Release Date: Feb 2012
website author - pre-order

Ruby Night Divine is a witch who runs a gun shop. Magic can fail – she knows that first hand, having experienced it with full-blown tragic consequences, far beyond what Dr. Phil can fix. Smith & Wesson is a whole hell of a lot more reliable, and nothing’s as cathartic as the ability to put a few holes in the things that piss you off. Like Derek Stormwind.

A powerful sorcerer, Derek is determined to get to the bottom of why she pushed him away and ran three years before. He also wants her help. A coven needs training to face a demon and his army of minions. Oh sure. It’s amazing what sweet things a guy will offer to get back into a woman’s heart, and into her bed.

Only in this case, she knows he never left her heart, and in her bed is exactly where she wants him to be. Unfortunately, her bed’s already made, and she’s close to losing her soul. And not even Smith & Wesson or Derek Stormwind can fix that.

Thought: Oh I get tingly in all the right ways for this cover and series blurbs. All I can say is: want, want want!

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  1. I echo your WANT! WANT! WANT!

  2. I'm not big on stories that involve witches but I'm lovin this cover and I've heard so many good things about her books. I think I may give this a try.

  3. This looks and sounds amazing! Thanks!!

  4. Wow...this is going on my TBR. I love books about witches and that one looks gooood...bonus it's book one in the series. lol


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