14 July 2011

Baffled by a Google+ invite contest

After a hectic day where I got battered by wind and soaked by down pours and found out I still have to write a blogpost for my blogfest entry, I got dumbstruck by a link that popped up on my tweetdeck. It showed the way to a post from Mashable where they stated:
Shortly after the launch, we offered invites to readers from our Mashable News account. The post had nearly 2,000 comments from readers who wanted to get on the new platform — more entries for a Mashable comment contest than we’d ever seen.
Now I know that contests are held for a range of items but uuuhhh, you're holding a contest, for an invite?? Doesn't anyone else strike that as weird? We have it, you want it, come and get it? Yeah, perhaps it is me and the whole google+ hype is passing me by. What so special about this new social media that everyone wants in? Is it the new place to be? Do all the popular kids hang out there which immediately propels us all to migrate...again? I just don't think it's the kind of thing to hold a contest over!

Link to full post: HOW TO: Get a Google+ Invite [CONTEST] I guess the contest was so good they're now hosting another one *rolls eyes*

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  1. As far as I know, Google+ is like Facebook. I'm already on Facebook and Twitter and have two blogs, that seems like enough. So unless all of my Facebook friends migrate (yes, I'd be a sheep and follow) I'm not really interested.

    Also, I probably know half a dozen people (including total strangers) who would give me an invite, I don't need to enter no stinkin' contest. ;-)

  2. Huh. I'm on Google+ and posted on Twitter that I had invitations if anyone wanted one. I had three people respond -- they're fairly easy to get nowadays, so I can't see a contest being necessary.

  3. @Tam - I have a facebook account as well but not overly active on it. I iz a bad facebook friend! But between my blog, twitter and goodreads I'm swallowed up whole already by the social media's *eek*

    I just wonder what G+ bring new and if its just like facebook then what's new? I was just informed by Pearl she send me an invite, if I can get an invite, everyone can get an invite *wink*

    @Leah Braemel - Exactly, the whole contest format for a G+ invite makes me roll me eyes. And so far I'm not hearing any good sounds so I'll stay away.

  4. Leontine - so far I'm liking Google+ as it's sort of a cross between Twitter and FB. I like their "circles" which let you sort your friends into various groups so you can follow their streams easier than you can on Facebook. I know you can make lists on FB but by the time I realized it, it would have been too big a chore to go back and sort everyone in. (I am not a fan of FB anyway so I couldn't be bothered.)

    I'm also hoping it doesn't become of those competitive "I've got more followers than you do" type places. And that you don't have to follow everyone just because they follow you. I mean, trying to follow thousands of streams of people is just too much. So it remains to be seen if it's just a wash/rinse/repeat version of those too and which will win.

  5. I haven't heard much about Google+ yet. Also, I am not active on Facebook or Twitter, and not really intested in it either. So, don't want an invite ;)

  6. I do not even know what to say to that! o_O And google + is boring ;)

  7. @Leah Braemel - I never got that competitive follow me stuff. i follow for various reasons but if I look at who I truly interact with on a day to day or week-to-week basis, it's not all that many.

    Aurian - I have my blog/other peeps blog - twitter and goodreads and it already swallows up enough time.

    @Blodeuedd - So far I heard opinion that go from so-so to few nice things to meh. It's not floating my boat either.

  8. I'm trying to decide if I want to stay on Facebook so...hmmm.


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