18 July 2011

Blogfest winner 2011

Hello Everyone,

I had an absolute blast doing the blogfest giveaway and entering various contest. The answers I got on which device you *heart* ranged from Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPod to one who mentioned a vibrator *you go!! high fives* Now that this Blogfest has come to a close it is time to pick a winner and I did so via random.org

The winner has 48 hours to reply to my e-mail and if (s)he fails (s)he forfaits the prize and another winner will be selected via random.org.

Now let the numbers tumble and hit the button.......

The winner is:
Jasmine1485 said...

I heart my laptop, as I'm too poor to have a kindle or iPad! :P It's a cheap model but I don't know what I'd do without it, I use it to study, research, type assignments, read, play games, blog and enter giveaways of course :)

Congratualtions and i'll send you an e-mail later today with where you want your eGC from!!

Now for all the others who entered, thank you and I just wanted to mention the fact that in August I have a fun filled feature coming up with guestposts and giveaways. It will contain characters who will cook a delish recipe, teasing hot excerpts and sexy profiles from both m/f and m/m books. So keep an eye out!

As you can see it will be on a new address as i decided to move my blog to my own domain. Don't worry, if all goes well *crosses fingers*  blogger will redirect you!!

Also on August 22nd I have a fantastic Beefcake club night planned with none other then Adrian Brown from Lauren Dane's Never Enough & two fantastic giveaways. Do you know him? He's the hawt super rockstar from the Brown siblings series.

On August 23rd it is my birthday which of course involves a party and for those of you who don't know me all that well get a blue print of me what I like and don't like ;)
Next to all of this I will keep posting my reviews of course. The first one up tomorrow is my ARC review of J.P. Barnaby's VANISHED, book #3 in the Little Boy Lost series. After that I've got a Vivian Arend sandwich of Falling, Freestyle and Rising, Freestyle to close off with Dee Carney's Keeping Pace.

That will keep my busy the coming days. Have a fantastic week - summer - vacay y'all!! 

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  1. Mmm I am looking forward to the upcoming events Leontine, congrats with the new blog!


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