04 July 2011

I'm crushing hard on a barbarian and a tortured man!

Last week was good in many ways but two men entered my life who are toe-curling sexy and I just had to share my girl crush on them.

The tortured man named John;
I heard many bloggers read and rave about Inez Kelley's SWEET AS SIN. I had Pearl raving live that this was definitely a book for me as I like me stories to have a bit more darker feel to it. So this weekend I already read an fantabulous m/m read by Jeff Erno and it is very hard to find a read that doesn't equal or surpass that experience. Well... I was in the mood for some contemporary m/f and that's where my eyes got stuck on Sweet As Sin, I read the first page and hello, good morning, good afternoon and good night - I was given one helluva opening chapter. It involved titillating lingerie and an instant chemistry between Livvy and John that got my throat parched! John from Sweet As Sin is a hero worthy of my hall of fame!! And here are my reasons so far:

* The man has a smile that makes you think of wicked things.
* He is tortured, his imagination is invaded by a couple of monsters and has a sexual aura that makes me
tingly in all the right parts
* And finally there is a universally truth acknowledged in SaS; glasses are sexy!

So far this story has me hooked and even though real life is gobbling up my reading time I'm having a date with Livvy and John again tonight!!

The barbarian;
The last ten weeks or so I heard lots of buzz going on surrounding Games of Thrones, particularly regarding a character named; Kahl Drogo. But as with many thing that are hot and happening in the US it didn't grab my complete attention at the time since I couldn't watch it *gasp* I know *bad me!*

Last week I was in a funky mood and I decided to youtube his ass and I was struck and struck hard by the crush I instantly felt. He made me want to fondle his manboobs, gaze into those "me-tarzan-you-jane" eyes and basically have wild monkey sex and have his babies! His voice gives me a lingual-gasm each and every time and the moment I saw him in Games Of thrones I knew I had to watch this TV series ASAP. Khal Drogo made me go down on my knees and pray to the Lord; "Oh Lord, thank you for making me a woman!!"

But I had to get my Jason Momoa fix sooner than the undisclosed date of the GoT release on dvd so that is when I found out he is in a movie titles Conan The Barbarian, which has a cinema release in the Netherlands as well YAY YAY! I watched the trailer and slid of my chair in want. Oh.My.Gawd. Yes I pray a lot to the man upstaires when it comes to these specimen of the male gender. In this trailer he says one sentence but, well let me refrain from relaying too much physical responses from my side. It might be TMI ;)

Conan says: "I live, I love, I slay and I'm content."

*going week in the knees here*

Who is going to watch this movie?? Say; I!

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  1. I could sadly not admire him, I read the book first so he was only a creepy rapist of his 13 year old wife in my eyes *sad* While here they had tried to work around it

  2. @Blodeuedd - oh, I've got the books but haven't read them 0.o Perhaps my vision of him would be different then too! I went to youtube to see some footage of GoT. The girl isn't 13 etiher and perhaps the creators glossed that fact over. Jason Momoa as Kahl can come warm my sheets any day of the week ;)

  3. The producers specifically said they made her an adult because they couldn't really see it any other way either.

    I need to see Conan! :)

  4. This is one case where I'm glad I didn't read the book first. I prefer to think of him as a sexy barbarian too! Looking forward to watching Conan!!

  5. @Melissa - I can't see a thirteen year old in that part either! I found out Conan hits the cinema a bit later than in the US *stomps foot*

    @Patti - Me too, for me Khal Drogo will always be like he's portrayed in the TV series! And me likes him that way ;)


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