05 July 2011

I'm vacaying <- read guest blogging @ DIK (Dessert Island Keeper)

Today I'm residing at an island so I can rest up before I'm going to go full steam ahead with The Blogmove. Yeah you heard it guys, I'm moving my blog to my own domain and then going to transfer to Wordpress. Just to give you guys a heads up :) I might have another ten grey hairs by the time I'm done but it'll be worth it.

So I've packed my overnight bag and heading over to DIK to talk about; My Tumblr wake-up calls. Who needs coffee when I can have a daily shot of what the Tumblrette's can give me!

Aaaahhhh, look at the current hottie waiting to greet me:

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  1. See you at DIK's then Leontine, and please send me a new url for your new blog?

  2. If all turns out okay blogspot will forward you to my new url but I'll post it and send you the link, just in case ;)


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