28 July 2011

Interview: J.P. Barnaby's Little Boy Lost party & Giveaway

Read my review of Enlightened - here - Abandoned - here - and Vanished - here

Last year one of the authors who rocked my readers world with at least an eight on the Richter scale then it is J.P. Barnaby with her Little Boy Lost series!! With each book she surprised me, endeared me, made me cry, made me talk to characters and got me all hot and bothered. I'm lovin' it every page and after reading VANISHED I just had to ask J.P. Barnaby some questions!

!!This interview contains a Q & A about all three books!!

1: What is the first thing you do in the morning. The first thing you check out online and never out of grabbing distance.

My iPad is never outside of my grabbing distance. In fact, it lays on the floor propped against my bed so that I can roll over and check my email and Twitter first thing in the morning.

2: When and what made you decide you were going to put the voices of Brian, Jamie and all the characters in the series to paper?

Little Boy Lost was started…God, in 2009 sometime while I was working on publishing The Forbidden Room. I can finally reveal the true inspiration for Little Boy Lost with the release of the third book. Several years ago, I read a four-part story written by Brent Corrigan talking about how he entered the industry and the controversy over being underage during several of his first scenes. That series of blog posts gave rise to the idea for Jamie Mayfield. The first book was written as Jamie’s backstory, and Brian was added to give the story an overall shape and purpose. I could not reveal that before the publication of the third book because that would have given away Brian’s entry to the industry.

3: Last year you self published Enlightened and it made quite some peeps in my blogger world start to buzz about this new gay erotic romance series. But for those readers who did not hear us rave *shockgaspshock* can you tell them what this series is about?

Little Boy Lost is the story of Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield, two teenage boys growing up gay in rural Alabama. When our story starts, Jamie is 17 and Brian just 16 but once they realize exactly what they mean to each other, they fight for their relationship through the rest of the series. Only Brian, Jamie and I know where they will end up and what challenges they face along the way, but I guarantee that it will not be an easy road.

4: How long does it approximately take you to write a novel and what do you do when the going gets tough? Anything I can offer to do? Bake chocolate muffins? Make a sorbet as a sinful nightly dessert? Make you laugh out loud with a picture of Dutch penis shaped salt and pepper shakers?? *grin*

So that the books can be uniformly released, I have a deadline with Dreamspinner Press to deliver each new installment at three-month intervals. It takes me about 10 weeks to write a 60k word novel, and two weeks to do revisions with my personal editorial team.

When the going gets tough, honestly, I go back through and read the reviews. To see how much people are counting on getting that next book on time, and how much they enjoy the series helps to keep me motivated. I also keep more than one project going at a time so that if I get stuck in one project, I can write for a while on another to get unstuck.

5: We would love to know about the quirks of an author. Do you have conversations with your characters? Do you get inspired in your dreams? Do you need everything in a certain order on your desk? Don’t hold back and reveal them all, we can keep a secret! 

Quirks? I’m not sure I’m anything but quirks. Yes, I have conversations with my characters, we talk quite frequently. They whisper to me while at times when my mind is most relaxed like during a shower or right before I fall asleep. I keep a notebook with me at all times so that no matter what story I’m working on, if inspiration strikes, I’m ready. I think one of my stranger quirks is that I work on three or four projects at a time. While working on Vanished, for example, I also wrote two other short stories called Papi and Mastering the Ride. While I’m working on the fifth book in the series, I will also be working on another novel about quantum mechanics. I find that when I get stuck on one project, someone from another project is always talking.

I don’t watch TV – that’s an interesting quirk. I’m virtually clueless about modern pop culture. I know that shows like True Blood and Torchwood are popular because I see people talking about them on Twitter, but I’ve never seen them.

Remember – one person’s quirk is another person’s normalcy.

6: Where do you like to take your characters as an author before they reach a happily ever after? Do you like to emotionally torture them before they get a little happy time, or do they need to overcome great obstacles, or all of the above?

I think, to some extent, we are all emotionally tortured and I think fictional characters should not be exempt from that. One of my strongest beliefs in writing is realism. I want my characters and their situations to be plausible and believable.

7: Tell us about the sexing in the Little Boy Lost series. What kind of naughty times will the characters give the reader. We like it durty, we are adults so no need to hold back!! *grin*

It’s funny you should say that, because so many people consider the first and second books to be Young Adult, they are going to be pretty shocked by the third book. Some of the sexy times that you’ll see include – loss of virginity, toys, multiple partners, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

8: Can you give us the first and last sentence of each book published or a favorite quote from each one? You know we lurv to be teased!!

The Forbidden Room:

I felt the hot, sticky semen stream into my mouth and I swallowed around him, forcing myself to concentrate on breathing and swallowing, and nothing else. When he was finished, he pulled out slowly, my jaws aching when I could finally move them again. One tear slipped slowly down my cheek as I thought about what I had just done. Not only what I had done, but about how it had made me feel. Degraded but aroused, humiliated but almost willing to beg for more, it scared me how much I wanted it.

A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan:

Why had I agreed to go to brunch at my parents’ house? Why? I don’t like people. Even my parents aren’t all that fond of me. Last, but certainly not least, I’ll be shoe-horned back into Ethan Hughes. I haven’t been Ethan Hughes in so long; I don’t even know who he is anymore. I can’t concentrate, and I’m starting to panic at the thought of backyard brunch with the canapés, the false kindness and the frenzied rush to leave so you can talk behind other peoples‟ backs. And I know exactly what they’ll be talking about after this luncheon.

The freak they thought themselves all rid of.

The Perfect Tree:

“Look up Jayden, look at me,” he commanded, and the flash was blinding as he got a perfect picture of me in my thick leather collar. Fuck, I could come right then just from the look on his face, without him ever having touched my cock. The pride, the lust, the sheer fucking hunger in his expression, they were all for me.

His Heart’s Desire:

Luca broke the kiss and whispered to Matthew. “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but for tonight…please, take me to bed.”

Matthew had never made love to anyone, man nor woman, and it made him hesitate. But Luca’s tongue probed his mouth again, and he realized the stab of loneliness that he had felt for so long was finally starting to ease.


Slowly, he nodded, and I turned in his arms and led him over to the mattress. We didn’t need roses or candles or anything else to commemorate this moment. There in our sanctuary, by the light of battery-operated lanterns, on an old inflatable mattress, we would become one. We would consummate that promise of forever that I would hold foremost in my heart. No matter what else happened, whether we were discovered or not, we would forever have this moment.


“Fuck… harder, baby.” My voice was strangled and hoarse as I followed my own request. After a moment, my fingers finally found that spot inside of me that Jamie had touched that night, and I stroked it, making my toes curl. I felt my orgasm start at the base of my spine, and everything tightened as white hot semen shot unencumbered over my stomach and chest. Groaning loudly as my orgasm peaked, I slowly pulled my hand from under me as I lay shaking. My face was covered in cold sweat, which I wiped away with a palm. Maybe exhausted enough to sleep, I turned, looking once again at the photo of Jamie next to my bed. His face was clear even in the moonlight filtering through my window.

“I love you, Jamie. I miss you so much.”


Emilio’s hand flew faster over his cock as I stroked myself harder and thought about unbuttoning my jeans. Just as I thought about how shocked that idea made me, a low whimper escaped my lips, and Emilio’s head turned to the side, his eyes finding mine. As he held my gaze, time seemed to stop.
“Come on, hon. You can come and play with us,” he said, every other word punctuated with a small grunt as Mike’s cock forced its way into his ass again and again. With a burning face and a throbbing cock, I turned and practically ran up the stairs.

And a few quotes for you from my upcoming books –

Papi (Coming August 10th):

“Papi, mas fuerte,” Jesse begged. He didn‟t want to think about how the kiss had made him feel, he just wanted to be fucked harder so that they could both come. Kyle understood either the words or the tone, because he pushed Jesse down roughly, his face against the blanket, and grabbed both of his hips.

“Make yourself come, I want to feel it,” Kyle growled as he pulled Jesse back with each thrust, taking him so deep and so hard that Jesse thought he felt him poking his stomach. Reaching down, Jesse grabbed his own cock and stroked it hard, twisting a little at the head, trying to bring that rush of pleasure he knew would come soon.

Mastering the Ride (Coming September 14th):

“That’s a good boy,” Nick murmured, stroking the boy’s hair. “You like being put on display by your Master, don’t you?” To his surprise, the boy looked directly at Wade and nodded. He couldn’t help myself and sat back against one of the padded tables, shifting his pants. Wade’s cock, which had filled rapidly with the boy’s spanking, was fully erect after that one sensuous look. He could imagine the little slut kneeling between his legs, giving him that very same slavish look. It had become uncomfortable and almost painful to be trapped in the confines of his briefs. Watching the show, Wade pulled his erection out of his pants and stroked it lightly.
9: I’m being mean; put the spotlight on one of your characters via this profile, you can include pictures if you want. *whispersmicahwhispers*

The inspiration for Micah Hanover came from Dru at Corbin Fisher. While Dru is a blond bombshell and Micah is a brunette, he is the one I think of when I write Mike. I love the way his personality comes through in each video he works on.

Age: 23
Height: 6’2”
Body build: Athletic
Hair: Short, brown
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, sweet, caring, fun loving and protective
Favorite outfit: Band t-shirt, shorts, sandals
Turn on: Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Dirty Talking
Boxers or briefs: Neither – Mike is more of a commando guy.
Personal motto: If it feels good, keep doing it.

10: Can you give us a few juicy random facts about the Little Boy Lost series?

The first book in the series was originally self-published, and then I took the whole thing to Dreamspinner for their consideration. They contracted the entire series though only the first two books were completed at that time. It takes me approximately 10 weeks to finish each novel.

I added 10,000 words to Enlightened when Dreamspinner contracted it in order to keep the series at six books and not consolidate it into a three book series.

Gay adult model Devon Hunter has given me a wealth of detail in order to write the model side of the gay porn industry.

The character Brian contains a lot of my own social awkwardness and shy tendencies.

The personality for the character Leo is modeled after a real person.

I think the cover models selected for Brian and Jamie are dead on to what I’d imagined them as when writing.

The Little Boy Lost series will be between 300,000 and 350,000 words when it is complete.

The epilogue for each book is a third person point of view for the last scene of the book by one of the secondary characters.

You can find J.P. Barnaby on her website - facebook - goodreads - twitter & buy books

The Giveaway:

Since I absolutely love this series and I'd like to celebrate this incredible series I want to offer one commenter his choice in one title of the Little Boy Lost series; Enlightened - Abandoned or Vanished. All you have to do is tell me; What book-quote teaser piqued your interest?? ;)

Leave a way for me to contact you and the winner will be announced and notified on August 6th 2011.
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