08 July 2011

A three course cover meal...YUMMY

This week I was spoiled again with a few covers that satisfied my appetite for fascinating or hunk-a-liscious covers.

The first course is a cover of Alyssa Day and I'll give you a link to where you can oogle it, cause it ain't a 100% finalized yet. It has beefcake, tats and tiger: it is the cover of The Heart of Atlantis *woohoo & purrrr* Isn't that just three kinds of sexy!! I love the cover of Warriors Of Atlantis! BTW, is the man candy oogling himself, or is that just me??

Now the main course is a cover that is a UK cover. I'm always surprised when a UK cover can tickle me pink but this one; oh la la *rawr* When Larissa Ione gave a shout out on twitter about this new cover in the Lord Of Deliverence series I stared at it for a few minutes. Jeez talk about a cover that appeals to the imagination. It's mysterious, powerful, sexy and definitely attention grabbing. I want to get to know this Eternal Rider, right here, right now!!

I don't know which UK cover artist created this but she or he is so my cover person!!!

Now the dessert and third course is a delicious one!! I actually woke up to Elisabeth Naughton's announcement of her cover reveal and yeah, I'm just going weak in the knees for a good mancandy cover!!

Enraptured is book four in the Eternal Guardian series:
As unrest in the Underworld threatens, seven warriors descended from the greatest heroes in all of Ancient Greece may just be mankind’s last hope.

Well, that's bound to keep me enraptured LOL

After such a fantastic three course I can only be fully satisfied and hope the stories will grab me as much as the covers did :))

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Mmm delicious Leontine! My eyes sure are satisfied with those hunks!

  2. All of those covers are amazing! thanks for sharing.

  3. @Aurian - It never grows tired to look at such covers! ;)

    @Twimom227 - I have the innate need to share such cover goodness. Share the wealth, so to speak *wink*

  4. WOW..I LOVE that UK cover!!!!!


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