04 August 2011

Changes up ahead...


It has been a few weeks since I've been dabbling with my own domain. Love de Wordpress platform but the domain is giving me quite some challenges. Tutorials say 'it's sooooo easy' which makes me feel like a dom blond for not getting it. But, we're hanging in there. Wordpress will host my blog! I will find out how to place wordpress software and dabble with it in a sub-directory folder! And I'll feel very confident when I transfer all my blogposts to Wordpress. I hope, I think...one day, I guess LOL

Anyhoo, instead of frustrating over all the things that give me grey hairs I've decided to get with the Google program and just change addresses first.

Oh yeah, I've done the google tutorial, set things up in my DNS and this week I'm going to change from:

leontine1976.blogspot.com to http://www.leontinesbookrealm.com/

*woohoo* If all things go right Blogger will redirect you to my new url but I'm just giving you a heads up in the case when you can't find me! *eek*

*fingers crossed all goes well*

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  1. To make things simple, I just subscribed to your new site and got here that way. :)

  2. I did get redirected already I believe, but I have added your new home to my favourites list :)

  3. @Chris - OK, so far I haven't heard anybody havind problems. *huge sigh of relief*

    @Aurian - Then everything went as it should! *yay*

  4. You're braver than I am! Good luck and I hope it all moves over easily :)

  5. YEA!! Congrats on the domain name - I just did the same thing and stayed with Blogger. So have you completely abandoned WP? I need to talk with you about it all.

  6. Yep - I got sent right to the new domain with no hitches. Thank heavens for internet bookmarks! lol


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