14 August 2011

Coming up: A new feature, a b-day release fest & more…

I’ve been through the hellish adventure this week where my PC crashed and burned *cries* It was on a Monday, my brother was coming to reinstall my PC due to an error caused by my new video card. He tried installing it once, twice and pronounced PC dead three hours later. Since I have lots happening on my blog coming weeks I was freaking out…and it wasn’t pretty! The hunt for a shiny new PC was a success but my PC is too new. I still have to get used to the new operating system, browsers, programs etc. IE9 doesn’t play nice with Blogger so we had to get creative *sigh* I think I need some chocolate therapy now! Anyhoo, here I am, typing up a storm on my new PC and wanted to announce what’s coming up on my blog.

A new feature:
Since this year me fondness for baking has warped in to the zone of LURVING to bake and foody romance has found a way in to my reading world. When I read Inez Kelley’s Sweet As Sin a moment of inspiration hit me. Wouldn’t it be fun to cook recipes with the characters from their story? That’s when the title; ‘Cooking With The Characters’ came to me. I have found a few authors who wanted to kick off this new feature.

Monday, August 15th: Louise Edwards – Max Lunden has got Max’s Miso-Glazed Tenderloin of Beef on the menu for us & a giveaway.

Tuesday, August 16th: PD Singer – Prep Work celebrity chef Jude Marshall will learn us the ropes to make, Jude and Tommy's Guinness-Apple Crumble *nom nom*

Friday, August 26th: Kelly Maher - chef, Liana Richardson has a tasty summer salad in mind for us.

Friday, September 2nd: Inez Kelley -  A surprise treat from Sweet As Sin!

A Beefcake Club Night:
After a week where the taste buds are seduced to greater heights I have the pleasure of having a dirty talkin’ rocker over for Beefcake night. This means celebrating an awesome guy, a fantastic story and some sizzling dirty talk! As part of Lauren Dane's Never Enough blog tour Adrian Brown and I had a Q & A which I just loved doing! There is an awesome giveaway attached next to getting the 411 on Adrian so stay tuned and be there on August 22nd 2011!

A b-day release fest:
As it so happens I will be celebrating my *whispers35thwhipsers* birthday on August 23rd. There will be virtual champagne, cake and chocolate! But as I was writing my birthday wishlist I noticed what awesome books will be released that day. I had to share them with you all!

A mammoth trilogy -> The Mayfair Witches:
Two weeks ago I picked up my copy of The Witching Hour. It was rather on impulse so I can’t give you any reason why I wanted to read a thousand page story. I read this trilogy in the Dutch translation like ten years ago and I remembered how absorbed I was by its characters. From those initial chapters it was happening all over again. I was being grabbed and swallowed whole by the crazy lives of the characters and their history. I read the complete trilogy in one week, that’s roughly twenty-two hundred pages. Quite a feat for me if I say so myself!! I will have back to back reviews of each story; The Witching Hour, Lasher & Taltos coming up this week.

Reviews of Lauren Dane’s Never Enough & Kele Moon’s Finding Eden are also to be expected ASAP!!

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  1. Oh, that sucks about your computer - but I'm glad you have a new one already!

  2. @Chris - I didn't walk, I ran to a store to buy a new PC. Thank gawd for a savings account in moments such as these :)

  3. I did not have problems with vista first but now it is out to get me. Arghh I hate all computers.

    Ohhh bday :D

  4. I hope you have Windows 7, Leontine - after you get used to it, it's way better than XP and Vista.

  5. @Blodeuedd - Vista and I did not have many problems but I've had my share of pc problems and each time it freaks me the f*ck out. Then I get irritated, a pc should just work ;)

    @Chris - So far I'm loving Windows 7 but I always say a new pc is like a new leather shoe. It takes time till it custom fits you ;)

  6. I agree, when your computer doesn't work as it should, it is irritating as hell. Glad you got a new one already.

    That is quite a busy month Leontine, and I for one will be here. I love lots of cozy mysteries, and most of them involve cooking and recipes. I'll be there.

  7. Poor you, I feel for you and your PC problems, glad you got yourself a new shiny one. IE didn't work with Blogger for me either, that's why I switched to Google Chrome which is great so far, can only recommend it!

    Wow, LOVE your new feature, I also love cooking and baking, so can't wait to see what you've cooked up for us! :-)


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