13 August 2011

I haz magic! I didn't attend the RWA but I do have RWA loot!

The moment I heard Pearl was going on a RWA adventure in New York I had a list of wants. Yes, I'm such a demanding friend! First of all I wanted her to have the fun, the fangurl moments and meet lots of fab people. But I was here in the Netherlands, and I wanted in on the great times. So I asked, if and when she could, that she'd tweet all the good stuff! So I could pretend to be there too. Of course I read up on many who twittered about the RWA and sometimes I had to whipe the drool from my keyboard!

When Pearl got home we scheduled a date where she gave me an intimate account on what went on at the RWA. She also got me some stuff, as in books. When she tweeted me at the RWA she had a signed copy of Kresley Cole's; Dreams Of A Dark Warrior, I had an utter fangurl moment! When she told me she had a signed copy of Nalini Singh's; Kiss Of Snow, I think I bruised a rib in the hug I gave her. Then she continued to blow me away with signed copies of Lady Of Light And Shadow, Tangled Threads and Coming Undone!! If I wasn't in heaven at that moment I also received some freebies *YAY* and I had this crazed glow in my eyes warning; my precious!!

So thank you, Pearl. Even amidst this utter kewl adventure you got to go on, even with the loss of 'the list', the excitement of the awesome peeps you got to meet, you thought of us at home. Of course now I have to find room on my shelves. Which I WILL find!!

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  1. When I went to Comic Con I was sent with a shopping list for my friend. RWA will be about 8 hours from where I live next year and I'm hoping I'll get to go. Really awesome books Pearl picked up for you :-D

    Paranormal Haven

  2. WTG, Pearl!! Were you bouncing around like a crazy person, Leontine? :)

  3. @paranormal haven - I've been squeeing to Pearl for years regarding Singh, Cole, Wilson so it might be ingraved in her long term memory ;)

    @Chris - Chris itmwas embarassing how I acted. I was utter fangurl at that moment riding on a book high. You might get a live image of it at GayRomLit LOL

  4. Oh man that is a nice stack of loot!! I'm jealous now!

  5. What an awesome friend!!! Love the selections she brought.

    (Is that your adorable dog in the background?)

  6. O wow, what a great thing for Pearl to do! And such great books/authors so brought for you. Enjoy them Leontine!

    I have read somewhere that Paula Quinn met Pearl ;)

  7. @Lis - I will pay it forward to you when we return from the GayRomLit!! *grin*

    @Patti - Yes, she's my senior furry queen ;) lounging about on the couch and i didn't see that when I took the picture.

    @Aurian - Nalini Singh said the same thing when we e-mailed. "I met such a lovely woman from the netherlands..." LOL Did you know Nalini Singh is coming to Germany next year??

  8. Ooo Leontine, really? Wow, do you know when and where? We can drive there! I am sure Freya is game! O wow... email me please!


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