01 August 2011

Review: Angela Knight - Master Of Swords

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Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley (October 3, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425209210
ISBN-13: 978-0425209219
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Cover Summary:
Witch Lark McClure has survived a vicious vampire attack that shook her confidence and left her struggling with feelings of helplessness and fear. The last thing she needs is a partnership with Gawain, a handsome vampire knight who means to seduce her every chance he gets.

Gawain believes he needs Lark for one thing and one thing only - and it's not her skill with magic. In the proces, he plans to help her overcome her fear and show her the pleasure to be found in a vampire's arms.

But even as passion sizzles between Lark and Gawain, a revenge-driven killer targets them. If he has his way, Lark, Gawain, and the world itself will pay the price.

My Review

With Master Of Swords Angela Knight didn’t gradually pull me into the Mageverse world, with the first page I just stepped back and I was there again. Meeting new and old characters with their bold, passionate and vibrant personalities I immediately got caught up again in the frantic search for the grail cup. I slowly savored this story as I read it page by page letting the magic of Angela Knight’s writing skill wash over me again. In this story the Dragons have a sound role and with Kell it received a seductive new voice to add to the many intriguing characters of the Mageverse.

I felt that from the prologue in which Gawain accepted the gift of Merlin, to the curse of Kell and the first encounter between Gawain, Kell and Lark it sets up quite a riveting tale. It gives birth to a plot that engages all the main characters on a personal level, providing the story an even more emotional punch. Richard Edge grows from a villain to someone who’s evil to the core, leaving hardly any room to sympathize with him. Though the deception comes from just two, ripples of the consequences reach through the highest order of Magus and Maji’s, packing some awesome action driven scenes. Gawain appeals to the imagination with his centuries long experience as a warrior and a lover. Add Kell to the picture and I can see them wielding their combined strength giving an aluring vision of raw immortal power that pores straight into my mind.

Lark is someone who still learns the ropes of it all as a Maji, nevertheless she is a heroine who gives an interesting balance to Gawain’s nature. With her down-to-earth behavior she tries to handle it all as she gives a convincing picture of a strong yet vulnerable woman whom I just enjoyed reading about. The love and devotion that blooms between them encourages Lark to seize the moment and rise to the occasion. Their passion is imminent and page melting, giving this story the sensual heat we’ve come to know from Angela Knight! The symbiotic relationship between Gawain and Kell turns in to a friendship with a loyalty that only makes you wonder how the spell will ever be lifted with both of them alive at the end.

Master Of Swords is the 5th full lenth volume in the Megaverse series and to comprehend the plot I would advise to read this series in order. I wonder what new adventures Angela Knight has in store for the Megaverse. No matter what it is I will be looking forward to where she is taking this series! A profound tale of a magical world with knights, spells, dragons, evil vampires who reek of death magic, and a dragon bend on revenge. Master Of Swords has it all for the Paranormal reader.

4,5 stars

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  1. I'm glad your enjoying this series. I still like it. She was in that first group doing paranormal and it was unique at the time.

  2. I could see myself reading this one for sure :)Sometimes it does not take much

  3. I read these back in my PNR days but I think I read them completely out of order. LOL I enjoyed them at the time though. They were some of my early exposure to hot smexin' in a paranormal world, may have blown my innocence out of the water with having not read romance since the 80's. I needed a cold shower. :-)

  4. I read this a few years back. Not sure I finished the complete series but the ones I read I really enjoyed.

  5. I read a novella from this series in an anthology one time. I never picked up the series, though. It actually sounds pretty cool. Maybe it will be my "reading challenge" for next year! Thanks for the review!

  6. I've only read a novella or two of this series, but I have been meaning to start at the beginning. Great review Leontine, glad you still like the series.
    p.s. it is Mageverse ;)

  7. This was a good one! I also just saw that her Master of Shadows just came out - yay! :)

    Great review.

  8. @Lynette - I just love her take on the Arthurian legend. Plus she has good storytelling skills and heat, me lurvs it alright ;)

    @blodeuedd - ROFL that's for sure!

    @Tam - Bertrice Small could write some pretty smokin' sexing back in the day too. I can still remember a book where a woman got deflowered on a horseback ride. Hhhmmm, perhaps not so hot after all but rather graphic... :)

    @LIly - I think from book one AK takes this series to wonderful places.

    @Twimom227 - a challenge is never bad and the Mageverse is a sexy series full of action, vamps, werewolves and witches!

    @Aurian - heart it for sure ;)

    @Tracy - indeed, the release got my booty in to gear for some more Mageverse! ;)

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