29 August 2011

Review: Bren Christopher - Friday Night Jamie

Format: ebook, Novel, 181 pages
Published: November 9th 2010 by Loose Id
ISBN: 139781607378877
Language: English
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Jamie is an accountant who lives by a strict schedule. Every day is planned; the future is predictable. And that schedule includes one night a week when he allows himself to blow off steam at a gay dance club in the City. One Friday night he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Matt, an out of work stranger with long dark hair and rough hands. The attraction is undeniable but Matt does not fit Jamie’s idea of the perfect man to share his carefully ordered life.

Instead, Jamie longs for a date with his dream man: handsome, sophisticated Keith, a successful Vice President at his prestigious New York accounting firm, a man on his way up.

But everything changes when Jamie discovers a suspicious error in one of his accounts. Suddenly, he finds himself on the run from both the mob and the FBI -- and the only man who can help him is the tall, dark-haired stranger he rejected. Because Matt is not who he seems -- and neither is Keith.

My Review

Some stories make it difficult to connect to at the beginning yet after a chapter or two hits its stride with an enjoyable blend of character development, erotic romance and a suspense plot to spice thing up. This happened when I started in Friday Night Jamie. The beginning was taking its time and dragged somewhat and I really had to get a feel for accountant and party animal, Jamie. I had no clue where the author was taking the story but after a few chapters everything started to click and grabbed my attention.

Jamie loved to go out with his two club buddies and he isn’t a stranger to casual one night stands. He has a time and a place for everything in his life. Jamie is methodical, I almost would call him neurotic in his set ways but he does it with a charm where these personality traits doesn’t aggravate me. Jamie is protective of his personal space, he has issues and with all of his quirks he was a persona I had to get used to. I didn’t fully understand Jamie at first but the author handled the character progress very well to provide reasons for the behaviorisms. Where Jamie might inevitably have lost me as a reader I got pulled more and more in to his life. He opened up, lost a bit of that rigid attitude and I started to like him more with each chapter read to a point where I felt myself fully invested in his struggles. Jamie and I may not have been love at first sight but he sure got to me by the end of his story!

The one who challenged Jamie’s closed off heart and rigid attitude was Matt. He is in between jobs but a very focused man on things that holds his passion. He is an all-around good guy, no push-over but a strong man with a pleasant demeanor. I loved to see Matt push Jamie’s buttons and the interaction flowing from that, whether physically or verbally. His outlook on life and how he could stand his ground just made Matt an instantaneously amiable man. Matt and Jamie have in some ways an opposites attract chemistry going on which I enjoyed to the fullest!

Another character I just have to mention is Keith. In the beginning he and Jamie have “a thing” going on. Keith is the “perfect boyfriend” material but I disliked him on the spot. He rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go and that irritation only grew stronger as the story progressed. His party attitude, his slick and sly ways, his fake charm, it all screamed; I’ll do pretty in your face but I have no objection stabbing you in the back if the situation warrants it. If I could’ve kicked him I would but for the story he was a fantastic addition, affecting it in all the right ways.

In the first quarter of Friday Night Jamie, it mainly revolved around Jamie and his connection to both Matt and Keith. But then the suspense kicks in and pushes the story forward in a very good way. The mystery at work finds its way in to Jamie’s personal life and amps up the thrills. There are personal conflicts between Jamie and Matt but the plot added another layer of external pressure on them. The tension was felt and since the narrative was from Jamie’s point of view I felt it coming off him in waves.

Friday Night Jamie is smoothly written with engaging dialogues and characters. It contains a m/m romance with spine tingling bed play, solid character and plot development which all worked together to deliver a wonderful read. For an avid m/m reader like myself I would mark Friday Night Jamie as a comfort read. Something I can enjoy completely where it results in me keeping an eye out for future releases from this author. I think that is a job well done for Bren Christopher!

3.5 stars

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  1. Look at the flowing hair on that guy, my hair never flows like that ;)

  2. I enjoyed that one as well. A nice read with some enjoyable characters. I don't remember Keith much though, he musn't have made an impression. LOL

  3. @blodeuedd - lol he has special super power hairspray we mortals don't have *sigh*

    @Tam - Hhmmm, perhaps Keith pushed personal buttons. Some characters just do nasty very well, he did it. Plus his morals *ugh* He still irks the crap outta me LOL

  4. I gave it the same rating! :D


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