20 September 2011

Cover Gallery: A new psy/changeling & more testosterone

Tangle Of Need is all about Riaz and I'm already loving him. Nalini Singh mentions on her blog that this cover model is Riaz *thud* I'm not liking the rest but the cover model has a high-octane rawr factor!! Why do I have a sudden deja-vu feeling regarding the male cover models from the 80's? Something about this model triggers it...must find out why now ;)

I don't have a blurb summary yet so for those who aren't familiar yet with this series *gasps if you are* Here is some series info:

1. Slave to Sensation
1.5 "The Cannibal Princess" - free short story
2. Visions of Heat
3. Caressed By Ice
4. Mine to Possess
5. Hostage to Pleasure
5.5 "A Gift for Kit" ~ free short story
6. Branded By Fire
7. Blaze of Memory
8. Bonds of Justice
9. Play of Passion
10. Kiss of Snow
11. Tangle Of Need (2012)

Nalini Singh on the www:
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Book four in The Bounty Hunter series.
No summary available yet :(

Lorie O'Clare on the www:
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MARCH 27, 2012
The fifth book in Monica's Highland Guard series

Robert the Bruce consolidates lands and loyalty in a bold war for Scotland’s independence, as his elite team of warriors, the Highland Guard, fight for king, country . . . and love.

Magnus MacKay is the ultimate Highlander: tough, proud, able to master any terrain and to best his enemies. Called “the Saint” for his refusal to discuss women, as well as for his cool and steady leadership, Magnus hides a painful truth. It isn’t virtue or piety that keeps him silent, but a wound of love and loss that cuts so deep he cannot bear to speak of it. But when the woman who refused him is betrothed to his friend and fellow Guardsman, Magnus is tested by love’s battle cry.

A wild and innocent beauty, Helen chose family duty over her desire for Magnus. Now the anger in his eyes mirrors the tormented regret in her heart. But as deadly subterfuge stalks the King and his Guard, Helen vows to right her youthful mistakes with a woman’s determined spirit. Still, Magnus harbors secrets and an iron will not to weaken to temptation—or heartache—again. But as danger looms, it’s the kiss not of a saint, but of a sinner, that can save them.

Monica McCarty on the www:
website | Highland Guard series info | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Pre-order @ BookDepo

How I am loving the cover goodness of Monica McCarty's Highland guard series. I love the premise of this series but can't give you any more details since I actually still need to read book one in this series *shameface* But look at those purty covers *gleaming eyes*

That was all for this weeks cover gallery folks!


  1. I don't like the cover of Tangle of Need. :( And I agree with you, the cover has a retro feeling but sadly not in a good way.

  2. I'm on the fence with TANGLE OF NEED. It could grow on me but right now, I'm thinking about the old bodice ripper covers. All it needs is a partially undressed woman in the lower right hand corner and the affect would be complete.

  3. Damn, now you've added even more books to my list! Lol. But I really must thank you for it--I've read most of these series, and since I've been MIA for a while I didn't know that they had new ones coming out.

    I have to agree with all of you on Tangle of Need-- the model is a good choice, but the rest of the design... it just looks like we gave it to a little girl, stuck her in a room full of Arts and Crafts and told her to have fun. Not very appealing, and I can see how it could easily pass for a bodiceripper from the 80s. :D

    I have no problem with the other covers though! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hmm so I am not alone in disliking the cover of the new Nalini Singh book. Of course, the contents are much more important. And those can only be great.

  5. @BookaholicCat - It's that I know this series is PNR cause otherwise I would not have known looking at the cover. Still, I do love the cover model and the intensity of his face :)

    @VampFanGirl - I instantly thought about the historical romances I just to read in the late eighties too. Just don't have any good example ATM....

    @The Book Queen - Well, I'm glad you're back!! And you just made me spew my cola with the Arts and Crafts comment...so funny :)

    @Aurian - You are so very right!! Nalini Singh rocks with her stories! Yet, you know me, I heart to look at a good cover ;)

  6. The model of Tangle of Need cover is Fransesco Cura, and well, that's pic is one of available pics at his web. My feeling are mixed about that cover. Not bad but not good either. Psy-Changeling have a great plotline and Nalini is author goddess, too bad the covers always meh! At last I can entertain myself with all beautiful Guild Hunter covers =)

    Run Wild cover is.. rawwrr! I want to running wild with the dude at that cover ;-)

  7. Great choice on cover model but I much prefer the new covers that are being re-released over here. There's just something darker and more suitable about them. So, my choice would be - that guy in the style of the new cover.

    (See my review of Visions of Heat if you want to see the ones I mean - I'm slowly rebuying them in the new covers)

    I can't decide what that cover is trying to say about the story - he looks decidedly pnr/rom suspense but the other details look historical romance. Perhaps he goes time travelling and runs amok amongst the ton?

    Tania @ Wandering Hues

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