21 October 2011

New Orleans and I have met in the most intimate of ways…

After 12 days of New Orleans my brain still isn’t sufficiently online to give you a detailed account of all that happened…I still will give it a go though.

First of all the trip to NO was uneventful, of course the security officer at Schiphol eyeballed me and Janna because we looked like two women who would cause mayhem in the USA. And he was right…to some degree *wink*

Still, the plane trip was uneventful and that night, local time, we arrived at NO. The first thing NO introduced us to was the smell and the humidity. Oh.My.Lord! The humidity was like a wet, sticky blanket, clinging to your skin *ugh* and the smell *shivers* It was wet fungus smell…there isn’t any other way to describe it.

The next day jetlag didn’t introduce itself so we explored NO. I think I spent more time looking up then looking at the sidewalks because the balconies were awesome with lush vegetation and beautiful wrought iron fences. Of course since I had my eyes up I tripped more than once over the disastrous state of the sidewalk. That I didn’t end up at the hospital is still a miracle!!

We explored the French Market with its local produce, spices and bling bling. We found Jackson Square with its local art and Café Du Monde. Later that week we did sit in the famous Café for some coffee and beignets but – am I going to be scorned for saying it – wasn’t all that eventful. The beignets were nice but it didn’t blow my taste buds out of this stratosphere either.

We also got together with Patti (@lovesfabromance) that Saturday and she took us to Barnes And Nobles. I just love that woman for taking us there!! Not only is Patti a hoot to be with she is just the nicest person and had a lot of local info to give us! After lounging about in B&N Patti’s oldest said we were fun to hang out with…I can tell you I felt utter kewl at that moment!!

Patti also directed us to Port Of Call, a local what, café? Diner? Restaurant? Whatever! They were known for their fab burgers. So we went there on a Saturday night, had to wait forty-five freakin’ minutes but then we got seated and oh yeah, I wanted to do a windjammer cocktail. Well, those peeps who follow me on twitter found out how that ended. I seem to have twittered some durty pics – but I can’t see any problems in that *wink* And apparently I was a whole lot of woooo and weeee. I can tell you I had fun but don’t know much about the tweets :)

Lafitte In Exile (picture from internet)

I’ve done way more with Janna in the week prior to the GayRomLit but I decided to be the chaotic person that I am and tell you everything as it pops up in my head. So GayRomLit, what did it do for me? Well, I got to meet J.P. Barnaby, which was definitely a highlight for me. I got to meet some fantabulous authors and ya know, stumble my way through a conversation. Most of all though I remember the two awesome parties of the Joint-Juke-Junket and the barcrawl. They both ended up at Lafitte’s in Exile and we got to meet bartender Jimmy the very first night at the JJJ. He was this awesome, funloving guy and we had a ball with him. I ended up smooching my goodbye with Jimmy that night! Kris introduced me to Margaritas at JJJ night. Hurrican’s might be the signature drink of NO but I fell in lurv with the Margaritas right then and there. But then, Kris is utter kewl and she would never know anything other than the best cocktails out there *wink*

The biggest pic has Tam - Kassa - Tracy and Chris and below them are Janna, me and Kris.

At the parties was nekkid manflesh, tasty cocktails, lots of likeminded bitches and I had *cue music*

Now I've had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it's the truth
and I owe it all to you

With that I will leave it for today but there’s loads more to tell so stay tuned for a few more blogposts about my New Orleans adventures - I will tell you all about my first experience with Bourbon St. - eating shrimp and our plantage tours.

PS: I will also be part of Janna's GayRomLit after party where i will talk about what the best moment was for me!!

PPS: Click on the picture for a much larger version!!


  1. The best part was meeting and spending time with you guys. Your next trip to the US is going to have a lot to live up to. :-) Hope your jet lag eases up soon.

  2. Ditto what Tam said. I love how you word things! Hilariously I seem to have a TON of pictures of you. I think my camera had a crush.

    Get better!

  3. @Tam - I liked the GayRomLit but my highlight of it was the fact i got to meet with you guys. And my jetlag...well, my doctor prescribed me some knock out medicine last year and last night I took half a pil which gave my 12 hours of blessed sleep. I don't think I would've been anything else but a growling bear today ;)

    @Kassa - Did you post pictures online?? I must venture to your blog ASAP!!! I've got a special blogpost dedicated to you guys because you never know how it goes until you meet in person. It was just awesome to have soooo much fun with you guys! ;)

  4. What a great post Leontine, and such lovely pictures. I really hope I can go sometime. Authors after Dark or RomCom or something like that.

  5. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. :)

    sabrinayala at gmail dot com

  6. Great post honey! I love all of your pictures, and like Kassa love the way you word things.

    I LOVED meeting you. You are so fun and just a great person. Hopefully we'll get to meet again soon. :)

  7. It looks like you had a lot of fun and saw lots of great historic locations. I would love to go to one of these and hope this get-together continues for a long time to come. Thanks too for the photos, it's nice to put faces to names.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  8. Great pics! You can tell you had a great time just by looking at the pics!

  9. I love travel pictures, near or far. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. When I travel I always like visiting bookstores.

    Cambonified (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. Yay for having the time of your life :D It just sounds amazing

  11. I am homesick now.... Sniff sniff....

    I have an email to catch you up... But I am glad that you girls had an awesome time! I am hoping that for the next one, I will be able to go... But I am super stoked that you guys had a great time!!! And I love the pictures...

    There is NO PLACE LIKE NEW ORLEANS! I know!!! Hahaha! Hugs and love!

  12. Love the pictures! Such beautiful women :) so glad you ladies enjoyed your con experience.

  13. Great pics. Sounds like you had fun! :)



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