04 October 2011

Watch out New Orleans, here we come!!

For the last couple of days I’ve been off the grit to prepare for my trip to NOLA. I think I’ve been talking about this trip for the last six months to anyone who was willing to lend an ear. The minute I knew me and Janna were going I made myself a list what I wanted to do.

Pleasuring the taste buds:
I had no problem filling this list.

1: Drink a Hurricane – I do not drink alcohol often because I always have the state of mind I can have just as much fun without alcohol as with. Still, I have never…and I mean NEVER drunk a cocktail. So I decided NOLA is going to change that with me drinking this local cocktail. If, at any time during my stay, you read tweets that do not make sense or fail to form a coherent thought…I warn you now; it is still me but a tad bit drunk!

2: I would like to eat breakfast or lunch at Café Du Monde. I have heard much about this place over the years and I want to eat a bagel/beignet there. If I have guts I’m ordering a chicory coffee with it 0.0

In extension of chicory coffee – I think I will drink twice as much coffee in the US than at home. Why, you might wonder. One answer; Starbucks *grin* Please support Janna any way you can if she has to deal with me in a caffeine rush!!

3: I have heard Pearl talk about sweet potato fries. We don’t have them in the Netherlands and I must find out if they are this finger licking tasty!

4: Gumbo – I really need to wear my ‘I-Iz-Superwoman’ t-shirt to eat this. I’m not that much of a seafood person but I don’t think I can leave NOLA with at least having it tried once.

Culture inhaling:

1: I have bought this delightful little information book on NOLA and found a few bookstores of interest which might be fun to visit: Octavia Books – Garden District Books – Faulkner House Books & Beckham’s Bookshop.

2: Visit a plantation. In my early teenage years I watched North And South which resulted in me having a gurl crush on Patrick Swayze. Not much later after North And South I went to the cinema and saw his hip rockin’ moves in Dirty Dancing and Road house. My girly heart went pitter patter at the sight of him without a shirt. *Focusses on topic again* Ever since watching North And South I wanted to visit a plantation and wander around. I might not have been a history junkie in school but loving it now!

3: There is a big market somewhere in NOLA, I read about it in my little book of travel info but can’t seem to find it again :( Anyway, it sounded like inhaling an essential piece of NOLA so definitely going to find the info again.

Also, with the GayRomLit we are going to do awesome things like A Mississippi cruise – bar crawl – cemetery tour - French Quarter Vampire & Ghost Walking Tour and lots of parties! Next to that the M/M group from Goodreads organized a Scavenger Hunt which means oodles of fun to me and a chance to accumulate a European bracelet.

Things I found out along the way:

1: My sister informed me that on October 10th it will be Columbus day in the US. Does this mean BBQ? And if so, where can we crash one? ;)

2: This trip has once again proven what a control freak I am! *chants* "Know oneself is the road to self-improvement!" As it is my first trip to the US I've asked various friends numerous questions regarding plain trip, luggage, customs etc. The 'What if' syndrome stressed me out and my bro and sis got the brunt of it. *gives them a bear hug*

3: I bought a dress for the parties and my butt is still very butt-luscious curvy and present. I guess I’m owning it as my mum once said: “Hon, you were born with buttocks (she will never say butt LOL) and I think you’ll grow old with one as well.”

4: Last week I googled the weather forecast of New Orleans and came to the shocking discovery the temperature is around 28-30 Celcius there, which is around 80-85 Fahrenheit? That is like freakin' sub-tropical summer in the Netherlands!! I iz a fall/winter type of person y'all and already sweating at the thought of such temperatures. Only light airy tee's, dresses, skirts, capri pants for me to wear and sandals for me to walk on, I can tell ya that!!

5: I contemplated on revealing a picture of my real life self in this blogpost but *insert chicken sounds* I’m a coward. I think each and every one can handle me better in three-D *grin*

Dreaming of things happening in NOLA:

1: Meeting a Were-Hunter, fall madly in love with each other and…oh yeah; have wild *not inserting animals like monkey or bunnies here* sex together ;)

2: Anne Rice bumps in to us, we talk a bit, and then we get invited to her house for dinner.

Whatever happens in NOLA, I know this; I’m happy to share the first part of my adventure with Janna and we are going to join Chris – Kassa – Tracy – Tammy and Kris for the GayRomLit adventure. I know I will have my Bridget Jones/foot-in-mouth and speaking Dutch to a US peep moments. Which afterwards we will all laugh about but at that moment I’ll pray in embarrassment; "Dear lawd, have the earth swallow me whole!" I will also get to meet awesome authors and especially look forward to meeting J.P. Barnaby!

I will return on October 18th in the Netherlands and between then and now I will try to blog but there are no reviews-interviews or giveaways planned in the meantime. I didn’t think to invite fellow bloggers to guestpost *eek* So I will try and blog/tweet as much about my NOLA experience as can :)

On October 17th I have a Q&A week planned with founders and authors of the new M/M Publisher in town; Riptide Publishing. The curios kitten in me wanted to know a lot, plus they have grand prizes in store like; A Nook, iPad or a Kindle.

Of course, if you’ve got tips on places to go for me and Janna, please share them!


  1. Yay Nola. Looking forward to meeting you and don't worry about speaking Dutch, Kris will be speaking Australian. :-D Have a safe smooth trip and see you in a week or so.

  2. Can't wait to meet you!!! I'm going to tag along as much as you'll let me :)

    I think the market you're referring to is the French Market? LOVE the French Market!!

    I only recently found out about Faulkner's Books and have never heard of Beckham's...I must check those out.

    I hope you have a great visit and that you are charmed by my town.

  3. Still jealous! Still wanna go. Still can't! Dammit!

    Say hi to Talon if you run in to him or Kyrian for that matter. If you run into Acheron, nap him for me!

    Other than that, have lotsa lotsa lotsa fun!!

  4. Good luck with the Were-Hunter... ;)

    Here's a link for the French Market:

  5. Your sister told you about Columbus Day???? Since when m I your sister ;) Of course you're my book-sister but I remember a certain phone convo about columvus Day ;)

    Have a good, smooth and safe flight/trip, TONS of fun in NOLA and at GayRomLit and see you when you get back!


  6. What a great list Leontine, I do hope you get to see and do all that. And I will be eagerly reading your tweets and blogposts.

    Have the best of times, and tell me how a hurricane tastes!

    Say hi for me to the book bloggers I know like Patti :)

  7. @Tam - LOL I need to brush up on Aussie language ;)

    @Patti - Janna and I will be in touch with you ASAP about tagging along!! I can't wait to meet you either *big grin*

    @Lis - I try my best to snag something good for you from NOLA ;)

    @Chris - That's the one!!! It looks soooo good. Really looks like a diverse place!

    @Pearl - I've got a case of swiss cheese memeory *sigh* I only remember Natascha mentioning it to me *headdesk*

    I will do my best to make it an awesome vacay, upon where we need a day too, to catch up on all the adventures ;)

    @Aurian - I will definitely say Hi to Patti for you!!

  8. That is melting weather! Think about poor me who live in Antarctica ( well almost). Still, I would love to come with ya! I need warm weather

  9. I visited New Orleans this January for the first time and loved it. It feels a lot more european than other american towns, but no worries it's still plenty american.
    You should try riding the Streetcars, it's so much fun!
    Enjoy your trip.

    I'm a new follower (I'm so glad I found another blog who reviews GLBT romances)

  10. I know I'm married but I could totally go for meeting a were-hunter. Oh yeah. lol

    Cafe du Monde - totally up for it - let's do it.

    Hurricane's are dangerous - be afraid. lol Kidding. You will get more than loopy though since you don't drink all that much to begin with.

    I can't wait to meet you - in 3D! lol

  11. OMG: What a perfect itinerary!! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Have fun! xoxo

  12. Leontine, I have been thinking about you this week! Knowing you are in the states and jealous that you are in NOLA and at GayRomLit! You lucky lucky girl! Have a wonderful time! Sending you super good luck at meeting the were hunter. I want to hear ALL about it!

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