18 December 2011

Hubba, hubba, Mr.Santa is here!

Hey everyone!!

I have to confess that I’ve joined Janna and Kris in their love for the series Queer As Folk. (If you want a sample of the humorous dialogues, here you can find fabulous quotes!) I think I received the five seasons about three weeks ago and I’m working my way through the final fifth season. It has been an addictive ride with very hot smexing, great storylines and can I say I want a shopping day with Emmett and then there’s Brian Kinney…oh Brian Kinney, he gets such a rise out of me. Horny 24/7, bad boy to the core and has his own code of honor. I want him so bad LOL This series has been hogging most of my free time and I’m loving every minute of it!!

Work life has seemed to have claimed me more than I expected and most of the xmas cheer is going by me. I did make xmas decorations, angels and stars with the kiddies but I haven’t shopped yet and soak in the xmas cheer or even decorated my own house or tree *shameface*. So last week I was in desperate need for some xmas spirit and oh boy, did I find it!! I did some cruising on the net and oh, oh, oh, I noticed some very niiiiiice Mr. Santa’s. You will find them scattered throughout this post!! If they don’t get you all hot and tingly nothing much will ;)

Of course now that the year is ending I’m thinking about my New Year’s post and I need to rethink my bloglife. I find it a challenge to juggle work and social life and still find time for all of my hobbies…and there are a few *eek* If one thing became evident over the last few months is that I still love to review but the challenge lies in the time management. So I decided to read for the remaining time this year and I will start posting reviews again from January third 2012. I’ve received some fantastic books to read and I have a few 2-2.5 star reviews I still need to post. I’ve decided my Sundays will become my review/blogpost scheduling day and of course when I’m done some more reading :D

Right now I’m reading Joey W Hill’s Bound By A Vampire Queen for a guest review at Loves Fab Romance. So far it is sexual heat combined with loads of scheming and can I say Jacob is awesome again!! The way he talks and treats his woman gets me tingly every time…

Next to BBAVQ I’ve also got Sloan Parker with Take Me Home for review and Anne Marsh’s Bond With Me & His Dark Bond. I’m also looking forward to Kele Moon’s Defying The Odds…They will warm me on these cold, rainy days/nights as 2011 will change in to 2012.

Have you all been preparing for the holidays? What are you going to do, eat? Where will you be and what will you read? Talk to me guys :)


  1. Well what a visually appealing post Leontine! LOL. Sounds like you have a solid blogging plan for the new year.

    We're all ready for Christmas here. First time in...well...ever, I've had all my shopping done in early December. Yay!!

    Happy holidays my friend. xoxo

  2. Oh and I forgot to say, I really need to check out Queer As Folk. Samantha at FV tells me it's a must watch. I'll have to find the episodes somewhere.

  3. Ho ho ho Santa! ;-)

    I'm glad I'm not alone in not in the spirit yet. I just got the lights on my tree today. It's been in my garage for a week. Sigh. But the kid hasn't been bugging me either and of course the extra string of lights I bought was the wrong kind so I had to return them this morning and get more. Ugh. But the lights and red beads are on the tree and when my daughter gets home from her Dad's later today she will finish decorating it. But of course I have to move/put away all the stuff that needed to be moved to fit the decorations. It always seems messier when you are finished than before you began. I did get most of my shopping finished yesterday, just need two more things.

    We never go anywhere for Christmas, mostly so my daughter can spend time with her Dad. He always comes and spend the night Christmas Eve with us and then goes home on Christmas day after dinner. Yes, I spend Christmas with my ex. LOL But neither of has SOs or family here, so whatever. We get along.

    Christmas Eve we always order pizza and then have chocolate fondu and we usually just watch TV and hang out. For Christmas day I am making our Thanksgiving dinner that we didn't get because we were in NYC with Kris. So we're having turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. yum.

    I am off work the 26-30 so a whole week to hang out at home and do lots of reading. I have been frantically reading short stories to keep up with the Christmas rush on BER but I want to relax once that is over and just read some longer books, well, more than 20K words. :-) Also read some of the other shorts the gang has reviewed that sound great but I just haven't had time to read for pleasure.

    Work interferes with real life doesn't it? :-) Hope you can find a way to make it work and have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  4. I'm not in the spirit yet, either. Last year we had two feet of the snow on the ground - this year, nothing. *sigh*

    My Misadventures post tomorrow is about holiday covers, and the model is one of the guys from your post. :D

  5. @Fiction Vixen - You're all ready for Santa!!! I iz so jealous!! I really need to get organized next year. First things first then; snooping around at the xmas show of some garden centers...

    I googled around for Queer As Folk for you. I did that for myself as well a few weeks ago and found all five seasons in 1 box at the german amazon for about 46 dollars - which was practically a freebie. However you can only watch those dvd's in Europe :(( So I looked some more for you and the prices are steep for your region, like a 120 dollars for all 5 seasons 0.o

    @Tam - I let all my colleagues have vacay time in the week of 26-30 and due to sick colleagues on top of that it is a full workweek for me - oh joy! But your plans for the holidays sound cozy!! I'm going to have a carb fest and some hunkfilled movies to watch...second xmas day (for some boxing day etc) I will get together with family at preston palace for some good convo's - fun games and food and celebrating my baby brothers b-day ;)

    @Chris - You read my mind!!! Last year when i walked the dogs I was ankle to knee to calf deep in snow...now its just icy rain *blegh* I must make my blog rounds this week and what way to kick it off!! I will be by...now I'm curios which model it is!!

  6. I don't think either Janna or I had any doubts about you falling in love with QaF and in lust with Brian. LOL

  7. Hi Leontine, glad you are going to be blogging again :) Looking forward to your reviews. Thanks for the great pics ;) usually, this is the time my boyfriend comes home for some coffee, when I am looking at hot half naked men ;)

    I wish you a merry Christmas, and a very happy 2012, with lots of great books and of course FUN!

  8. Oh Brian. . . How I love theeeeeeee. . . Brian and Justin rock my world! I love QAF! I've lost a LOT of my life watching it. We'll call it research. . .yeahhhhh . . that's what it is. . . research!!!

    Love the eye candy and I hope your week is fun filled!!



  9. Yum yum yum, those are very nice looking Santas, Leo! How I missed your posts. :D

    Yeah, what Kris said about Brian is true. We know you too well, hon. :)
    Don't tell anyone, but when I finished the 5th season I started watching QAF again from the start and I'm now halfway through the rewatch, at the beginning of season 3. I'm doing it slow now. ;) Brian is trying to hide his hurt and looking at his best... *sigh*


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